Rizzie Musson
AGE At least 19
BIRTHDAY August 12th
SERIES Rhythm Heaven

Rizzie (Japanese:リズ Rizu) is a (fan made) female character in the Rhythm Heaven games.

Physical Appearance

Rizzie has light brown hair & peach-colored skin. She's around the average height of a human girl her age, but slightly taller then the Rhythm Girls. She wears a light green t-shirt & blue pants and grayish-white sandals. Rizzie carries around a red suitcase, filled with items & Rhythm Toys. This suitcase can be decorated with stickers & charms.


Rizzie has a large taste in music. She likes to play odd instruments, and loves anything odd in general. She also has a adventurous & carefree sprit, which may be the reason why she wants to go on the journey to save Rhythm Heaven with Simon. As for Simon, she's neutral against the monkey. She likes how helpful & generous he is, but doesn't think he's a cute as the rest of Rhythm Heaven's monkeys. She also thinks he's too sassy.

In Superstar

Rizzie, along with Simon, is called by the Rhythm League, because Rhythm Heaven is in danger. They need to go on a quest to find the Rhythm Girls. Both Rizz & Simon needed to face challenges (the Rhythm Games & Remixes) to be successful on their journey.

In MegaRemix

Rizzie, along with Simon, make a cameo at the end of MegaRemix, after completing Giga Remix. This seems to take place before the events of Superstar, as Rizzie (called "An Girl" here) is still at her house She wishes that she can be at the party at Rhythm Heaven. Simon (called "Ook") answers by saying she isn't special enough. Rizzie ignores him, then hugs him & thanks him for saying she's still special.


  • Rizzie's name in both English & Japanese is a pun on rizzu, the Japanese word for rhythm.
    • Her last name, Musson, is a cross between muse, the name of characters in Roman mythology, and son.
  • Rizzie has a slightly different appearance in MegaRemix: She has uncolored eyes and an skirt. In Superstar, she merely has black ovals for eyes, and wears pants.
  • Rizzie's name in Japanese, Rizu, roughly translates as "Liz".
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