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Rosalina's Adventures
Rosalina's adventures.png
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD Tokyo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Platform, Action-Adventure
Release Date(s) June 2012
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ESRB: E10+

Rosalina's Adventures is an upcoming game for the Wii and Wii U. It is a Mario spin-off that does not feature Mario at all, but rather, centers on Rosalina. That being said, the events of this game take place many years before the events of Super Mario Galaxy. They tell the story of Rosalina and her encounter with a mysterious being known as the Cosmic Spirit. It has been slated for a release sometime in June 2012.


Shigeru Miyamoto said in a recent interview that Rosalina and the Cosmic Spirit was an idea first thought up after the

official game cover for Rosalina's adventures

release of Galaxy 2. Rather than create a third Super Mario Galaxy, he and his team thought it better to create a prequel centered around Rosalina. Shortly after the idea was thought up, Koichi Hayashida, the director of Galaxy 2, signed on as the director, and Koji Kondo, composer of both Galaxy titles, signed on as composer.

The game was first revealed to the public at a press conference on February 8, 2012. The reason it was not shown at E3 2011, according to Miyamoto, was because he didn't want it to overshadow the other Mario titles. He said, "I remember how at E3 2009, everyone was so excited for Galaxy 2, everyone kind of forgot about New Super Mario Bros. Wii. We wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to be excited about Luigi's Mansion 2 and the 3DS installments of Paper Mario and Mario Tennis."

Fan reaction to Rosalina's Adventures when it was first announced was outstanding. Not only were fans excited about a Galaxy spin-off, but they were also glad to see a game centering around Rosalina.

Rosalina's Adventures will be one of the first game for the Wii U made by Nintendo. Miyamoto said about this, "It's kind of sad to see the Wii go, but I think this game will make a fantastic farewell, plus the Wii U will be a great new start".

Eiji Aonuma, overseer of many games in the Zelda series, compared the game's story to that of a Zelda game. He said, "Evil spirits, deities, and all sorts of things you would normally find in Zelda. That's amazing that a series such as Mario has gotten this." He also compared the setup of using the Red Star to fly to different planets to flying on a Loftwing to different islands in Skyward Sword.

On March 29, 2012, Miyamoto revealed in an interview that due to the emphasis on motion controls in the game, Rosalina and the Cosmic Spirit would only be compatible with the Wii Motion Plus/Wii Remote Plus.

The game was showcased at E3 2012 and had some gameplay demos along with it.


The controls of the game are similar to Super Mario Galaxy's controls, with a few differences. It is a two-player game similar to Galaxy 2: First player controls Rosalina while second player controls the Co-Star Luma. In this game, however, the Co-Star Luma is purple.

Rosalina's Controls

A: Jump. Rosalina can only perform one jump, but she can float in the air for five seconds.

B: Shoot Star Bits. You can pick up Star Bits with the Wii's pointer.

C: Center the Camera

Z: Shield.

Control Stick: Move.

Shake Wii Remote: Spin.

Red Star Rosalina's Controls

Essentially, the controls of the Red Star powered Rosalina are almost identical to the controls of the Loftwing in Skyward Sword: you move the Wii Remote in the direction you want to fly to fly that direction.

Co-Star Luma's Controls

A: Stun. Co-Star Luma can stun enemies and NPCs. This can also be used to grab items.

B: Shoot Star Bits.


The game is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, with a few differences. Rosalina's Adventures plays as a mix between an adventure game and a platformer. There is a whole world to explore, but it is spilt up between 7 main planets in space, where each one holds a piece of the Medallion of Legend. Rosalina travels between these planets using the Red Star, an item first introduced in Super Mario Galaxy that allows you to fly. There are also smaller places, such as moons, comets, and even space stations, that Rosalina can fly to. There, she can get involved in many sidequests. Prologue This prologue is what first appears when you start a new game file.

"Many years ago, before mushrooms roamed the earth and flowers provided fire, there was a time when the cosmos was a flourishing kingdom. The great and powerful Cosma, the deity that ruled the cosmos, was a great ruler who lived in harmony with all the Lumas. In turn, the Lumas thought of her as a motherly figure. One day, however, the universe would never be the same. A great evil had swept through the cosmos. No one knew where it came from, but, none the less, it nearly consumed the entire universe with its darkness. Fearing the inevitable, Cosma thrust herself into the heart of the evil creature, destroying its form but sacrificing herself. The Lumas were overtaken by grief. They refused to believe it. They believed Cosma was still out there, somewhere. And those faithful Lumas never stopped looking, when in actuality, their search was in vain. The exact opposite of what they believed was true. Cosma was indeed dead, but she had only destroyed the form the evil spirit had taken. The spirit itself was still out there, looking for another form to copy and take out its revenge."


Princess Raspberry


After the prologue is shown, the game begins with Rosalina crossing the universe in the Comet Observatory with the Lumas. She has the same appearance as in Super Mario Galaxy. As the Comet Observatory flies, something is watching from afar. Suddenly, the Comet Observatory ends up under attack. A shadowy mist fills the Observatory, knocking the Lumas back and going after Rosalina. It surrounds Rosalina and causes her to lose consiousness. The shadowy mist then takes the form of Rosalina, albeit very cosmic-like. The Lumas quiver in fear of this cosmic spirit. The Cosmic Spirit then kicks Rosalina's unconsious body off the Observatory, leaving her floating through space. It then takes control of the Observatory and flies off.

When Rosalina awakes, she finds herself in a grassy field. A black Luma is there, introducing himself as Polari and telling Rosalina that he found her floating through space and he rescued her. He then tells of how the Cosmic Spirit killed all the Lumas in his tribe, and that he managed to escape. He also reveals to Rosalina the story passed down through generations about Cosma and the evil spirit, and that it was very bad that the Cosmic Spirit had a true form again.

Polari then tells of another legend. The legend said that before sacrificing herself to defeat the Cosmic Spirit, Cosma did something in case that wouldn't work. She created the Medallion of Legend, a large medallion that could be used against the Cosmic Spirit. She made it so that it would only work if it was completely together, and only if Cosma would sacrifice her life to destroy the spirit. That way, if the spirit wasn't destroyed, someone else could use the power of the medallion to destroy it. However, she also split the medallion up into seven pieces and scattered them across the land, because if the Cosmic Spirit got ahold of it, all would be lost. She entrusted one of the pieces to the elder of the Black Luma tribe, who protected it until the spirit wiped them out. Polari then reveals that he took the piece and escaped when the spirit arrived. With one-seventh of the Medallion of Legend in hand, Rosalina and Polari team up to vanquish the Cosmic Spirit once and for all.

After Rosalina and Polari collect all the pieces, they reunite the Medallion of Legend and the ghost of Cosma appears to them. Cosma grants Rosalina the power to destroy the spirit by turning the medallion into a magic wand. Rosalina and Polari travel to the center of the universe, where the Cosmic Spirit resides with Rosalina's Comet Observatory. Rosalina, after a fierce battle with the Spirit, finally defeats her and prepares to destroy her with her wand. However, as a last resort, the Spirit corrupts Rosalina's mind and causes her grief by showing her images of her family on her home planet being killed. Rosalina takes these images out of her mind with the wand, but the sheer power of them, coupled with the Comet Observatory collapsing, causes a black hole to appear at the center of the observatory. Fearing the inevitable, and remembering what the deity had done before, Rosalina thrusts herself into the black hole's heart. However, as a result of her having the wand, the black hole turns bright and lightens the entire universe. The Cosmic Spirit is not destroyed, but rather, uncorrupted. It becomes good and pledges its service to Rosalina.

The Spirit rebuilds the entire observatory, with an extra addition: Rosalina requests a secret room that leads to the grassy field she first landed on at the beginning of the game. It is put at the very top of the observatory. After that, the Spirit resides in Rosalina's wand. Rosalina only uses it one other time: years later, when a precious young Luma of hers gets lost but finds refuge with a hero who is embarking on his own quest to save his princess. Whenever the hero needs help, Rosalina sends the Cosmic Spirit to assist.