Rob Glass Male
? Unknown
??? lbs
16* years old Human
BIRTHDAY November 16th, 1991 [missing]
ALIGNMENT Self-interest
OCCUPATION(S) High schooler
CURRENT LOCATION Toledo, Ohio [last seen]

Music, coffee, video games, TBA


Guilt, punishment, TBA


On February 5th, 2008, Robert "Rob" Glass (born November 16th, 1992) failed to return home from his daily evening walk in Toledo, Ohio. The reasons for his disappearance remain unclear, no trace of him has ever been found, and the case remains unsolved. He was last seen at a Stop & Go convenience store in his hometown, purchasing a big bottle of root beer while an ominous-looking lady with black sclera and a big cigar stood several meters away watching him closely.

Images of Rob Glass would circulate on the Internet the next day, when his mother Marsha Glass reported him as missing. Released security footage of his final conversation with his friend Joe Cracker would go viral online, and much discussion would focus around the woman in particular.


Rob Glass lived a rather average life in Toledo, Ohio prior to his sudden and bizarre disappearance. He had been planning on getting a Bachelor's degree so he could become a physician, a profession that's been in his family's blood for generations. Though these dreams would be abruptly and mysteriously ended, he had always been enthusiastic about his future and expressed shortly before his disappearance that he'd like to eventually contribute wonders to the medicine field. As a child Rob used to be a troublemaker and would get in trouble with his teachers back in middle school, but things would change after he dealt with a guilty conscience. Through choosing to mature and change for the better, and never repeat the same mistakes, Rob would become a respected high schooler sometime before his disappearance. His status on Skype read (and still reads) that he's a pretty jolly guy.

Rob Glass was a frequent Skype user before his disappearance, having joined on December 2nd, 2004. He used the service to talk with his friends after school hours, talking avidly about the bands My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park and Slipknot with them. He also adored discussing games like Halo 2 and Far Cry with them. When not discussing his favorite media with them, he was instead discussing school stuff with them or just updating them on what's going on in his life. For a while, he would date his real-life friend Ophelia Spears through the service, and... it was a troubling time for Rob, as he had taken his flirting a bit too far and he had disturbed a number of his friends through being a bit overly perverted. Eventually he ended the relationship, claiming that the relationship was just too stressful on him and that it'd be healthy for both of them to stop dating. Ophelia agreed, although they remained friends up until his disappearance.

Rob Glass used to be a rather noisy and bratty child, and would sometimes come off as a bit rude and disrespectful to his hardworking Christian mother, who worked as a carpenter. They had gotten into a number of scuffles over the years, and there was a brief period in 2007 where they wouldn't speak to each other at all unless necessary. In an attempt to make him interact more with his family, Marsha would take away his belongings and introduce him to the things she liked as a child. Namely, the bands Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple (as opposed to his "Satanic" music), and her dusty but still working Nintendo Entertainment System. These sudden changes were hitting Rob hard during a time where he had an unstable relationship and was dealing with his guilty conscience, but he would end up bonding with his mother and sharing her love of things the world no longer appears to care much for. She'd eventually lift the ban.

In 2008, Rob was doing considerably well in school and was maintaining healthy contact with his friends. His friend circle included Emily Rogers, Ophelia Spears, Joe Cracker, and Brendan Black. Rob was last seen on his daily evening walk purchasing a big bottle of root beer from his local convenience store, with a strange woman watching over him. He would never be heard of again. His friends knew that something had happened, as he usually says something on Skype before going somewhere.


As soon as he was reported missing, a large police operation was launched via a media campaign, but this failed to locate Rob. Every nook and cranny of Rob's family home was searched for him, but found no fingerprints from him or even anything remotely worth inspecting. Marsha still lives in Rob's old home and keeps his room nice and tidy for him, hoping he'd return soon. Investigators were given the last known photograph of him by Joe Cracker, who believed (and still believes) that someone who was in the store that day might've had something to do with his disappearance. This photograph would get widely circulated around the internet.

Much attention turned to the suspicious-looking woman in the back, who looked rather otherworldly and contrasted with the other people present in the image. Before F.A.N.T., there was the North American Menace Elimination Squad (N.A.M.E.S.), which were dispatched in hopes of finding this supposedly dangerous woman. However, nothing whatsoever could be discovered of this woman's whereabouts, nor Rob's. The rest of the individuals in the convenience store at the time were proven to be innocent. With no new evidence discovered, the case has been left unresolved. Rob's friends, still together all these years, are anxiously waiting for updates.


Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers was always Rob Glass' best friend, having known him since the second grade. She was a serious type that checked and countered Rob's more sporadic and less controllable behavior in the 90's, and used to get pretty enraged with him when he'd do stupid shit he wasn't supposed to do. She would often tell him to use his "goddamn noggin" and not repeat the same mistakes again. When he changed his ways, Emily got along with him a lot more, and they'd become studying buddies. Emily discovered a private note in Rob's room that indicated that Rob had his heart set out on dating her- something that she holds dear to her heart since his disappearance. Knowing just how charismatic and inspiring Rob was to her, she refuses to date anyone else.

Ophelia Spears

Ophelia Spears was one of Rob's close friends and has known him since at least the sixth grade (though she sometimes says she met him earlier). They were dating each other at some point, but broke up when things weren't working out and when Rob realized that doing so would be for the better of their friendship. Rob used to act kind of perverted around her, and would take things a bit too far, enough to the point where she (and some of her friends) would get crept out. To clarify, Rob never sexually assaulted her or came close to trying, he just took his teasing and flirting a bit overthetop and would do/say stupid shit. After breaking up, they remained solid friends, and would still watch horror flicks together. That was their favorite pastime, and both were always fans of the Saw series.

Joe Cracker

Joe Cracker wasn't always one of Rob's close friends. In fact, he used to bully Rob back in elementary school for his childish and (in his own words) "retarded" actions. He'd still tease Rob quite a bit as they got older, but Joe learned to restrain himself and be nicer, and began to appreciate Rob as a person after he helped him recover from a horrible drug overdose he had behind the high school. They were hanging out for roughly four years, playing basketball together for their high school team and always giving each other high fives when they pass by each other. Joe's known for having a somewhat offensive sense of humor, which irked Rob as he grew older, but he knows Joe's actually just being ironic and self-depreciating himself.

Brendan Black

Brendan Black is someone that Rob met online through a Led Zeppelin fan network, in fact they met hardly a year before Rob's sudden disappearance. Though Brendan would never get to see Rob physically, they bonded together over classic 70's albums and fiction grounded in realism. In fact, Brendan inspired Rob to begin writing an online fiction of his own, but he would only complete a third of the planned story before his disappearance. Brendan was always the quiet one in the group, and spoke little because he was somewhat shy around Rob's group (which was full of people that knew Rob in real life). In fact, he never talked too much about himself or his feelings because he has trouble expressing them. But he remembers Rob as someone that was very considerate and helpful during a horrible breakup he had to go through in late 2007.

Marsha Glass

Rob always had a troubled relationship with his mother, having been much more attached to his father Clover and following him around everywhere. When he died in a fatal car accident, Marsha was left to deal with Brendan all by herself, and things wouldn't go well between them for years. In 2005, there was a time where they weren't even speaking to each other because Rob just refused to talk to her, believing her to be too stern and too overprotective of him. In turn, Marsha never felt understood by her son and was only merely trying to help him grow. They would eventually bond and mend their relationship, but now that he's gone, Marsha feels more heartbroken than ever. She told the police that just when things were improving between them, he would just vanish into thin air, leaving her in the house alone.


  • Rob Glass was added to add mystery and lore to a major city that hasn't been covered yet (at least not in excessive detail) within the New Fantendoverse.
    • He was also created to make a character that speculation could be made about.
    • All known information is based off of what Rob Glass' friends told the local police.
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