Boss - Ronazhal
Location Peddle
HP 6000
Attack 200
Defence 230
Alignment Bad
Battle Thought "Destroy...!"
Ghaw ghaw ghaw! So long, Lucario!

Ronazhal is the demon formed from the fusion of Angelica Debroiche and her husband, Vince, and the true boss of Chapter 4 in Lucario's Quest. Angelica had been trying to bring she and Vince's "God" to the earth through a ceremony that involved the blood of twelve pastors in the holy town of Peddle, though she hadn't managed to retrieve all the samples, wishing to finish Lucario off after he had found out what they were up to.


Ronazhal was a demon that had its own form in the past, though in the present, he couldn't come to Earth without a sacrifice. Angelica and Vince had happily agreed to be the host in order to kill Lucario once and for all.

However, our hero triumphs, and the demon, Angelica, and Vince are subsequently defeated and destroyed.


The demon is an extremely harsh battle, and, chronologically, the toughest battle Lucario will fight up to that point.

The attacks Ronazhal have include shooting flames, using the giant, recreated warhammer that Vince had once used, and many other sinister attacks, including stomping.

Ronazhal is weak to light attacks, and shudders at the glance of holy light.

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