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Are you ready, Momma Mia Mario?

Risen Koopa, Super Mario Fusion
Risen Nonia Koopa
Risen in Super Mario Star Journey.
AGE 13
Tim J. Koopa (brother)
CLASS Koopaling

Risen Koopa is a young, moody pre-teen Koopaling kid of Bowser, who changes his mood every minute from happiness to anger. He is adopted by Bowser.


Risen has a ponytail like Bowser Jr.'s. Like Lavora, Risen's hair is covering his eye, making only one eye visible. The style of the hair is similar to his ponytail. Super Mario Star Journey made the hair longer from behind.

His original appearance has a spiked shell, in exact the same colors as Bowser's and Bowser Jr.'s. In New Super Mario Bros.: Cosmic Adventure, however, Risen got a yellow spiked shell. The rings around the spikes retained the same color. Super Mario Star Journey has these rings in a teal-like color.

He has a red head, similar to Lavora. He has a dark red one in Super Mario Fusion, however.

He has an eye shaped like the one from a cat. He has a special iris around his pupil - it changes color, depending which emotion he depicts. This influences his abilities, movement and statistics.

He also has a body similar to Larry's; only being thinner. Still, though, he looks different in other aspects.

Risen has in Super Mario Star Journey a small gap in his head; why is unknown.



Risen does everything Bowser wants, but he doesn't like it most of the time and plots to over throw him as King.


  • Ludwig - Sibling Rivalry
  • Lemmy - Risen treats Lemmy like a teddy bear
  • Roy - Risen and Roy are best friends (Risen does anything he says, although recently he has been envious of Roy due to Kevin liking Roy more than him)
  • Iggy - Risen finds him annoying
  • Wendy - Risen finds her annoying, too
  • Morton Jr. - Risen and Morton are best Friends
  • Larry - Makes Risen play music with him
  • Bowser Jr. - Sibling Rivalry
  • Harley B. Koopa - Risen is confused by him.
  • Jackson Koopa - Risen don't understand him
  • Lavora Koopa - Risen looks up to her-best friends
  • Pyotr I. Koopa- Risen enjoys his company 
  • Ellen D. Koopa - No Problems, yet
  • Lady G. Koopa - Hates her music, but ok
  • Alex E. Koopa - Risen is often making fun of him but Alex can easily ignores hims most of the times, unlike when Ludwig is making fun of him.
  • Abel Koopa - One of Risen's best friends.
  • Aiva Opel Koopa - Another best friend of Risen.
  • Kevin Koopa - Wants to be best friends with him, but he prefers Roy, making Risen envious of Roy.
  • Justin Koopa -Justin is scared of him


Risen hates him, but he helps the red-clad plumber by giving him tips and hints, but only because of the fun he has with it.

Princess Peach

Risen hates her too, and hates kidnapping her.


Risen sees no threat in Luigi. In fact, he once even tried to turn Luigi against Mario, but this obviously failed. 


Risen has a very mixed personality, as his mood changes at the minute. His eye color could change, too. When Risen's mood changes, this unnatural thing happens.

  • Grey - Normal
  • Blue - Happy
  • Red - Upset
  • Yellow - Anger

Believed to Risen, being playful and very helpful always turns everything into a game, making the worst of things into a fun adventure, however despite this he is usually in a bad mood and sad.


Risen is able to use Hyper Beams, Star Storms and ESP. His statistics, however, are different from the eye color he gets.

  • Grey - Normal skill, normal speed, normal movement, normal jumps, normal stats.
  • Blue - Normal skill, fast speed, fast movement, high jumps, normal stats.
  • Red - High skill, slow speed, slow movement, low jumps, high stats.
  • Yellow - Low skill, very fast speed, fast movement, normal jumps, very high stats.


  • Risen calls Mario "Momma Mia Mario", instead of just "Mario". This nickname is a reference to the quote "Mama Mia", which Mario occasionally says when he loses, dies, becomes disappointed or when meeting other negative things in most games.
  • Apparently, Risen was going to have a second ponytail on the other side of his head in Super Mario Star Journey, making it resembling pigtails. This was removed.
  • In the first three and the sixth artworks, Risen is pointing with an index finger.
    • The artworks have more resemblances to each other:
      • The first, second and seventh artworks show Risen in a happy state with a cyan iris around his pupil.
      • The first, second and third artworks have Risen in a similar pose.
      • The second, third and seventh artworks showed Risen with a yellow shell, while the rest show him with a blue shell (except the sixth artwork, which show him with a red shell).
      • The second and third artworks have Risen throwing a/two fireball/s.
      • The fourth, fifth and sixth artworks show Risen with a wand.
      • The last picture shows Risen in a tall pose.


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