The Rootverse Is the universe in which Uchronie, the Sphere series, Polychoron, and Grigori. It is heavily altered due to aliens impact on earth.

Games Set in the Rootverse


Vacuum Uchronie

From the American Revolution through to 2123, the red area was a vacuum

Earth is the setting of Uchronie, the beginning of Bio Sphere, Polychoron, and Grigori. It is an alternate history of Earth where a race of octopus-like aliens took an interest in the planet in medieval times (and began returning at various different times throughout history, including the American Revolutionary War), and in the aftermath huge technological booms made the world skip right over the American discovery periods right into what would be our modern future.


Most of the History of Earth is largely the same, the first major difference is that Humans are not native to Earth, but in fact were the creations of the species on Yggdrasil. History of civilization went the same up until the early 1800's, when octopi-like aliens sent a vacuum over North America, altering history. Russia was the least affected by this, history being entirely the same except for causes of some things, which were for non-America reasons. The Commonwealth and European Colonies were the most affected by the vacuum, with countries such as Australia and India gaining independence earlier, and South America fell to Brazil, who was ultimately stronger than it's master, Portugal. in 2123 AD, the vacuum was opened up, but many countries set their eyes on this land. Russia, Japan and China went to the West coast of the Americas, while Iceland, UK, and Spain came from the East coast. Central America was swept up by the Brazilian Empire, who made it up to Belize and Guatemala. North America was a bunch of random colonies, with the Spanish being in the South of America, Russia being in the North, and the UK in East Coast. Iceland had Greenland, while China and Japan manged to get the West Coast. Brazil went to War with Spain in hopes of regaining Portugal, Iceland and UK fought over Greenland, and China and Japan disagreed over borders in the coast and went to war with each other. During this time, Australia used the turmoil to capture Japan and China's colonies, and then Spain's and quickly spread eastward and northward, moving Russia into Alaska, the UK into the western half of Greenland, and Iceland into the eastern. Russia, the UK, and Iceland were the last left. Russia gave Alaska to Australia in hopes of forging a strong relationship, Iceland was taken over by the Scandinavian Union, and UK was the last standing. as the UK moved east to gain the old Icelandic part of Greenland, Australia moved east and took over everything the UK had just taken, and with nothing but coast, the UK abandoned, and Australia controlled Northern America. Brazil and Australia fought over Central America, with Australia managing to take over it all. Australia with North America, Brazil with South America, the two teamed up to control the Caribbean, and Oceania. Australia and Brazil's formed a union with whatever small island nations they hadn't taken over(Hawaii, New Zealand, Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Indonesia, Malysia), a precursor to the UNW, which it eventually becomes.




Uchronie is set in the year 2123AD. At this time, the lack of American inventions has caused technological advancements to focus around inventions created in other countries.




Bio Sphere

In Bio Sphere, Earth is nameless, simply referred by the ecological term, Bio Sphere. Earth is vastly changed, as Australia is near the Americas.

Other Celestial Bodies

The Upsilon Andromedae system plays an important part in the Sphere series, because Chemo Sphere, Chrono Sphere and the last quarter of Bio Sphere take place on Upsilon Andromedae b. Mars and Moon also are in Bio Sphere. Yggdrasil is a planet where a race of humanoid aliens, who in fact were the creators of humans, lived. Other unnamed planets exist, but haven't been named or mentioned, such as the octopi-like alien planet.


Bio Sphere

After leaving Earth, the teens traverse first to the Moon, and later to Mars where they meet martians who were bio-engineered by the original humans who migrated to earth. After leaving Mars they enter υ And b (Upsilon Andromedae b), where they liberate the natural lifeforms, and become the new royalty, and become an interstellar power.

Chemo Sphere

Chemo Sphere takes place before Bio Sphere, where the multiple lifeforms(Sulfur-based life, Silicon-based life, etc.) break out into civil war, destorying the ruins of the kingdom which was the Cradle of Civilization in the Andromedae System. It ends shortly before the events of Bio Sphere.

Chrono Sphere

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