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Not to be confused with the Mega Man character of the same name.
Developer(s) Ninkancho
Platform(s) Display
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Roll
Successor TBA
Roll is an upcoming 2D platformer by Ninkancho Co., Ltd. for the Display. Players play as the titular Roll and get through levels using a variety of objects and items based around Roll's wheel-like mode of transportation.

The game will have a plot and backstory, but they won't be too in-depth or get in the way of the gameplay, instead primarily being told through the level design and a few lines of dialogue.


Roll is controlled primarily via DisplayLP and DisplayA. The former makes him roll left and right, while the latter makes him jump. The Display's gyroscope can be used to slightly tilt the game world; this is not required for most obstacles, but it can be a lifesaver in the case of a bad jump.

Rather uniquely for the genre, Roll does not use collision damage unless it would make sense, e.g. Roll touching spikes, which could easily pop a tire. Most enemies only cause damage when attacking.


The game focuses on a planet mainly inhabited by Gells, small, blobby creatures that use tire-like objects to move around. The single-player campaign will focus on Roll's journey to take down an evil Gell who plans to take over and industrialize the world.


The main attraction in Roll will be a lengthy single-player mode, as with most other platformers. However, it will also come with competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes, as well as a minigame collection. New levels and minigames will be distributed via free DLC, in packs with such punny names as "Kaizo Roll".


RampA simple inclined plane in the form of a manmade 30-60-90 triangle. It is used as a means to launch to another area.
Hook and lineThis grappling hook of sorts is tied around a line. You can swing back and forth as the rope moves across the line to avoid enemies, or jump off if need be. Careful not to let any foes cut the rope!


Spiny TireThis dark red wheel is covered in spikes, letting you roll up walls with ease. The spike obstacles are also less of an issue now.
Wheel PumpThis item fills the tire up with helium, giving you much floatier—if bouncier—controls.
Metal RimWhile not the most comfortable vehicle, this shiny rim is fireproof, and can produce harmful sparks at the cost of speed if down is held.

Enemies and obstacles

AbyssA large pit that goes down who knows how far. Fall in and you lose a life instantly.
SpikeA pointy thing that just sits there. Don't even try poking one or you'll be damaged.
Rogue GellA Gell on the bad guys' side, for whatever reason! It can spin into you really quickly, or use items against you.
LitwitThis candle enemy appears in more arid levels. It stays in one place for the most part, but will lean over slightly to try and fry you! He's not the brightest of folks.
CactaAn angry cactus that kinda just sits there, waiting for you to touch it. Don't give it the satisfaction of bursting your tire.
Duo Cockpit CuttersTwo Rogue Gells sit at the helms of a winged pair of scissors. They'll snap the blades together when you're near, which can cut ropes in addition to damaging you!
RecursaA living Matryoshka doll whose outer shell can fire blasts of dark magic at you.


  • Roll's design was partially based on a type of sushi roll.
  • The gameplay was inspired by Red Ball 4, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and even Sonic games to a degree.
  • A 3D sequel based in part on Sanicball is planned.
  • Roll doesn't look like Wheel Kirby. They're different.

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