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Ripplite, the alien metal
Item Type Metal
Kind of Item Power-Granting
First Appearance TBA
Latest Appearance TBA
Gives powers or kills you

Ripplite is a mineral/metal alloy that can phase light through it to alter it's properties. It is key to being able to produce Standing Ripples. It comes from Vokkskar-created Catalyst Comets that crash into planets. Ripplite can also inversely be used to cut through Standing Ripples. Given it's weak resistance to force, crushing similar to quartzine mineral, it is not good for weapons.

Currently the only three known fragments from an Earth-borne comet are known to be in the possession of:

  • Ocean 11's leader Hammerhead, who has the largest fragment recovered, has used it for monetary gain and on every member of his mob gang.
  • CHELPRO as corporation has a smaller fragment that they are experimenting with.
  • Trent Corona has a very small fragment that he uses in the blade of a laser sword known as the Ripple Ripper.


Ripplite comes in shards similar to crystalline rocks and have metallic properties, able to be repelled or attracted by magnets. It's most notable qualities are its slight iridscent colors and its wave like patterns that appear both inside the metal and across it. It has a very low resistance value and even though it can phase light, it is not able to fully resist it and will burn off.


Ripplite is both incredibly rare and valuable due to it being able to produce Standing Ripples when a prismatic laser is shone through it. This laser, when it strikes a person, separates the "fighting spirit" off from the soul and essentially splits the soul in half. It can additionally phase other kinds of lasers to create the opposite effect, able to destroy and strike Standing Ripples even when normally intangible.





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