Romance Of The Users Kingdoms is a fanfiction made by Yukimazan. The users of Fantendo tries to conquer the land with their army.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7



  • Ruler: YoshiEgg (Shortname YE)
  • Ruler`s weapon:
  • Officers: YE Nook, Oxus, Wheelie Penguin
  • State: Harvia (South-West)

The Lubbers

  • Ruler: EdGeorgenCody
  • Ruler`s weapon: The Magicy
  • Officers: Nugg, Nuggette Chump, Billy, Wizzy, Ace, Lumarry
  • State: Worza (North-East)

Twenty-Second Choice

  • Ruler: JesseRoo
  • Ruler`s weapon: Radical Bow
  • Officers: Jesse, Roo, Julius, J, E, S, R, O, RooJesse, JesseOor, EssejRoo, EssejOor, OorEssej
  • State: Rulake (South)

The Ninja Monkeys

  • Ruler: Sprka
  • Ruler`s weapon: Silversun
  • Officers: Sprak, Spark, Spork
  • State: Buyin (East)

The Uily Agency

  • Ruler: Uil Team
  • Ruler`s weapon:
  • Officers: Uil, Team, Uily Juice, Uily, Juice, Dashed, Shroobster, Toadtool, Zen Guy, Orok.
  • State: Anstin (West)

Gene Battalion

  • Ruler: Lemmykoopa24
  • Ruler's weapon: Bronze Sword
  • Officers: Lemmykoopa24, Dupmal, Harley B. Koopa, Tommy the Penguin, Commander Nova
  • State: Acid Valley (Middle)

Tartan Army

Black Diamond

  • Ruler: Indi
  • Ruler`s weapon:
  • Officers: Shroomy, Scribble, CD, Mack, Nelson (Indi`s mount).
  • State: Xia Ain( North)


  • Ruler: Micool26
  • Ruler's Weapon: Death Slicer
  • Officers: Micool, Mick Cool, Gardenia and Grace.
  • State: Rovard (South-East)


Gene Battalion

Tartan Army

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