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Roblox Combat
Developer(s) Poisonshot
Publisher(s) ROBLOX


Platform(s) Wii U



Genre(s) Fighting
Series Roblox
Age Rating(s) E

Roblox Combat is a Super Smash Bros "clone" with famous roblox players and admins such as Builderman or Shedletsky.


The game plays in a similar way to Super Smash Bros's coin battle, as in you have to get the most robux (the game's currency)  you can from the enemy. You can also knock them offstage. When you have high amounts of robux, you can "buy" a limited but sacrifice some Robux. Limiteds will make your character use a powerful, give the players huge boosts, ect.

You can change the settings of the battle to add lives or a stamina bar to the battle as well.


Character Description Moves



Builderman is the founder of Roblox. He likes building. Despite this, he doesn't ever shows himself outside of the Roblox Headquarters...

Builderman uses a hammer in his normal moves and in one of his specials.

Neutral: Throwel

Side: Hammer Spin

Up: Rocket Boots

Limited: Banhammer



Shedletsky is an admin. He is a master at swordfighting. He does not seem to know that whales are under extinction. If you meet him, make sure to make him stay away from them.

Shedletsky uses a sword.

Neutral: Firebrand

Side: Sword Dash

Up: Ghostwalker

Limited: Illumina



Stickmasterluke is another admin. His birthday is the same as Roblox's. He has made many popular games such as Natural Disaster Survival.

Stickmasterluke uses a staff to summon disasters.

Neutral: Fire

Side: Tsunami

Up: Tornado

Limited: Flood



Sorcus is the leader of the Knights of Redcliff, yet another admin and a forum troll. He has a twin that looks and dresses just him, called Games.

Sorcus uses a Sword, a Shield and a bow to attack.

Neutral: Block

Side: Arrow Shot

Up: Uppercut

Limited: Redcliff Armor



Noob is, well, a noob. He's the best at something: failing. He's jealous of others so he steal some of thier stuff and reports others for it.

Noob uses various brickbattle weapons as well as a skateboard.

Neutral: Slingshot

Side: Skateboard

Up: Superball

Limited: Duplicate



Guest is a player who never officially signed up for Roblox. He eventually discovered how to play a lot of games. He is mute and is victim of beign locked up for beign irritating at times.

Guest uses various gears.

Neutral: Ninja Star

Side: Water Balloon

Up: Gravity Coil

Limited: Hyperlaser Gun



CloneTrooper is the developper of various games, such as Murder, the Stalker of Spleef. He also has a lot of test places.

CloneTrooper uses objects from his places.

Neutral: Combine Shot

Side: Spleef

Up: Steal Dash

Limited: The Stalker



Explode1 is the maker of Adventure Forwards: Star Savior, a Super Mario 64-esque game, as well as the Paper Roblox series.

Explode1 uses elements from AF:SS.

Neutral: Protect Orb

Side: Sawblade

Up: Cannon

Limited: Flying Box



TylerMCBride is, like Explode1, a creator of adventure games, but has also made Super Bomb Survival. He is currently working on another adventure place.

TylerMCBride uses bomb types.

Neutral: Exploding Crate

Side: Confusion Bomb

Up: Rocket

Limited: Nuke



Nikilis is the creator of the popular murder genre. He has a rivalry with Loleris, another "murderer". He recently released Murder Mystery 2.

Nikilis uses a knife and a gun.

Neutral: Gun Shot

Side: Knife Throw

Up: Spring Obstacle

Limited: Murder Mystery



Wsly made Death Run 2, a popular game on Roblox. He is the fastest character in this game. He is working on Death Run 3.

Wsly fights with punches and kicks.

Neutral: Speed Boost

Side: Frontflip

Up: Jumpkick

Limited: The Killer



1x1x1x1 was an hacker in the early Roblox games...or was he? No matter what, he's now presumately banished to the "banlands". There's many rumors about him.

1x1x1x1 battles using "hacks".

Neutral: Disappear

Side: Head Throw

Up: Fly

Limited: Crash


Matt Dusek

Matt Dusek is a famous admin of Roblox, despite not beign on since a while. No one knows whe he's rarely on these days. He previously worked at Marvel.

Matt Dusek uses various kinds of magic.

Neutral: Dodge

Side: Will-o-Wisp

Up: Fire Charge

Limited: The Dusekkar



blockhaak is the Roblox Communication manager, overlooking the blog, the youtube channel, ect. He has a manly beard which shows how strong he is.

blockhaak uses brute strength to fight.

Neutral: Intimidate

Side: Hyper Kick

Up: Hi Jump Kick

Limited: Ultimate Punch



Places are the stages of the game. They're based on popular places such as Crossroads. All of the maps are unlocked from the start.


Crossroads is made of two roads crossing eachother, hence the name. There are various structures such as a tower. Odd flyings cubes can be seen around the map.

Sword Fight on the Heights

A average-sized map made of one large pillar with a few other pillars at it's sides.

Roblox's Top Model

A stage that take place on a display. There is a judge that gives players boost depending on how well they fight.


A very simple, flat map. The most played map competitively.

Natural Disaster Survival

A stage that takes place on a house. Various disasters strike it.

The Quarry

A mine. As the fight grows, the ground breaks apart. Players can touch minerals that spawn to get more robux.

Murder Mystery

A map that takes place in an Hotel. A murderer will occasionally go on stage and attack.

Death Run

A side scrolling stage which takes place in a temple. Obstacles will attack players from time to time.

Work at a Pizza Place

A road in front of a pizzeria. You can see the pizzaria workers work in the background.

Roblox HQ

A map taking place on the Roblox HQ roofs.

Roblox Battle

A stage in which takes place on three flying islands. The bridges linking them can be breaked.

Super Bomb Survival

This stage initially take place on a flat grass field but bombs fall and break the ground until it reaches bedrock.

Dinosaur Simulator

A pretty hilly map with a pond in the middle. Four dinosaurs spawn here, two of which are passive and two that are aggresive; T-Rex, Triceratops, Ornithomimus and Pliosaurus.

Minigame Madness

A map on a desert field. Minigames will happen, specifically, Minefield, Footstep Spleef, Sphere Shields, Pumpkin Smasher and Candy Catcher.

Adventure Forwards

A world which switches between various worlds in the battle: Whistling Woods, Pharaoh Falls, Tropical Isles, Sweet Skies, Clocktower and Vintage Voltage.


Using amiibos from the Roblox Combat wave, you can summon a personal character of that amiibo. You can then train it just like in Smash Bros. However, instead of using items, the player can give amiibos better survival skills of thier choice using the robux collected in battle.


So far, it is confirmed that there will be at least 5 waves of 7 amiibos. However, the exact characters are unknown and it is confirmed more will be added when more characters will be added to the cast.

Wave 1: The Starters

Wave 2: The Starters 2




  • Some of the poses used for the amiibos are different then the official artwork.
    • Most characters with a vertically tilted foot have that foot higher then normal.
    • Nikilis holds his knife downwards. This was to make him look better.