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First Appearance Super Luigi Odyssey (2017)
Rose Kindgom

Rosarians are a race of sentient rose-like creatures that appear in Super Luigi Odyssey. The inhabit the Rosario River region of the Rose Kingdom, and come in a wive variety of colors. They usually wear leafy dresses and have hair made of rose petals, and have long, wavy vines for arms. Whenever a couple comes to visit the Rose Kingdom, they dedicate themselves to make sure they have a nice visit.


Super Luigi Odyssey

They, along with the Rose Kingdom, made their first appearance in Super Luigi Odyssey. When Luigi and Helmer first arrive at Rosario River, they're under attack by an octopus known as Mollusque Lanceur II, who is the brother of the Mollusque Lanceur III. Luigi must defeat the boss in order to save their river.

Super Mario Spikers

Rosarians appear as playable characters in Super Mario Spikers, appearing as Skill-type Sidekicks. Their outfit is quite similar to their traditional one, though their colors change depending on the team, and their team emblem is displayed on their bodies. Their theme is a Techno remix of the Flower Garden theme in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


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