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The game's logo.
The boxart.
The game's boxart.
Developer(s) MFGCLogo.png
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf.png
Platform(s) Wii U, Hybrid Fusion
Genre(s) Strategy, shooter, action.
Release Date(s) 2012
Mode(s) TBA
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png
Media Included Wii U Disk, Hybrid Disk, Hybrid Data.

Robo Madness is the first game made by Vaccum Inc. in the Robo Madness (series). The game is a Strategy-Shooter-Action type, featuring the robot Scyplo on his quest to find his clone and retreive the clone machine. The game will be released in 2012 for the Wii U and the Hybrid Fusion.


The gameplay has three different varieties: HUB, Travel, and the variant with most levels, Battle.


The HUB variant is the one you will play when you are on each planet's HUB. The variant is similar to a 3D RPG, where you can walk around, jump, run, talk, check inventory and start missions. Each planet has it's own HUB, and each have it's own decorations. There may also be found some hidden passages in HUBs, which usually lead to secret missions which give you various items, and in rare examples, new characters.


This is another type of gameplay, but this time used on levels, and to travel around planets. In travel levels, you can only play as Scyplo (and bonus characters), except if the story requires it. During it, you fly in a space ship, and must reach the goal or find an item. There are puzzles in most of levels which you need to complete to continue. Sometimes, some enemies may appear during Travel levels, but they are mostly bosses you are fighting in the levels.


The battle variant is the main way of gameplay. In the first half, you see the map, and you must place your characters on places on maps. In some shops or from missions, you can buy units which you can place on battlefield to help you. There are various type of units: slowing down, upgrading characters or just attacking. During the battle, you may change characters any time. You can have max of 5 characters (one must be Scyplo) on the battlefield, and each haves a special ability. You may also use items during the battle. If a character loses all of his HP, it can't be used for the rest of the battle, but you may revive it if you have the Instant Revitalize item.

Boss Battles

While some Boss battles are fought as normal battles, some are fought in other way. You can walk, jump around like in HUBs (as you aren't in a space ship), but you also get the ability to attack. Each character haves different moves, and while you can use any character you want in a Boss battle, in plot-important battles, you must use only the ones the game allows.



The story begins with meeting with one of best professors which are located in the universe. The President of Alienta calls the meeting, and ordered to make the most advanced robot in the world. The project was going great, but it was made slowly, and so, the President decided to hurry the sciencists. However, as they finished, Professor Elfain noticed that there are still a few bugs, but they can't now fix it, as Scyplo must go now on tests. Before they left, they finished their secondary project, the copy machine M-Copy. They decided to use it on Scyplo, creating Betolpy. Betoply was kept in a capsule because it was unknown if it's safe to use him yet. Scyplo was took to the testing field, and his most important abilities were tested: hammerspace (to be able to keep some projects inside Scyplo in case if there isn't space in labolatory) and emotions (to make him seem more like an living creature). The hammerspace was working great, but it was discovered that bugs were put in the emotion system. In meanwhile, Betolpy get out of the capsule, and while he was walking around labolatory, he found out in his data that he was going to be destroyed as he was just made from test of M-Copy. In anger, he destroyed the lab, took M-Copy, and espaced in a spaceship. After the sciensists returned, they saw the labolatory fully destroyed. Thankfully, there was still one spaceship, and Scyplo could use it to chase Betolpy. However, before leaving, proffesors decided to test Scyplo's battling abilities before leaving.


If Scyplo decides to go to Alienta, Edmund, Cheepel and Sacel are going with him. However, they learn that Alienta is in chaos, because of attack of a big group of enemies, leaded by Zelat (or Derenn if you won the Mineralin planet before) . The group decide that Cheepel will go to scout if the area is full of monsters.

After around 30 minutes, Scyplo had noticed that Cheepel isn't returning, and so, a Travel Stage starts. When you complete the level, the group sees a prisoned Cheepel, and try to save him. However, the monsters notice them, so a Battle Stage begins.


When Scyplo decides to go to Sylphiu, Elfain and Melice go together with him. However, they soon find out they're not alone in the skies of the planet: modern, technological airships patrol the skies and attack any strange person. Elfain advises Scyplo to dodge them and try to sneak onto the land.

During the Travel Stage that follows those events, Elfain is captured by the Sky Pirates. Melice tries to attack the space pirates, but fails and is knocked out, with her ship falling on the ocean. Scyplo rescues her, meanwhile Melice's Ship is kept, slightly broken, in the deep of the sea.

Scyplo and Melice both agree on going to try and save Elfain. As so, another Travel Stage begins, this time with Scyplo's ship seeking to catch the Sky Pirates'. When near them, the stage ends, and Scyplo jumps from his ship onto the airship's deck. Melice quickly follows him, only to find they're trapped and surrounded by a bunch of Sky Pirates.

A Battle Stage begins. After completing it, Scyplo and Melice quickly try to escape from the Sky Pirates, running onto the airship's lower level. In it, they find Elfain, who tells them about who controls these ships: Betolpy, with the Clone Machine, cloned thousands of airships and then gave them to shadow-looking ghosts, which walked in the darkness of Atlantica.

The three, trying to escape through a window, soon find out about who is the boss of the robots. A Shadow' incredibly powerful creatures with the abilities to distort someone's perception of reality. While Elfain starts to hallucinate, Scyplo and Melice protect her from the Shadow attacks, invulnerable to the mind control. A Boss Stage begins.

After defeating the shadows, the group of dark ships start falling onto the sea. With a PDA, Elfain calls both her airship, Melice's and Scyplo's to her rescue. They come just in time, and the three get on their airships. Quickly, they fly away, having ended Betolpy's influence in Sylphiu.


Should Scyplo go to Flintezz, Regal is the only one who assists him in preventing the planet being destroyed by Betoply as it is where he originally had missions. Once on the planet, they find that it is being town apart by a Civil War between the Maxi and the Taeko, two races of Iclavies who are conflicting over territory. This is the only planet where you can take 2 paths for the Storyline.

Maxi Path

If you choose the path of being allied to the Maxi, you must first go to their part of their territory in the Travel Stage and visit a group of Soldiers. The soldiers will be cautious of you at first but then they will accept you, they let Scyplo into their building and show all the details of the conflict, from how their population spiked to their battle plans. Once the cutscene is finished a Taeko Scout Team will infiltrate the building and the Battle Stage will begin.

Once Scyplo and Regal defeat the Taeko scout team, 2 of the soldiers who escorted Scyplo and Regal in will temporarily join the party until the planet is completed. You must now go to Antares in the Travel Stage and talk to him in there to convince him that the war should end along with the racism against the Taeko. Once you talk to him, he will argue with your points and will begin saying that the Public have been driven by the Elites. He points out that most Maxi were convinced by a speech done by Maxi Elite Cygni that the Taeko must be destroyed and that the entire public agree with him. Once you finish speaking with him you travel again to Cygni's outpost, Encountering some Taeko on the way and beggining the second Battle Stage.

After travelling and arriving at Maxi Elite Cygni's outpost, Scyplo and Regal begin arguing with Cygni about the public and his influence over them. Cygni then takes out his Juggernaut v2.6 Heavy Plasma Rifle after hearing this and threatens Scyplo and Regal's views, leading to the Boss Stage. Cygni will attack Scyplo, Regal and the two soldiers using his Juggernaut Heavy Plasma Rifle and his modified HVPB Launcher, with his most powerful attack being a Death Blossom from the Juggernaut. Once defeated, Cygni falls to the Floor and dies. Because of this, Scyplo is able to convince the public that they only need to take their territory, and not make the Taeko completely extinct.

After some discussion with other soldiers, Scyplo finds that the robot responsible for the overpopulation was the cause of Xarz, thus making Scyplo and Regal hurry to find and kill him as soon as possible. In this travel stage, they also encounter Taeko on the way, leading to a Battle Stage. Once they arrive at the location of Xarz, Xarz mentions on how his plan was meant to work and how it would affect the entire planet of Flintezz and about how he supposedly "Missed" Regal, this leads to the following Boss Stage. When defeated, Xarz' head is penetrated revealing the insides and the frame, and Regal proceeds to decimate it with the Soldiers' Rifles.

After defeating Xarz, the war is ended and both the Taeko and the Maxi like in peace for now, knowing that Betoply and Xarz' influence over the planet is finished, both Scyplo and Regal fly off the planet and head back to Elfain. When they returned, Elfain informs them that they found a robot girl, Sofyia, which had been hold hostage by Xarz.


Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Scyplo.png Scyplo The main character of the game. He is playable in most levels, and haves electric powers, but during the course of game, he can get more elemental powers. He can also carry infinite amount of items, while others have max of 15.
Cheepel.png Cheepel A little robot made by Professor Edmund to help out Scyplo in his quest and deliver upgrades for the group. He wasn't made to be a battling type, but knows how to handle big machines and control them. Later in game, he was added a mode which could increase his abilities and gave him ability to fight (by firing missiles).
Melice.png Melice A female robot made by Professor Elfain to serve as her bodyguard when visiting Sylphiu. She joins you after you decide to explore optional planet Sylphiu. Melice is proggramed to protect Elfain, and has wide arsenal of weapons.
Sacel.png Sacel The grandson of Professor Edmund. While he is a kid, he can make some good machines, which includes his own weapon, Plasma Sword. He travels with Scyplo and the group to discover more of the world. Recruitable on Gardlia planet by completing some missions.
Maal.png Maal A robot made by Professor Terraq to help in mine construction on the planet Mineralin. While he is a big and powerful robot, he wasn't made to be a type to be very smart. He haves big ammunition of weapons to destroy every material known by existence. He is recruited automatically on planet Mineralin.
Regal.png Regal A robot made by Professor Pieralki for information getting. He haves abilities to merge with his opponent's shadow, becoming invisible and transforming to enemy's form. He is unlocked in Alienta.
Tina.png Tina A robot made by Professor Gechid for assisting her in lab. She is merry-go-happy girl who loves to have fun, but is also a perfectionist, trying to do everything the best she can. She can be unlocked in Phylos.
Sophyia.png Sofyia A robot made by Proffesor Polak for weather-changing. She is a calm, quiet girl which is always listening to orders of Proffesors. She can change weather by using her psychic power. Place of unlocking her is still unknown.
Langhl.png Langhl A robot made by a Professor Lance. He is a womanizer type, hitting on all the girls, no matter the species and if they have a boyfriend or not. If he is around girls, he mostly ignores his duties. He is recruited automatically on the planet Aethr.
Azure A robot made by Proffesor Grep. She is very bossy and too much self-centered. She likes anyone who gives her compliments and people who workship her. Place of unlocking her is still unknown.
Mystic.png Mystic A robot made by Proffesor Aracken. He is a very mysterious person, studying ancient magic, and is mastering wind magic. He wears robes wore by ancient magicans, and likes to play harp. The place of unlocking him is still unknown.
Procerus A robot made a long time ago by Professor Jaron who has been through a lot of neglect. He is noticabley taller, and can morph into different sizes, whilst using rock. He inhabits the lost planet with his owner. The place of unlocking is currently unknown.
Even.png Even A robot made by Proffesor Navel. She is all ecological, and she despites anyone who is trashing. She also tries to make all of other robots ecological too. The place of unlocking her is yet unknown.


  • Betolpy - The main antagonist of the game. He is encoutered in some Battle levels, and in a few levels, in Travel. He haves similiar abilities to Scyplo at the beggining of the game, but he gets more strong and different techinques in later part of the game. Is unlocked completing the game.
  • Zelat - The side villain of the game. He is a character of Slite race, and is boss of one of biggest mines on Mineralin, and wants to get all the gold from every mine. Scyplo faces him on Alienta planet as a boss, and appears in some other planets on quest to get all the gold.
  • Xarz - An another villain in the game, a robot with an unknown past. He is skilled with sword, being an assasin for hire with great killing strokes. He was hired by Zelat to destroy Scyplo for good. It's hinted that he had a close friendship with Regal.
  • Antares - Evil commander of the Maxis who hates Taekos and wants to wipe them out to take the whole planet for himself. He fight Scyplo on the Flintezz planet.
  • Derren - Right hand man to Zelat, a Bighasi. He is very cynical, and hates Pyis. If you killed Zelat on Alienta/Mineralin, Derren will take his place on the planet you haven't beated yet.


Image Name Description
DrElfain.png Professor Elfain One of the creators of Scyplo, an Oceanian girl, pretty much young in age, in her early 20s. She is an optional character for your party if you visit the Earth, where she is your guide. Very curious, and pretty much in search of knowledge about the species who once populated earth, humans.
DrEdmund.png Professor Edmund An alien scientist with an extremely high IQ, with his specialty being robot designing. He was originally a test subject, but became much more clever after some test on intelligence. Your guide on Gardlia.
N/A Professor Pieralki An alien scientist with an obssesion for infinity and Pi. Master in hammerspace and infinity, he is kind and generous, but a little egocentric. He loves reading a good book and discovering more about science.
DrTerraq.png Professor Terraq A scientist whose's speciality are robot's circuits, and likes to give life to various small mechanical objects. He doesn't like to have fun much, as his duty as a proffesor is most important to him then anything. He is fascinated in discovering ways of old technology.
Lance.png Professor Lance A Stalmer professor who was good at designing energy and energy sources from a young age. Lance was in charge of designing Scyplo's power core and power source to keep him up and running. He guides Scyplo through Aethr when he visits there.
Gechid.png Professor Gechid A Pyi proffesor coming from planet Phylos, being skilled in making spaceships used by people from the whole Fusion System. She is also maker of a cosmic food named Space Cheerius. She guides Scyplo thought the Phylos planet.
ProffesorGrep.png Proffesor Grep A Bighasi proffesor coming from planet Vincorios, being skilled in giving weapons for robots, and creator of Azure. He is the kindest proffesor and very skilled, but most of people fear him because of his appearance. He guides Scyplo thought the Vincorios planet.
Professor Polak Sciencist coming from the Flintezz planet, creator of Sofyia, skilled with robot's building. He's probably the strongest out of all the professors, altrought he is a bit less intelligent then the others.
Proffesor Aracken Young professor which lives on the Meloica planet. He's skilled in making robot's brain. Aracken is the maker of Mystic. He also really likes to eat, and tries to have peace.
Proffesor Navel A Celes professor coming from planet Deriav, being specialized in robot's special traits. She's a ruthless professor which really likes destruction and defeating opponents. She is the creator of Even.
Professor Jaron

The last proffesor in the game, Jaron is a rather sarcastic man, slightly crazy. Whose's speciality is robot personality. He is the creator of Procerus. He is very intelligent and smart, looking at everything with logical point of view. He guides Scyplo thought the Lezerie planet.


Image Name Description
Slimebot.png Slimebots Slimebots are a common sight in mild territory security and homes of the rich. Slimebots consist of an acidic body which can slow and weaken projectiles and has an acid-proof skeletal structure for the bot to keep it's shape. Slimebots have low attack power, but because of their defense they are a fairly versatile opponent.
MinebotRM.png MineBot Minebots are bots designed to assist in mining by the Slite occupying Mineralin. Lead by Zelat, Minebots are made of iron found on Mineralin and are generally armed with a large hammer, which can deal a heavy amount of damage when used correctly by Minebots. Because of Zelat's ownership over Minebots, Minebots are also used to defend him from any harm.
CoreCarrier.png Core Carrier These little robots are the ones in charge of carrying the android's unstable core. However, these have became corrupted by Betolpy and now work for him to serve as power to the cloning machine.
Assembler.png Assembler A claw-like machine which assembles androids and puts their parts together. Some have been corrupted by Betolpy, and now work for him, producing great amount of simple robots.
Shaderunner.png Shaderunner An old project created using an energy which cloaked robot's bodies until they were hit by a heavy force. The were originally created to carry out Spy missions and as Assassins, however they were corrupted by Betoply and now hide in dark areas, waiting to assassinate Scyplo.
AverageFlintezzWarrior.png Maxi Iclavies Part of one of the two factions inhabiting Flintezz, The Maxi and Taeko went to war due to overpopulation in the Maxi territories due to a gas Xarz released into a Maxi maternity ward, which increased birth rates. Maxi are generally equipped with Type-A1 Beam Rifles and are more camouflaged into the snow than Taeko Iclavies.

Battle Mode

In the Battle Mode, you can play with up to 4 friends in a few of these playmodes:

  • Race - Using the spaceships and loads of items, play with your friends or alone in fast-paced 12-person races.
  • Battle - In this mode, you can have 4 teams, each with 5 characters, and using towers, lead your team to victory.
  • Gear Search - The gameplay of this mode is searching a few gears scattered around the stage. The person who collected the most gears wins.
  • Platform Jumpers - The rules of this mode is to play like a casual platformer game, with each character having different powers. The one who reaches the goal first wins.

Also, in the Battle Mode, you can play with a few of Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) which you could meet in the story. So far, there is revealed 6 characters of 10 to be playable in Battle Mode.

Image Name Unlocking method
Gechid.png Proffesor Gechid Either complete the Phylos planet or play as Tina 30 times in Battle Mode.
Xarz Defeat Xarz in Story Mode using Regal.
LordAntares.png Antares Either complete the Flintezz planet or play as Sofyia 30 times in Battle Mode.
Betolpy.png Betolpy Complete the game on hard mode.
ProffesorGrep.png Proffesor Grep Complete the game on easy mode.
Zelat Either complete the Mineralin planet or play as Maal 30 times in Battle Mode.


Spaceships are devices you use in Battle and Travel levels. Every character has the basic spaceship (except special characters, which have their unique spaceships) and you can buy them to make the characters better.

  • Space Traveler - The basic spaceship. It doesn't have any unique trait, and every character uses them on beggining.
  • Robot Flier - A spaceship only usable by Robot characters. It increases their abilities a little.
  • Tech Device - Spaceship only usable by characters who can use new-technologies. Using this spaceship, you can hack the enemy towers to be on your side for a while.
  • Galactic's Raider - Spaceship only usable by Scyplo. The spaceship greatly encanches Scyplo's abilities, which easily can make him a very impressive character, however, the ship is rather hard to get.
  • Love Pursuer - A spaceship usable only by Langhl. This spaceship is very fast, and haves pretty good nature projectiles, but it's pretty hard to master it and it may be hard to hit with it.
  • Sea Breeze - Spaceship only usable by Teardrop. A defensive spaceship with very high defense shields, but weak water projectiles and a medium speed.


While towers aren't neccesary in battles, they make them easier, and you are able to place them anywhere you want on the beggining of the battle. There are many various types you can buy, but you can place max of 5 towers in one fight.

  • Paralysis Tower - A cheap tower which paralyses enemies for a while.
  • Blast Tower - A tower which is slow, but launches powerful bombs.
  • Health Tower - A tower that repairs spaceships near the tower.
  • Flame Tower - A tower that gives 'Burn' status to enemies.


A map of the planets in the game and, overall, the planets of the Fusion System.

There are 11 different planets in the game, with all of them revealed.

  • Alienta - The first planet you are exploring in the game. Most of the mission there are tutorial missions, and it's the planet on which the lab is located. The main species on the planet are Martians (green aliens). You get Regal on this planet. The guide on this planet is Pieralki.
  • Gardlia - Gardlia Quests -The second planet that Scyplo is exploring. The biggest and most advanced in-technology planet, it has the game's first side-quests and tower shop. The main species on the planet are Aliens. You can get Secel, Edmund's grandson, by finishing some missions on the planet and Cheepel. The guide on this planet is Edmund.
  • Mineralin - The third planet explored by Scyplo. A pretty small planet in comparision with others, the planet mixes old and new technology. The planet haves high amount of mines with massive amount of gold in each. The main species of the planet are Slites. The guide on this planet is Terraq.
  • Sylphiu - Another planet explored by Scyplo. A pretty big, aquatic planet, in which the main species are Oceanians. It's also Elfain's birthplace. During Scyplo's quest, Sylphiu is conquered by pirates. The guide on this planet is Elfain.
  • Aethr -
  • Phylos - A Planet which expertise is in controlling gravity. Phylos' land is suspended over it's core due to the risk of geysers and the temperature rising intensely because of the somehow naturally slowly growing. The native species to Phylos is the Pyi race and Phylos is also the origin of intersolar snacks known as cheerius.
  • Flintezz - A big, cold planet inhabited by Maxi and Taeko Iclavies. During the events of the game, the both tribes are at war, and the player chooses with who you want to side.
  • Vincorios - A planet on which there are very strong winds, and because of this, there is pretty cold temperature. The inhabitants of the planet are Bighasies, which use their strong winds to avoid getting send away from their homes by winds. The guide on the planet is Grep.
  • Meloica -
  • Deriav - A middle sized deserted planet.
  • Lezerie - The final planet in the game. It's small compared to other planets. The planet is a barren, forgotten wasteland, taken over by Betolpy as his main base. You get the robot Procerus on the planet.


Image Name Unlocking method
StrikingGold.png Striking Gold Defeat Zelat at Mineralin on Hard Mode.
Endgame.png Endgame

Defeat Betolpy at his main base on Hard Mode.

SlimebotMassacre.png Slimebot Massacre Defeat 250 Slimebots in a single save file.


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