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Rose Reaper
Rose, the Shadow of the Night
FULL NAME Rose Reaper
"The Reaper"
"Jacob's Ladder"
AGE 16 (pre-Shattering)

17 (post-Shattering)
22 (Victory)

BIRTHPLACE Skylight City, Aethr (pre-Shattered)

The Wasteland (Shattered and Post-Shattered)
Vacation Resort (Post-Sports Resort)

Black God - Uncle

Palutena - Aunt
White Goddess - Real Mother
Lock - Real Father
Strafe - (Half) Brother

Silence - Brother
CLASS Anti-Hero
WEAPONS Pickaxe Sythe
M21 Supressed
Shadows of the Night
I kill not for joy, but for revenge. One day I will avenge my parents deaths, by killing that bastard, and I will show no mercy.

Rose Reaper (known as "The Reaper" by her victims, formally Rose Lockborn) is an former assassin and was meant also to be the main character of the Shadows of the Night series. Her parents were killed when she was a child and so she became an assassin in the hopes of someday getting revenge on their killer, she had years of training and is now a well-known assassin, feared by many.

In Fantendo Sports Resort, she finds out her real parents were Lock and White Goddess, and her murdered parents were actually her adoptive parents. Working with White Goddess to take on Unten and many of the other Fantendo heroes, she later turned her back on them in the disguise Jacob's Ladder. She eventually helped the Fantendo heroes defeat White Goddess and send her back to The Fan and The Enemy's prison. She and DREW later decided to stay at the Resort as their new home, along with many of the robots and some of the doppelgangers.

She also later appears in Strafe: Dictator as one of Strafe's group members.

Rose was the mascot of the former GemGames Co.. Currently the rights "belong" to Toroko.


Rose was a product of White Goddess and Lock, who presumably had her in the year 2000. White Goddess was likely murdered in her human form by Lock, the baby somehow finding it's way into two willing adoptive parents.

Rose was born and raised by two adoptive parents in Skylight City, she had an average childhood up until she was 12 years old, when her parents were murdered by a man simply known as The Marauder. Rose was out at the time of their killing but returned home to find both her parents dead in the living room, with blood stained all across the room. She later learned of the identity of their killers, and with help from her friends, Kenny Mason and Laura Price, she set out to become an assassin, in the hopes of one day avenging her parents death. Rose was recruited by Carl Reznov, who then trained her into a top-notch assassin.

Shadows of the Night series

Shadows of the Night

Rose was set various assassination missions by Carl over the next few months, to eliminate some well-known terrorists and criminals. Rose was successful in assassinating all of her targets, but then Carl informed her that he had a special target for her to eliminate; The Marauder.

Rose was shocked by the mention of him and asked where he was, Carl told her and so she set out towards his hideout. When she arrived there she found The Marauder along with 3 of his associates, Rose tossed her Pickaxe Sythe at The Marauder from a distance, but one of his associates noticed and took the hit. The Sythe went straight through his neck, killing him instantly, Rose then pulled out her M21 and eliminated the two remaining goons.

However, The Marauder used that time to escape, and Rose was not quick enough to catch him.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

About three years later, after being sent to the Wasteland, Rose Reaper teamed up with Thorn and Oshtyo to escape the Wasteland, with Henry and Hooves tagging along to find Unten and Strafe. During this three year period she apparently found out that the Marauder was actually Strafe. Although she attempted to kill Strafe, she was captured during Reese's musical number.

Later in the story, Rose Reaper finds that it was Strafe's father that actually murdered her parents. Angry that she never got revenge for the murder of her parents, she then realizes she has been wasting most of her life on attempting to hunt a dead guy. Iron Mask suggests that she join the Wasteland Warriors, but she says she wants to do some soul-searching. This continues even as the Fan asks what her wishes are going into the new universe.

Wasteland Warriors

In Wasteland Warriors, Rose is seen with Unten's blood vials that were stolen in Fantendo - Genesis. She refuses to disclose what she's doing with them. In Fantendo Sports Resort, it's revealed that she was giving them to White Goddess so she could create the Beorn Androids, which would lock godly intervention from her revenge plan.

Fantendo Sports Resort

Rose returned in Fantendo Sports Resort, learning that she had been adopted by another family and that White Goddess and Lock were her real parents. Conflicted about this, Rose nevertheless assisted in her mother's prison escape and was one of the main reasons Unten's team was allowed to win in the first place.

Strafe: Dictator

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Other Appearances

These appearances made by Rose are considered non-canon.

Fantendo Smash Bros. series

Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe

Rose makes her debut appearance in the Fantendo Smash Bros. series in this game. She is a default character, and one of the most agile characters in the game. Rose's moveset in the game can be seen below:

Rose's Special Moves
Standard Special Sythe Slash Slashes out with her Pickaxe Sythe.
Side Special USP.40 Fires her USP.40 at opponents.
Up Special Sythe Uppercut Does an uppercut with her sythe.
Down Special Drop Kick Kicks downwards to the ground.
Finisher Move Assassination Rose calls in Kenny and Laura who will then help attack enemies.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Uproar

Rose makes her second appearance in the Fantendo Smash Bros. series in the following installment. She is an unlockable character, and has roughly the same moveset as in her previous appearance, she is the second fastest character in the game.

Fantendo vs. Capcom

Rose appears in this game as one of the playable, default characters. She uses her pickaxe sythe as her main weapon, as well as using many athletic attacks and even using her firearms in a couple attacks too.

She also makes an appearance in story mode, helping the other heroes stop the villains from erasing all of the heroes from the timelines.

General Information

Physical Description

Rose is 6'11 and relatively thin, she has a similar build to Princess Peach. Her skin colour is pale and her eyes are dark brown, she has blonde hair and wears it down at all times.


Rose wears a black cloak when out on an assassination mission, she wears the cloak like a dress and wears a skirt and t-shirt underneath it.

When not out on a mission, she wears a white shirt with a tie, along with a blue shirt and black shoes. She also wears a necklace which has her name on it, which is usually hidden underneath her shirt.

Personality and Traits

Rose was once a happy and easy going girl, but after her parents died, she became dark and mercyless. Rose takes no joy in killing her targets, but she also shows no mercy to them, she performs her job like it was just a walk in the park.

The only people Rose shows her true emotions to, are her best friends, Carl, Kenny and Laura.

Powers and Abilities

Rose is incredibly agile, as shown when shes on a mission and she jumps from building to building to get to her goal. She can run relatively fast too, as well as being able to climb well also.

In combat her main weapon of choice is her Pickaxe Sythe, which is a small hand weapon which is lethal at close range, Rose is skilled enough to be able to throw it like a Tomahawk too, to kill enemies from afar when needed. She also possesses a USP.40 which she only tends to use when there is no other choice, as well as a M21 supressed sniper rifle.


Carl Reznov

Rose views Carl as somewhat of a father figure, and a mentor. After she set out to become an assassin to get revenge on The Marauder, she met Carl who was soon to see the potential she had as an assassin. Carl trained Rose into a top-notch assassin and she is currently his best apprentice, Carl is also one of the few people that Rose shows her true emotions to.

Kenny Mason

Kenny Mason is one of Rose's oldest friends, the two of them went to school together and are thought to have some kind of love interest in each-other. When Kenny heard of Rose's parents being murdered, he decided to set out with Rose to help her seek revenge on The Marauder. Kenny and Rose are often shown to care deeply for each other, with Kenny being one of the few people Rose shows her true emotions to.

Laura Price

Laura is Rose's closest friend, they have known each other since childhood. Laura was an orphan, adopted by Rose's parents, so when they were murdered by The Marauder, Laura set out with Rose to become an assassin. She was also trained by Carl, but is not as skillful as Rose. Laura and Rose are shown to be as close as sisters, with Laura being one of the few people Rose shows her true emotions to.

The Marauder

Main article: The Marauder

Rose hates The Marauder, more than anything else in the world. After he killed both her parents when she was a child, Rose vowed to someday get revenge by killing The Marauder. The Marauder often torments Rose when they meet, making her hatred of him rise after every meeting, as of yet she hasn't been able to successfully kill him, but he knows that she eventually will.

The Marauder was revealed to be Lock during the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, and upon learning that Strafe killed him she becomes upset but then accepts it, stating she needs to find a new purpose other than revenge.


  • "I kill not for joy, but for revenge. One day I will avenge my parents deaths, by killing that bastard, and I will show no mercy."
  • "Every drop of blood just gets me closer to my ultimate goal of revenge..."
  • "Revenge is like a disease, it eats away at you until eventually somebody gets hurt."
  • "Unfortunatley, assassination is just one of those things that gets easier the more you do it."
  • "Target down, returning to base..."
  • "No scope? Nice!"
  • "You know that I lov-, I mean, nothing Kenny..."


  • She is known as "The Reaper" by her victims because of her tendency to wear a dark cloak and wield a pickaxe scythe.
  • Rose's former theme song was 115.


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