Request30-Rokukai's Demon Bounty
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Story, Co-op
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Doom Dome Battle

Rokukai's Demon Bounty is an open-world rpg video game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo. It takes place after the events of Doom Dome Battle 2 in the series and focuses on Rokukai as its main character.


For the full story see: Rokukai's Demon Bounty/Story

After everything was back at peace in the world again, Lucifer thought it would be a good idea for Rokukai to finally get a job in the Underworld. He was given the task of eliminating any stray demons who had fled to the surface and return their souls. However as Rokukai continues doing this he quickly notices a huge amount of these stray demons and suspects there is more behind all of this.


Unlike the main installments, Rokukai's Demon Bounty isn't a 2.5D fighting game, instead it takes you through Wildefort in an open world environment. You control Rokukai from a third-person view and have to slay the demons by engaging into combat with them in a hack-and-slash-like system. Once you enter a level you can go in three seperate ways; Neutral, Good or Bad route of which the latter two also expand into Hero and Dark routes respectively. But you can switch back to another route at all time, making way for 326 possible stories and 10 different endings.


Rokukai can execute normal attacks with his pitchfork with the [normal attack button]. These normal attacks can be extended through leveling up in combat and can become great moves. He can also perform special attacks by summoning the limbs of chained demons in the Underworld through opening pentagram-formed portals. However these attacks can only be used if Kai has enough 'demonic essence', which depletes after using them. Rokukai can replenish essence by slaying demons or by using bottled essence which can be bought from Paimon who appears as a recurring NPC but also appears in every level with a shop at the beginning.

Kai starts out with only Ifrit as his chained demon, who actually is the only one who isn't chained and is friends with Kai, but never is allowed to go near the surface because of his size. Ifrit also enters a second form at the end of the game Infernal Ifrit, which becomes Kai's strongest demon. Other chained demons can be earned by defeating certain bosses, not every boss grants a chained demon.

There is a level-up system in the game, as mentioned before. When leveling up Kai gets a boost in a certain sector, pre-determined by the system. This can be in power, essence, defense or agility. At certain levels Rokukai also gets an extra bonus which he can use to extend his combat combos. These combos branch out in several ways, each having their own advantage, so Kai can choose whichever path he desires.

At a certain point in the game Rokukai gets an ally, Seben, who acts as a second player in the game. From this point on the the game the Co-op option becomes available. Seben also levels up and also has his own branches to expand on. Instead of being able to summon chained beasts Seben can heal himself and Rokukai.

Treasures are scattered throughout the game which can be found by Rokukai and contain certain items, collectibles or even an alternate costume for him. These treasure can be found with the help of Barbatos. He grants you a communication rune at the start of the game with which the treasures can be tracked, as Barbatos desires the collectibles. Some treasures also are key items in the game which are needed to progress. Barbatos can be summoned with the machine as well to deliver colletibles for awards.

Rokukai's Chained Demons

Chained Beast Species Summary How to unlock
IfritSlot Ifrit DemonIconDemon Ifrit has served Rokukai for a long time. He is a gigantic demon locked up belown in the Underworld and isn't allowed outside because of his size. He is good friends with Rokukai and has assists him whenever needed. His main element is fire. Default
GrossosSlot Grossos DemonIconDemon Grossos is thick, has four arms, and leaves much slime and goo behind wherever he goes. His powers mainly include strong pounds and shooting acid and goo. Wildefort Downtown
BhramariSlot Bhramari DemonIconDemon Bhramari is the queen of the insect demons and has a giant hive stationed on the Surface from which she operates. She mainly relies on the element, air, but also uses her claws and stinger to inflict poisonous effects. Wildefort Angel Base
StolasSlot Stolas DemonIconDemon Stolas is a demon who has a close relation to nature and always seems to infect areas with vegetation when he is there. It is an easily persuaded demon and mainly relies on the demons it spawns from its body. Other than that he attacks with his vines, leaves and petals. Wildefort Zoo/Heaven Gardens
KrampusSlot Krampus DemonIconDemon Krampus is the evil spirit of Christmas, as known by many. It is a demon that was sealed away a long time ago to prevent him from causing chaos during the holiday period. He has two flesh hooks with which he attacks and controls the element of ice. Faustian Woods
SandmanSlot Sandman UnknownIconUnknown The Sandman is an ancient creature that was sealed away by witches. Ciara is one of the witches who owns the teddy bear of the Sandman and gives it to Rokukai as a gift, becoming a chained beast. It has sand abilities and envokes sleep on enemies on occasion. Robur
AmdusiasSlot Amdusias DemonIconDemon Amdusias is a powerful demon who has singing and hydrokinesis abilities. She likes to lure humans into her lake and drown them, only for her own amusement. Her singing can be done in different genres, causing different effects, one is hypnosis like she uses in the game. Lake Lucas
NosferatuSlot Nosferatu VampireIconVampire Nosferatu is a very old vampire made by Dracula, one of the first. He aspired to be a Hollywood actor but had no talent. His vampire abilities gave him too much power which he abused, resulting in him being locked up inside of a mirror. This mirror was found and taken by Rokukai. Hendrick's Manor
RaijinSlot Raijin DemonIconDemon Raijin is a Japanese demon who resides in Yomi along with Izanami and Shikome, always staying at her side. He joins Rokukai's team after Yomi. He has great lightning powers and uses music to command these powers. Yomi
InfernalIfritSlot Infernal Ifrit DemonIconDemon Infernal Ifrit is a powered up version of Ifrit, with enhanced fire abilities, apparearing like lava. True Ending


The game takes place in many different areas. Most of the areas are located in Wildefort, for example the first two stages play entirely in Wildefort. However all of the third stages are in the Heavens. Stage four levels go slightly outside of Wildefort, touching the locations that also appear in The First Summoning and other woodland areas. Three of the stage five levels take place in Wildefort, atlhough Hendrick's manor is on the border. The other two are in the Underworld, although Yomi is entered in Wildefort. The levels of the last stage vary from the Underworld, to Wildefort and locations with an unknown precise location.


Playable Characters

DemonIconRokukai AngelIconSeben
Rokukai(Teen) Seben
Rokukai, often called Kai, is the son of Lucifer and Lilith and currently is in a relationship with Prince Bucksalot. He was recently employed as a demon bounty hunter and puts stray demons on the surface back where they belong. He fights using a pitchfork, one belonging to an old colleague of Lucifer and can summons chained beasts from the Underworld with his devil essence. Seben is the son of Yggdrasil who was always forbidden to set foot on the surface from her, mainly out of protection. After discovering that even the Heavens aren't always safe she allowed him to join Rokukai on his quest, and to watch over him, much to the dislike of Prince. Seben fights with a whip similar to his mother and has healing abilities.

Supporting Characters

These characters appear in the game to provide support in the levels. This may either be by giving advice, selling things and/or fighting alongside of the boys. Some of the supporting character may also be bosses in the game, but will only be listed here.

DemonIconLucifer DemonIconPaimon
LuciferDDB Paimon
The current ruler of the Underworld, Lucifer. He is the father of Rokukai and the ex-husband of Lilith. After the second doomsday he decided to form a pact with the Surface and the Heavens. Afterwards he appointed Rokukai as bounty hunter for stray demons on the surface. When Rokukai takes on the job it becomes more apparent that there is someone after his throne. Especially in the neutral route he sends missions to Rokukai about his next location to slay his next demon. He stay rather passive throughout the game with only handing out missions. But when Rokukai enters the bad or dark route he tries to get Rokukai back. In the neutral and good route Rokukai has to make a choice to fight him or fight Solomon or Michael respectively. If he is killed Rokukai or Solomon takes the throne. He appears in almost every ending, where he is alive on the throne still ruling the Underworld. Paimon is regarded as Lucifer's second in command and adviser. This shady figure wears nothing but an apron and always acts very mysterious. He sells Rokukai potions and other stuff that can be used during battle. What his exact plans are is unknown, but there is something up with him. He controls the elements of wind, water and earth and is a dangerous opponent, perhaps even more powerful than Lucifer himself. He appears most in the game as an NPC always trying to lead Rokukai on darker path to try and get Solomon on the throne. He can be fought in the dark route where he gets angered that Rokukai doesn't kill Prince and accidentally reveals his scheme. He reveals this as well in other endings. In the hero route he can be fought if he is not proven that Solomon is dead and Aries is actually behind it.
DemonIconBarbatos HumanIconPrince Bucksalot
Barbatos Prince Bucksalot
The clairvoyant of Lucifer, Barbatos. He can look into the future although the further he looks the less set in stone it is and how more vague it is. When he receives a vision about a demon about to cause havoc on the surface he lets this know to Lucifer who then can assign Rokukai to a mission. Barbatos also has the ability to seek treasure and asks for Rokukai to bring him collectibles in exchange for other nice stuff. Strangely he doesn't have a prominent role in a specific level in the game. Prince Bucksalot is the current boyfriend of Rokukai and a human, something which is considered 'not done' usually but the times have become more progressive. Prince is very jealous of Seben, thinking that he might steal Rokukai from him. He appears in most levels and also is one of the final bosses in the Bad Dark ending. He appears in the levels; Wildefort Downtown, Wildefort Zoo, Goetia and Aries' Lair where he helps Rokukai. He also appears in Robur and Moonlight Rose coven where he gets jealous of Seben a bit. He gets kidnapped by Izanami at a possible ending of those two levels sending him to Yomi where Rokukai and Seben save him, curing Seben of his jealousy. In the bad or dark route he sends Rokukai text messages about not liking his actions and Seben and eventually has to be faced in the Bucksalot Estate where he can be fought or be talked out of his plans to blow everything up.
DemonIconMephistopheles AngelIconYggdrasil
Mephistopheles Yggdrasil
The most loyal servant of Lucifer who scouts the surface, Mephistopheles. She is a demon with little understanding of how emotions now exactly work. She is one of the few demons who actually stays at Lucifer's side no matter what the conclusion is. She appears in the Infinite Forest where she is tasked to take Rokukai back to Lucifer unless he rights his mistakes. Either way Mephistopheles sends him back to the Gates of Hell. She also appears in the Faustian Woods where she wants Rokukai's help in dragging the soul of Faust back to Hell but sends Rokukai there if he sends Faust to Heaven. Yggdrasil still remains as a teacher on the high school of Wildefort, but also acts as the main form of communication between the Surface and the Heavens. She first appears after Rokukai frees the captured demons, bringing him to the prison in the Heavens or if he doesn't destroy Stolas' roots which causes the demon to overtake the Tree of Life in the Heavens. She can be fought in the dark route afterwards she informs Michael of Rokukai's actions. In other routes she allows Seben to join Rokukai and directs them to the Moonlight Rose coven in the hero route to find out Judas' ties to it.
AngelIconAmaya Havens HumanIconJoshua Tamashii
Amaya Havens Joshua Tamashii
Amaya is a guardian angel who has been stationed on the Surface attending the Wildefort High School and is in a relationship with Joshua Tamashii. She only appears in two levels of the game. She appears along with Joshua and Prince in the first level but reappears in Heaven Temple where she takes Rokukai to the Heavens as she needs his help to figure out a corrupted angel in the Heavens. She is later said to return to classes by Yggdrasil. She also appears in the Good Hero ending where she is seen chilling with Rokukai, Seben, Prince and Joshua. Joshua is a high school student and intern at the Wildefort Police Department and currently has a relationship with Amaya. He appears at the school in the first level along with Prince and Amaya. He later reappears in Little Asia busy with killing all the demons and requests Rokukai in lending a hand. He accompanies Rokukai to the Wildefort City Hall where he continues to fight demons as Rokukai seeks out Solomon. He also appears in the Good Hero ending chilling with Rokukai, Seben, Prince and Amaya.
DemonIconValefar AngelIconCeleste
Valefar CelesteDDB
Valefar is a questionable demon who belongs to the Underworld. He never really has been a fan of Lucifer, mainly due to his unimportance in the Underworld. When Solomon rises Valefar is one of the first ones to follow him in his cause and convinces others of doing so as well. Valefar can be helped in Wildefort Downtown to save him from the WPD. In Wildefort Angel Base to free his fellow demons and returns in Infinite Forest to help him but disappears immediately afterwards. He also appears in Little Asia after fleeing and has to be brought back by Lucifer. Celeste is a cherub who resides in the Heavens and is the main soldier in the 'army' of Cupid. She is quite young but a particulary strong cherub. She encounters them in the Heaven Gardens where she tells them about the location of Judas and that he is responsible for what is happening. They can follow her as she leads them to the temple to battle Judas.
WitchIconCiara DemonIconCount Botis
CiaraDDB Count Botis
A witch who has no Coven. Ciara is a witch who practices demonology and other underwordly magic, yet only uses it for good purposes as she has a pure heart. Ciara lives near Wildefort in a tree called Robur and also appears in the level with the same name where she asks Rokukai to spare Rok and Dantalion and not hunt them down. She also appears in Montem, helping out with indentifying the succubus and helps in the Moonlight Rose coven to find the files to shut the place down. The contracted demon of Ciara, Count Botis, a demon also once under command of Solomon. He is under Ciara's contract for quite some time now and doesn't want to have anything to do with Solomon or Lucifer. He appears in Robur where he asks Rokukai to kill the demons as they only are bad for Ciara. He assists in the Moonlight Rose coven level to annhiliate the coven's base of operations.
MutantIconFluffy Buffy MutantIconBlubble
Fluffy Buffy Blubble
Fluffy Buffy once was a cotton-candy but upon contact with chemicals it transformed into this willd beast craving for human flesh. It appears to have fled to the sewers at some point in time and Rokukai encounters it and has to hunt it down to stop it from continuing causing chaos on the Surface. Blubble is a pile of slime which was created out the chemicals dripping into the sewers and created this mess. It appears in the sewers where it flees from Rokukai out of fear. Following it will trigger a bad route as Fluffy Buffy escaped and Blubble just keeps on crying about its existence.


There are many bosses in the game and not every one is encountered during the game. Not all of the bosses are listed here as some of the bosses are also supporting characters.

DemonIconAries DemonIconSolomon
AriesDDB Solomon
Aries is one of the final bosses in the game. He is a gat-like creature who has been around for a very very long time. He is the one who is behind everything going on in the game, posing as Solomon and earning the trust of other demons through Solomon for his plans to take over the throne in the Underworld. He only can be fought in two routes, the good and hero route of which of both the good ending has to be chosen. In some other endings a sillhouette of him can still be seen roaming around as he has not been defeated. King Solomon is the first ruler of the Underworld. He inhabited the world when it simply was just a rock before the Higher Intelligence came and created Eden, pushing Solomon back to the undergrounds. Solomon made many demons who would serve him, Paimon being his most loyal one. However once Lucifer arrived in the Underworld, he finally thought it was time to pass the throne to someone else and made Lucifer the new leader of the Underworld, Solomon leaving and dying shortly after. His body is used as coy for the demons to believe that he is still alive and wants his throne back. He can be fought in the neutral en good route as the final boss.
AngelIconMichael AngelIconDemonIconJudas Iscariot
MichaelDDB Judas Iscariot
Michael is seen as the leader of the Heavens. He is the only one who has direct contact with the higher intelligence and speaks for him. He wields the Sword of Flames which was used to protect the Garden of Eden once. Michael used to be childhood friends with Lucifer until the latter's pride got the best of him. Michael only appears in the last level of the bad route where he goes down to the Underworld and engages in combat with Lucifer's army, forcing the boys to make a choice to fight him or Lucifer. Judas is a half-breed of an angel and a demon. His father being Solomon and his mother an unknown angel. Judas always has been a suspicious person in the Heavens and is tasked with managing the documents in the temple. However once Solomon returns he makes plans to help his father by plunging the Heavens in despair, with the help of the Moonlight Rose coven who have the dark magic to do so. Amaya is suspicous of Judas and sends the boys to expose him. He either gets away with it or is apprehended by Yggdrasil in the routes.
VampireIconCount Hendrick DemonIconTyrant & AnimalIconCerberus
Count Hendrick TyrantDDB
Count Hendrick is an ancient vampire lord, a loyal minion of Dracula, who has stationed himself in a giant manor in Wildefort. Hendrick is the son of Dracula and a random vampire and also his first born, giving him much power. Hendrick always is stationed on the Surface and knows of the supernatural things going on and documents them in books that he writes. In one of the levels in the game the boys go to Hendrick's manor to find out more information about what is actually going on and discover about Solomon and maybe even Aries when done right. Hendrick is confronted with this and tells them what he thinks is all going on at the moment. Tyrant and Cerberus are demons in the Underworld. They are the guardians of the Gates of Hell. Tyrant is a mute demon and and Cerberus is his most precious thing in the world. In the dark route the boys are send to the Gates of Hell and have to escape in time, however Tyrant stops them at the Gates which engages a fight between them. When making it in time the boys can escape, otherwise Tyrant holds them off long enough for Lucifer to claim them.
DemonIconIzanami DeceasedIconFaust
Izanami Faust
Izanami is a deity who resides in the Underworld. She is a special demon, one who once was a human, but fled to the Underworld and made her transformation there. She was followed by her husband Izanagi who tried to bring her back until he saw her current appearance and fled, only leaving his comb behind somewhere. Izanami claims a special part in the Underworld named Yomi. She works together with Aries and kidnaps Prince to lead the boys off Aries' path, but when found Izanagi's comb she tells them where Aries is hiding. Faust is a scholar who had a good life as a human, but was not consent with it as he wanted to learn magic and share it with the world. He was approached by Mephistopheles who would grant him this magic for several years before claiming his soul. Mephistopheles falls in love with him while Faust uses his powers to seduce another woman who dies because of his mistakes and is send to Heaven. Shortly before his soul had to be claimed Faust killed himself and now wanders the Surface as a spirit, Mephistopheles afterwards shut off her emotions and tries to eventually get Faust. The boys can decide to send him off to the Heavens, leave him on the Surface or to the Underworld.
DemonIconLord Dantalion DemonIconRok
DantalionRDB RokRDB
Lord Dantalion is a main character in The First Summoning. He is one of the higher demons in Solomon's keys and was very close with the human world, having fallen in love with a witch who practised demonology and contracted him. Together they made a child Ciara, unfortunately the mother was killed by witch hunters, which forced Dantalion to leave Ciara at the Moonlight Rose coven. Dantalion still looks over her through the shadows. He can either be captured or fought in the good route in Robur. Rok is a lesser demon who also once was a contracted demon of Ciara's mother. After she died and her contracted demons split up he sought comfort in Dantalion, seeing him as his big brother, and always stayed at his side. He can transform into a little bird at will. He does this so to spy in the Heavens. He can be fought in the good route of the story in Robur or just be captured.
WitchIconLady Clorinda DemonIconHumanIconLucille
Lady Clorinda LucilleSuccubus
Lady Clorinda is the leader of the Moonlight Rose coven, an opposing coven of the one stationed at Wildefort. This coven is much older, being made during the settling of the colonists in Wildefort. She always abused Ciara in the coven for practising demonology and was very shady. She works together with Judas to bring the Heavens in despair with the underlaying plans to eventually be the ruler of the Surface. She is fought only in the hero route. Lucille also is a main character in The FIrst Summoning. She always was seen as a regular human and the girlfriend of Rico. However in reality she is a succubus who is purely there to cause chaos. She was exposed by Ciara eventually but managed to stay alive despite of it. She often goes into her human disguise as Lucille and roam through Montem. She has to be hunted down in the neutral route but in each ending manages to flee from the scene. 
DemonIconStolas DemonIconBhramari
Stolas Bhramari
Stolas is one of the many demons under the command of Solomon. He is a flesh-eating plant who can set his roots into the ground and spread over a large area covering said area with extreme vegetation. He is fought in the Wildefort Zoo. If his roots aren't destroyed the Moonlight Rose coven transports him to the Heavens where he attached to the Tree of Life where be begins to drain its energy. Bhramari is one of the demons under the command of Solomon. She apepears in the Wildefort's Angel Base. She has created a giant hive near the forest which has to be destroyed. No matter which route is taken she is fought by either finding her location or by freeing the demons on request of Valefar. She has poisonous venom in her body and controls other insect-like demons.
DemonIconGrossos DemonIconAmdusias
Grossos Amdusias
Grosses is one of the many demons under the command of Solomon. In the game he is the first boss to be fought no matter what. He covered the city of Wildefort under his goo which when not cleared drips into the sewers and reacts with the chemicals there. He is big and gross and generally loathes himself for being who he is. The demons he controls are strangely based on food. Amdusias is one of the many demons under the command of Solomon. Unlike the other less important demons she is fought late in the game at Lake Lucas. She lures humans into the lake with her singing, controlling their minds to drown themselves. She contains more knowledge about Solomon which can be retrieved from the brainwashed humans. The demons she controls relate to music and sound.



  • The game was made out of interest shown in Rokukai as a character and quickly became a fan favorite in the second game.
    • To an extend this also counts for Paimon, who thus is heavily featured in the game.
  • Rokukai's Demon Bounty is the first spin-off from Doom Dome Battle.
  • Originally the game wouldn't have good or bad endings and instead Rokukai could choose from missions assigned to him by his father and the Underworld would have been the main hub.
  • The game takes a lot of inspiration from the game Shadow the Hedgehog in terms of the different endings.
  • Many characters of The First Summoning appear in the game, which is supposed to take place after the events of the game.
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