Rob Shepard Male
28 years old Human
FULL NAME Robert Antoine Shepard
OCCUPATION(S) Resistance leader

The Saint


Tsubasa Sakamoto (former follower)

BIRTH LOCATION Flag of Canada Edmonton, Alberta
CURRENT LOCATION Somewhere in space


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Rob Shepard is a man from the AnotheRTAverse. A top soldier in an old alliance and now leader of a resistance against a former soldier under his command, Rob has lead teams into many legendary battles and has gained a very good reputation for his leadership.

Physical appearance

Rob is an average-height 28-year-old man with dark skin and short, spiked black hair and brown eyes. Rob also has a black beard. When in a battle situation, Rob usually has heavy black armour with a purple camo pattern equipped. When not in combat though, Rob usually wears a light blue hoodie with a white shirt underneath, dark blue baggy jeans and black trainers, which he claims was the only clothes he could pick up before entering the original alliance.


Rob is very well-trained in military combat. He has extensive training in firearms and it capable of using most weapons without any chances of them backfiring. His weapons of choice are usually shotguns and assault rifles, but he will use sniper rifles when it is absolutely necessary. Rob seems to have an unnatural amount of charm around him, which leads to him being able to persuade people to pull out of incredibly irrational actions. In between the destruction of the alliance and forming of the resistance, Rob picked up some skill in repairing machinery in order to keep Earth protected through the construction of anti-air weapons.


Rob is generally considered a very nice person by most. As a leader, he's taught himself to keep a cool head in order to lead soldiers into battle. Rob usually people before himself and never takes things by face value. He likes to dig deep to find answers, although sometimes it ends up landing him in a bit of a worse situation than he would've been before. Rob is also usually very good at comforting people who are in a state of shock or when they are feeling especially down.


  • Rob is one of two characters based off RTA fan's saves within the Mass Effect trilogy, the other being Tsubasa Sakamoto. Rob is intended to represent the "paragon" side of Commander Shepard within the trilogy.
    • Rob is also from the city Mass Effect developers BioWare are based in, Edmonton in Canada.
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