Battle Quotes

vs. Cygni

Cygni: Well, welcome to my domain, i'm sure you will enjoy and savour your death as I take over the entire empire with my iron grip,

Regal: I doubt it, your so called "Attempts" to contorl the Iclavie empire are futile.

Cygni: Hah! Trying to defeat me is a lost cause, you honestly think you can? Prepare for your death.

vs. Betolpy

Scyplo vs. Betolpy

Betolpy: Stop trying to defeat me! It's just worthless... you can't hope to defeat me.

Scyplo: Betolpy! This is madness! You must stop it... but if you won't, I will do it myself!

Betolpy: Hahahaha... such tough words from someone like you.

Scyplo: ...Here i come.

Cheepel vs. Betolpy

Cheepel: Um... ah...

Betolpy: Stupid kid... you really are idiotic. Why you even try to ally yourself with the proffesors?

Cheepel: They are not evil! You... you are mad!

Betolpy: Hah! If you think so, i may show you who is better.

Melice vs. Betolpy

Melice: Yes! I finally found you, Betolpy.

Betolpy: Who are you supposed to be?

Melice: Melice, the assistant of Proffesor Elfain. I had been ordered to find you and stop your evil rule.

Betolpy: Another ally of the proffesor... so i will start with you.

Langhl vs. Betolpy

Langhl: Ugh! Why i am sitting there and fighting, when i can do better things? Like flirting with beautiful ladies!

Betolpy: ...Darn, you are so annoying. Can we just start fighting? That is, if you are capable!

Regal vs. Betolpy

Betolpy: Hmm, aren't you that robot Xarz told me about?

Regal: Indeed, i am. My name is Regal.

Betolpy: Well, i think now i am responsible... to kill you.

Regal: Do your worst!

Mystic vs. Betolpy

Mystic: It seems like i am the one who is supposed to fight against you...

Betolpy: Heh. I see you are quite confident of yourself. However, you won't have easy time defeating me.

Mystic: The edge of wind... strike my foe!

Others vs. Betolpy

Betolpy: Step back. You have no chance against me.

Special Conversations

Melice and Langhl - 1 conversation

Langhl: Well, hello there, gorgeous lady!

Melice: ...Um, who are you?

Langhl: Ah, for such a beauty to ask my name! Anyway... I am Langhl, The best man for you, milady!

Melice: Sorry, but... I don't think you are my type.

Langhl: Huh! I think you got that wrong. I am perfect for every woman there is, Including you!

Melice: I think I will be going...

Langhl: H-Hey, wait! Please! I didn't even asked you for your name...

Regal and Langhl - 1 conversation

Langhl: Alright... I have got everything I need to win the fight, I bet I will impress a girl...

Regal: ...

Langhl: Is someone there? Oh... it's you, Regal, what do you want?

Regal: Scyplo has ordered me to watch you, to stop you from doing anything dumb.

Langhl: I am not going to do anything dumb! Is trying to impress a girl dumb?

Regal: If you are trying it, yes. That's why I am here...

Langhl: I can do things fine myself! So just get away from me, here I come!

Regal: *sigh* It's so hard to stop him...

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