The Space Pirate Dragon
Universe MetroidSymbol12Metroid
Recent Game 3DS Metroid: Other <
Availability Starter
Final Smash Meta Ridley/Ravager

Ridley makes his first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Hailing from the Metroid franchise, Ridley may be a newcomer as a playable character but he has had a deep history with Super Smash Bros. In Super Smash Bros. 64, he appeared in the background of the stage Planet Zebes. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Ridley appeared in the opening cinematic of the game as well as a trophy. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ridley appeared as a boss during the Sub Space Emissary in both his normal and mechanic form as well as in Boss Battle Mode. In Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS, he appeared on the Wii U version as a stage boss on Pyrosphere. He finally makes his long awaited debut with a number of differences between his in-game portrayal in the Metroid series and as a playable character in Super Smash Bros.


In the previous installments of the Super Smash Bros. series, the one thing holding Ridley back from being included in the roster was his size with the director, Masahiro Sakurai, highlighting that his size is the reason as to why he won't be included. However, one of the major tasks if the development team for Super Smash Bros. 5, according to Sakurai, was the inclusion of Ridley and brought in developers from both Retro Studios who was behind Metroid Prime and Team Ninja who was behind Metroid: Other M to develop the character. According to Sakurai, great care and effort was taken in making this character fit into the roster.

Ridley is the first to be an Ultra Weight character. Light Weight characters comprise characters such as Kirby and Pikachu while Mid Weight characters are Mario and Link. However, Heavy Weight character include Bowser and Ganondorf. Ridley is roughly 2 times larger than Ganondorf if he was to stand up but due to his posture, Ridley is often crouched low to the ground thus making him appear about the same height of Ganondorf. Ridley is easily the heaviest character on the roster to date and this effects his playstyle. His attacks hit hard...very hard. Almost illegally hard. In addition, his attacks have incredible reach that can trick opponents and often carry super armor along with them. However, due to Ridley's size, he makes a huge target and his super armor can break with enough attacks aimed at him. That coupled with the lag included in his massive attacks, he can be a sitting duck. However, his power is not to be laughed at and he can easily ravage the battlefield and is deadly within the hands of a smart player. Ridley is also hard to KO due to his size and it takes a larger amount of damage to launch him off the screen.

However, his power and strength does come at a cost. Ridley is what Sakurai calls an "glacier cannon" meaning that despite all of his power and strength, he is still fragile. This is most evident in something called the "Limit Breaker" and is unique to Ridley. Once Ridley hits over 150% damage, all of his attack power is halved meaning he deals half the damage he normally does. In addition, his super armor also breaks faster. Ridley's main strength lies in doing as much damage as possible at the start of the match or after respawning rather than later. According to Sakurai "While 150% may seem like a high number, Ridley is one of the easiest characters to score hits against so players shouldn't worry about him being too powerful."

In addition to the Limit Breaker mechanic, Ridley is rather clumsy on the ground and fares poorly when keeping grounded. However, many of his aerial attacks are very powerful and deal high amounts of damage so it's best to keep Ridley in the air. He also possesses the glide mechanic which allows him to continue being int he air. Like characters such as Pit, Meta Knight, and Charizard; he uses his wings to propel himself up into the air giving him more than two jumps. Despite his large frame, he has some of the highest jumps. However, while in the air, he can be launched a bit higher and has less launch resistance.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Dragon Slash, Dragon Slash, Dragon Rage 8%, 6%, 10% Ridley slashes once with one hand, steps forward, slashes again with the other hand, and then uses both his claws to cut upwards; knocking the opponent up. It has slight super armor as he slashes forward on all 3 attacks.
Forward Tilt Tail Slash 15% (clean), 12% (late) Ridley turns around and slashes with his tail; The tip of the tail does the damage. It is one of his more quicker attacks but lacks the super armor of his other ones.
Up Tilt Claw Cutter 18% Ridley turns and cuts upwards; knocking the opponent up in to the air. It does 4 hits as it travels upwards; each hit knocking the opponent along with the attack. The attack has super armor during the attack animations.
Down Tilt Ground Slash 20% (clean), 16% (late) Ridley brings back his claw and then slashes forward; causing debris to shoot up. It only does one hit and knocks opponents upwards. It is slightly hard to get a clean hit in due to the start up lag. He has super armor during the swiping animation.
Dash Attack Terror Leap 10% (leap), 10% (stomp), 8% (impact) Ridley leaps slightly into the air using his momentum and then slams back down tot he ground. The leap does damage and can knock opponents along with Ridley into the stomp and then the impact. It does area wide damage but can cause Ridley to fall of the stage. It has super armor during the start up leaping and impacting animations
Forward Smash Space Pirate Murder 40% (charged fist), 31% (uncharged fist), 28% (charged arm), 20% (uncharged arm) A very laggy move where Ridley turns and then slams his clawed fist forward. When it connects, it does a freeze frame and then launches the opponent. The fist does more damage than the arm. Due to its size, it is a very slow move and lacks some super armor with it only being during the delivering portion of the attack.
Up Smash Tail Spear 25% (charged tail point), 19% (uncharged tail point), 20% (charged whiff), 12% (whiff) His weakest but fastest Smash Attack, Ridley ducks slightly and then stabs his spear tail upwards with the tail point doing the most damage and knockback. It has amazing range with it being fixed regardless of the charge time. The only super armor is when he launches the tail upwards.
Down Smash Hellish Flame 8.5% (per hit charged), 6.5% (per hit uncharged) Ridley will slightly hover in the air using his wings and breathe a massive fiery breath down the ground. The flame erupts will do continuous damage; doing hitstun to opponents. It causes large amounts of damage but has weak knockback. Charging it causes the duration to last longer and the damage to increase. Ridley is vulnerable to attacks from above but has weak super armor during the fire portions.
Neutral Aerial Spacial Slash 5%, 6%, 8% Ridley slashes from downward and then slightly upwards. It does three hits and can carry opponents forward with the last hit doing the most damage. It is a great attack with good priority. The attack only has super armor during the launching phase.
Forward Aerial Dragon Roaster 22% Ridley breathes fire that starts from a high position to a low position with the fire cascading downwards. It does hitstun and the final hit will launch the opponents. It is a very powerful attack but doesn't have super armor in any of the attacks.
Back Aerial Draconian Kick 17% (fop of foot), 16% (foot), 12% (calf), 10% (thigh) His only kicking attack. He uses his strong, reptilian legs to kick back behind him. It has some of the best reach of any Back aerial of the game but it does less damage and knockback the closer the hitboxes are to Ridley's body. It does the most damage at the top of the foot.
Up Aerial Gnashing Teeth 8% (bite), 4% (head), 8% (bite 2), 4% (head 2), 15% (last bite), 10% (head last) Ridley swings his head in an arch depending where the opponent is facing. It does 3 hits in which he hits the opponent with his head while biting. The biting portion do more damage than being hit by the head. The head portion does hitstun but the biting portions launch players upwards.
Down Aerial Space Drop 18% (drop), 22% (impact) Ridley drops down; dealing damage and knocking opponents upwards as he slams down. It pushes opponents horizontally when he lands; dealing damage even at the impact center. Very powerful and has super armor during the descent but has horrible ending lag.
Grab --- --- Ridley grabs the opponent with his hand. If the opponent is Mario size and less, he grabs his one hand. If the character is larger than Mario, he uses both hands.
Pummel Bite 8%, 3% Very slow pummel, Ridley bites into the opponent; dealing damage. Once he bites, he does not let go and will do bite pummels that deal weaker hits.
Forward Throw Plasmatic Launch 8% (throw), 13% (fire) Ridley takes his head and swings the opponent away while breathing fire; launching them into the air and dealing damage. He lacks super armor during this throw.
Back Throw Murderous Slam 6% (slam), 12% (punch) Ridley turns around while slamming the opponent into the ground which spikes them up. He then quickly punches the opponent; sending them flying. While a powerful attack, opponents at higher damages may miss the initial punch. The punch can hit other opponents. His super armor lies in turning around and slamming.
Up Throw Dragon Flight 14% Ridley rises into the air and then rips the opponent in mid-air which launches them upwards. He is vulnerable during the entire attack with no super armor. He then lands back to the ground.
Down Throw Dragon Ravage 15% Ridley slams the opponent down to the ground and begins stomping and slashing; delivering a total of 8 hits. A very slow attack that, while does damage around Ridley, leave shim vulnerable. The last hit launches the opponent horizontally.
Floor Attack (front/back) Spinning Slasher 9.5% Ridley slashes on both sides whichw ill launch the opponent upon getting hit.
Floor Attack (trip) Tail Poke 6% Ridley pokes forward with his tail. It does decent damage but little knockback.
Edge Attack Rising Revenger 12% Ridley slows pulls himself up while having decent super armor and then slams a balled fist into the ground in front; knocking the opponent upwards.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Plasma Breath 8% (start up), 6% (ending) Ridley releases a stream of Plasma energy. It has descent reach and a large hitbox that begins slimmer and smaller while being charged. Functions much like Bowser's Flame Breath but has a more concentrated hit box.
Custom 1 Deadly Plasma Breath 3% (grab), 7% (per hit start up), 5% (per hit ending) Ridley grabs forward. Anyone who is grabbed is then subjected to being blasted by Plasma Breathe from a close range. Charging the attack increases duration but weakens the attack as well as the hold Ridley has on the opponent.
Custom 2 Phazon Breath 5.5% (per hit start up), 3.5% (per hit ending) Ridley releases a blast of Phazon energy that launches the opponent instead of hitstun. Upon being launched, it will slowly damage the opponent. It damages the opponent longer if hit at the start up.
Side Special Tail Slide 10.5% (per hit ground), 8.5% (per hit aerial), 8% (last hit ground), 5% (last hit aerial) Ridley will dash forward while impaling the ground with his tail. It causes sparks to fly up and will push opponents back as he moves forward. It travels for a fixed distance. It does less damage when performed in the air.
Custom 1 Grounding Tail Slide 8% (ground), 10% (aerial) Does less damage on the ground then in the air. It buries grounded opponents but meteors aerial opponents. It also has less traveling distance and a bit slower then the default.
Custom 2 Raging Tail Slide 11% (ground and air) It does the same amount of damage in the air as well as the ground. It will vertical launch opponents as it travels past. It has less traveling distance than the default but much quicker with less lag but zero super armor.
Up Special Take Off 22% (launch fully charged), 13% (launch uncharged) Ridley can charge this attack which launches him higher into the air depending on the duration. He can knock the opponent upwards upon launching up. He then enters into the gliding animation.
Custom 1 Crash Landing 31% (fully charged stomp ground), 25% (uncharged stomp ground), 25% (fully charged aerial), 18% (uncharged aerial) Ridley can charge this attack and launch himself high into the air. He can slightly manipulate where he will land as he descends back down. It can attack opponents but launches them horizontally when descending. It does the most damage as he lands; launching opponents upwards. He is unable to enter into his gliding animation.
Custom 2 Hasty Take Off 15% (clean), 11% (late) Ridley can't charge it but instead just takes off and travels for a fixed distance at a slightly diagonal angle. He can then enter into his gliding animation. It does less damage but is quicker.
Down Special Space Storm 0% Ridley floats slightly in the air. Pressing B repeatedly causes Ridley to beat his wings. It doesn't deal damage but it pushes opponents backwards. A fully charged (successful) attack will even reflect weaker projectiles.
Custom 1 Vile Storm 4.4.% Has a shorter duration and reach but causes Poison damage to opponents to get trapped in the wind.
Custom 2 Space Cyclone 0% Ridley delivers a horizontal cyclone to shoot forward. It doesn't deal any damage but it will trap opponents within it and then launch them shortly after in a random direction. It will vanish after it reaches a certain distance

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Plasma Fireball 15% (clean), 12% (late) Ridley fires a fireball made of Plasma from his mouth. It is unable to be charged but picks up speed as it moves forward. If he fires it, he will be slightly pushed backwards but not by much. It will explode upon impact and can damage nearby opponents. It is a rather slow projectile at the start up.
Custom 1 Homing Fireball 13% (clean), 10% (late) Ridley will fire a fireball from his mouth. It will home onto an opponent though it is a fairly weak homing ability. It is less powerful and a bit slower than the default.
Custom 2 Hyper Fireball 8% It is opposite of the standard neutral special as it is faster at start up but becomes slower on the ending. In addition, it is generally overall and doesn't have much lag. However, it is considerably weaker and deals little knockback.
Side Special Death Dragon 5% (grab), 6.5% (per hit), 10% (final hit) Ridley will rush forward at a set distance. Once he makes contact with an opponent, he grabs them and slams them on the ground while moving forward. If is grabbed at the end of the dash, Ridley will travel just a short distance. All in all, the distance remains the same. Ridley will drag the opponent along the ground and then, at the end, will launch the opponents away with knockback near the end of the attack.
Custom 1 Quick Death Dragon 5% (hit), 8% (final hit) Ridley rushes forward without grabbing the opponent. When he hits an opponent, they get knocked upwards. Ridley then does a final attack that launches nearby opponents away.
Custom 2 Descending Death Dragon 3% (grab), 5.5% (per hit), 18% (final hit) Instead of grabbing the opponent and dragging them into the ground, Ridley will turn upwards after a duration of time and take the opponent into the air. Ridley than slams down with the opponent; spiking the opponent upwards.
Up Special Despair 8% (loop), 14% (dash) Ridley performs a backwards loop that knocks opponents upwards. He then dashes forward; slamming into an opponent also knocking them up. He then enters into his gliding animation.
Custom 1 Omega Despair 4% (loop knock1 and 2), 14% (dash) The loop is much slower but it does two hits as it carries opponents along. Ridley has a much faster dash though that knocks opponents upwards.
Custom 2 Violent Despair 12% (loop) Ridley performs a much larger loop which knocks opponents up into the air. He then rapidly ascends at an upwards angle; traveling upwards. It has a higher vertical movement than his default.
Down Special Pirate Counter 18% Ridley will quickly change his color to a greyish tone and his eyes will become red. If he is attacked ay this time, he will grab the opponent throw them behind him with his mouth. It does fixed damage regardless. It does less damage if performed consecutively.
Custom 1 Pirate Guard 0% It doesn't perform a counter but, Ridley quickly vanishes into a shadow and then reappears behind the opponent as a red pair of eyes before becoming visible.
Custom 2 Scream Counter 9% Much quicker version of the default but instead of grabbing the opponent with his mouth, he screams thus dazing the opponent but not dealing knock back.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Meta Ridley 22% (rockets), 28% (bombs), 18% (charging attack), 8.5% (per hit laser) Ridley transforms into Meta Ridley and flies around the stage. He can fire missiles which can home into opponents and unleash bombs as well. Ridley has super armor on all his attacks and can weather many attacks. The missiles can be fired by pressing the attack button, the bombs can released by down attack, and the charge is performed by the special button. Fianlly, pressing forward special causes Ridley to fire a beam. Tilting the control stick while holding the special button can direct where the beam will move to in a vertical trajectory. Meta Ridley is traveling and airborne during this time and is capable of flying freely about the stage.
Final Smash 2 Ravager 75% Ridley goes behind the stage but still visible (much like Ho-oh in previous Super Smash Bros. games. He delivers four Plasma Breathes that travels around the stage from the background. He then screams which stuns all the opponents on the stage and flies forward; slamming into anyone in his way which can easily KO anyone.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Ridley hovers slightly in the ground while screaming and then drops back down; throwing up dust.(Up)
  • Ridley snaps in the air four times. (Right)
  • Ridley crouches to the ground and then straightens back up while unfolding his wings and screams.(Left)
  • Ridley crouches low and screams forward with his neck stretched out. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Ridley opens his wings and screams into the screen.
  • Ridley slashes forward and roars/screams.
  • Bites several times at the screen.

On Screen Appearance

  • Ridley flies in front the background and then lands onto the ground.
  • Ridley appears as a black shadow, his eyes appear, and then his entire form appears.
  • Ridley lands down which shakes the stage and screams.

Victory Animations

  • Ridley slashes several times at the screen, straightens his back, and then screams out loudly.
  • Ridley crashes down from the top of the screen and then roars out loudly.
  • Ridley charges his plasma fireballs and spouts it in a wide arc.
  • Ridley stomps several times and then takes off into the air. He is then seen in the background and races into the camera.
  • Ridley charges it's Plasma Breath and spews it into the camera.
  • Ridley slashes three times and then takes off into the air while screaming.

Fan Cheer


Losing Animation

  • Ridley is clapping his arms while frowning and looking forward.
  • Ridley is screaming while looking right and left.
  • Ridley is bellowing out flames while shaking its head back and forth.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix the first portion of "Vs. Ridley Theme" from Metroid: Other M

Fighting Stance

Ridley faces forward with both hands on the ground and has a beast-like fighting position.

Idle Poses

  • Ridley pretends to roar.
  • Ridley shakes his body and flaps his wings.
  • Ridley straights up slightly and then pounds back tot he ground.
  • Ridley whips his tail above him.

Misc Animations


Ridley lowers himself closer to the ground with his wings folded up.


Ridley crawls slowly forward.


Ridley jumps into the air after using his wings to push him upwards.


Ridley moves to the side; using his strength to push him forward.


Ridley lurches forward with his arms and legs.


Ridley uses his wings to launch himself into a dash. He continues to fly during this.


Ridley curls up with his tail in front of him while his wings twitch slightly.


Trips and lands on his butt.


Balances on one foot while trying to flap his wings.

Home-Run Bat

Swings the bat with one hand.

Star KO

Performs a Ridley scream.

Screen KO

Slams into the screen with his eyes wide open and his mouth agape; tongue sticking out.


Ridley's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

"Ridley is one of the leaders of the Space Pirates and a murderous villain in his own right. He is responsible of not only the deaths of Samus' parents but the destruction of her home world. By a chance or by fate, the two met on Samus' homeworld with Samus asking Ridley to be her friend. Even a space pirate can feel pity and decided to quickly kill her but the intervention of Samus' parents saved her life albeit at the cost of their own. Wounded from the blast Samus' father caused, he managed to heal himself and departed. Their future would be intertwined with Samus' always prevailing against her arch nemesis. He boasts powerful strength and unparalleled flight abilities."

Ridley (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Green

"Ridley is a fearsome enigma and no one is entirely sure where he came from but, in all honesty, I guess we can call him a space dragon. Befitting his name, he can fire powerful fireballs from his mouth that explode upon contact. Whether infused with Phazon, a metallic construct, an android, or a clone; he has continued to boast these abilities regardless. His fireballs, while cannot be charged, do large amounts of damage despite being rather slow. When they explode, they do area damage that can hurt those nearby! When he is in the air, he fires them downwards."

Ridley (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Magenta

"Ridley can use his wings not only for flying but by generating vast winds to blow away debris, vehicles, and opponents. When he begins to flap his reptilian space dragon wings quickly, anyone in his path are immediately blown off to the dark reaches of space. He doesn't seem to be too affected by these wind currents and takes great pleasure in launching them at players. The winds, while they don't damage opponents, are a great way to push away dangerous opponents, attacks, and even projectiles away from Ridley."

Meta Ridley

Unlock: Boss Battle Console

"When Ridley was defeated beyond organic repair by Samus in the events of Metroid: Zero Mission. As a result, he required cybernetic implants in order to survive and mechanical wings to propel himself through the air and space. With the aid of the Space Pirates, Ridley was back in action and was determined to finally defeat his nemesis Samus. Encountering her at the planet Tallon IV in Metroid Prime, he sent Space Pirates and their ilk to defeat Samus but Samus was able to repel their attacks. As a last resort, Ridley finally engaged Samus with his fully functioning mechanical body. After an intense battle, Samus prevailed and hurtled Ridley's body down the Impact Crater."

Omega Ridley

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld

"As a testament to Ridley's endurance and power, he survived being sent to the depths of the Impact Crater and the explosion he caused albeit he was greatly weakened following his defeat. In the events of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, he was found and restored by the Space Pirates who were bent under the will of Dark Samus which affected Ridley as well. He again challenges Samus to a fight to the death and lost again. In order to survive, he had to consume pure Phazon which transformed him into the even more powerful Omega Ridley. In this form, he was capable of performing phazon based attacks but soon met his match to Samus in his second battle. His fate was unknown afterwards for a long time."

Ridley (Take Off)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge White

"One thing that Ridley has going for him are those huge wings of his. While they might look rather frail; especially with the reptilian like webbing forming around it; the Space Pirate can easily propel himself not only in a planetary atmosphere but even in outer space! His wings can easily support his bulky weight and he can achieve very fast speeds with them. His up special recovery move "Take Off" allows Ridley to take to the air with such graceful ease and then transition into gliding! Who knew a murderous, self-absorbed, cannibalistic space pirates could fly with such grace!"

Ridley (Death Dragon)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge Black

"Ridley is big. Very big and some of the Super Smash Bros. cast looks like toys in his hands. Ridley is also very powerful and possesses an impressive amount of strength. These two attributes is clearly portrayed in the attack "Death Dragon". Taken from Metroid: Other M, Ridley rushes forward and will grab the nearest victim. Using his massive strength and large wings, he propels himself forward while dragging the opponent along the ground. He then finally puts the opponent out of their misery by slamming them with incredible force into the ground! I thought Super Smash Bros. was a friendly game!"

Ridley (Violet)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

"After finally meeting his end in Super Metroid, he was cloned in the events of Metroid: Other M and again destroyed. He can't seem to catch a break, can he? His corpse was collected for study and reemerges in Metroid Fusion with the X-Parasite, a parasite known to totally rewrite the victims DNA code. However, due to the nature of the parasite, Ridley was largely weakened by the effects and shattered. Of course, that Ridley was just a clone and the real...real cloned Ridley transformed into Neo-Ridley and attacked Samus. Only to be defeated. I don't actually think this Ridley counts..."

Ridley (Dark Purple)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

"Ridley was featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a Sub-Space Emissary boss...twice! No other character had this honor; not even ones created by the staff! Ridley was first fought by Samus and Pikachu at the Research Facility. He utilized many of his attacks that he is shown in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS though his appearance in that game was a bit more lanky, right? He is then defeated by the duo and reappears chasing after Samus, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Donkey Kong, and friends on the Falcon Flier. He will attempt to crash it and drag it down to the bottom of the abyss. He will crash and never be heard from again after being defeated."

Ridley (Down) Red

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

"Ridley is anything but quiet and composed. I guess that comes with the territory of being a large blood-thirsty space pirates who has seen defeat so many times maybe Ridley is actually suffering from sort of PTSD himself. Regardless, Ridley continues to be defeated but continues to pull himself from the edge of death. That is quite impressive actually but no one actually mentions that - rather focusing on his brutality, murderous rage, and very powerful attacks. If Ridley really wanted to, I think he could become a good motivational speaker on how to survive death and look life positively among defeat."

Super Metroid Ridley

Unlock: Complete a Ridley Character Challenge

"You may remember in the Super Smash Bros. Melee opening cinematic that Ridley had stolen an entity name the Baby Metroid who had formed a relationship with the metroid. The death of the Baby Metroid at the hands of Ridley greatly shook Samus to her core and caused her to fall into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which manifested itself in Metroid: Other M. Now how he got a purely organic body after the events of Metroid Prime 1 and 2, no one will ever know."


Unlock: All Star Mode

"Meta-Ridley is the result of being damaged belond organic repair by Samus way too many times. As a result, he was forced to take in cybernetic implants and mechanical wings in order to survive. In this form, Ridley becomes a force to reckon with. He can fire a multitude of missiles, bombs, and lasers at opponents clear across the stage! The missiles explosions are extremely dangerous and can easily send a unwary opponent to the depths of Planet Zebes. He can also charge forward; slamming into opponents with his new metallic body! How shiny!"


Unlock: All Star Mode

"Ridley not only utilizes speed in his attacks but strength, power, and ferociousness. Ravager is all of this rolled up in a space dragon-sized purple bag. the Final Smash, Ravager, sends Ridley high into the air in which he positions himself in the background of the stage and will deliver powerful plasma breath blasts at opponents in the foreground! How terrifying! You may think they are easy to dodge but think again! When he is finished, he will let out a tremendous and terrifying scream that chills opponents to the bones and are paralyzed by fear. Ridley then charges forth; slamming into anyone in his way and sending them to their maker."

Alternate Costumes

Color Title Color Notes Status
Purple Purple Ridley's default appearance. Starter
Red Red Based off of Ridley's Super Metroid artwork. Starter
Blue Blue Based off of Ridley's original color scheme from the original Metroid. Starter
Light Purple Light Purple Ridley's color scheme from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Starter
White White Resembles the "Little Birdie" from Metroid: Other M. Starter
Green Green Based off the Green Ridley from Metroid Fusion artwork. Starter
Black Black Slightly resembles the coloration of Ridley Robot from Metroid: Zero Mission. Starter
Magenta Magenta --- Starter
Yellow Yellow Slightly resembles the boss Phantoon from Super Metroid Starter
Violet Violet Resembles the coloration of Neo-Ridley Starter
Grey Grey Resembles Ridley Meta-Ridley color scheme. Locked
Blue Blue Resembles Ridley's Omega Ridley color scheme. Locked
Purple Purple Costume based off Super Metroid Ridley. Locked

Reveal Trailer

"A Trauma from the Past" Time: 3:30 Scene: An abandoned and derelict space ship

The scene shows Samus, Pikachu, Link, Rosalin and Luma, and Mario walking along a dark corridor in the hull of a massive direclect space craft. Rosalina is lighting the way but dakrness flows around them by a blanket waiting to smother them. Suddenly, in the darkness the sound of something falling in heard and Pikachu appears frightened. Samus arms her arm cannon at the source and just find a strange green alien creature who whimpers and scurries off. Rosalina points her wands in another direction when suddenly a huge body mass dashes into the darkness. Pikcahu looks even more terrified.

Suddenly, a whoosh of darkness and a scream is heard causing everyone to look behind them. The darkness whooshes past and Pikachu is enveloped. His distant "PI PIKA PIIIIII!" is heard wailing in the darkness. Rosalina holds her hands to her lips in disbelief as Samus looks forward; perring into the darkness. Suddenly, a spiked tail shoots out from the darkness and hits Rosalina. She tries to turn it away with her shield and Link tries to cut the tail. Due to the strength of the tail, attacking it sends Link flying backwards while Rosalina's shield breaks; launching her further into the darkness.

Only Samus and Mario are left and they attempt to find the others. Suddenly, a scream erupts in the darkness and in front of them in a burning light. They step out to a large room with fire raging below the metallic wire floor. Hovering over the floor; beating foul wings is a dark shadow with murderous eyes. Mario narrows his eyes and goes to run and jump to punch the creature. Samus holds out her arms as if to stop bu it's too late. The creature grabs hold of Mario and slams him into the ground; causing him to faint.

Suddenly, from behind Samus, a roar emits and a orange dragon flies forward towards the shadowy creature. Charizard appears and gathers flames into his mouth. He then shoots them forward while the shadowy creature also does though it's color is a orange plasma. The two collide and struggle against each other. Charizard tries to counter the strength of the shadowy creature but is overwhelmed engulfed by the plasma breath, and is sent hurtling into the fiery pits below which causes it to flare up.

Standing on the floor in full fight; with the light illuminating is the character: Ridley!

Samus swings her arm to the side and jets shoot out. She then readies her arm cannon and then runs forward while Ridley dashes; beating his huge wings to propel himself forward.

It then cuts to game play footage of Ridley with the musical theme "Vs. Ridley Medley" which includes various elements from the "Vs. Ridley" themes from Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and Metroid: Other M.

  • Ridley appears from the top of the screen lands and screams.
  • Ridley performs several attacks on Samus include his jab combos, forward tilt, and up smash.
  • Samus does a charged up forward smash while Ridley performs a charged side smash. Samus comes out quicker but doesn't launch Ridley due to his super armor. Ridley then launches Samus.
  • Ridley, Meta Knight, Pit, and Charizard doing double jumps in the air. Ridley has an initially smaller jump than the rest but his wings propel him higher. He then uses his Neutral Aerial to launch them all away.
  • Ridley and Bowser are blowing fire at Mario and Samus.
  • Ridley's down taunt.
  • This segment showcases a new stage: Ridley's Lair from Super Metroid for the console version.
  • Ridley does his Side Special against Samus in the "Ridley's Lair" stage.
  • Ridley is then shown on the 3DS stags "Ridley's Lair" which is based off of Metroid: Zero Mission.
  • Kirby and Ridley stand back to back with Kirby wearing the Ridley hat.
  • Ridley's damage percentage is shown along with his opponent, Samus Ridley charges up a down smash and Samus attempts to attack it during this time but fails and is launched up. The percentage damage has Ridley at 100% and Samus at 80% with the attack registering at 34% damage. Samus then returns and performs several combos on Ridley and racks up 50% damage on Ridley which causes him to go into his "Limit Breaker" phase where she flashes red. Ridley charges and delivers another powered up down smash on Samus but only does 17% damage total. Ridley tries to do a charge up a side smash but Samus manages to break the super armor and launches Ridley.

The scene then cuts into a CGI sigment where Ridley crawls up the side of the stage an dpulls himself upwards and then screams. It shows Samus standing there and standing in front of the space dragon. Ridley prepares his Fireball while Samus charges up her Charged Shot. They both fire it causing the screen to fade to white.

It then cuts into the Super Smash Bros. 5 title screen.

It then cuts into a final CGI segment where Ridley is seen walking along a hallway away from the fiery chamber alongside Bowser, Ganondorf, and Wolf into a darkened hallway; all laughing.


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