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The blue elastic hero of Star Heights.
Living Gum
The Silent One
Mystery Freak
AGE Unknown
BIRTHDAY April 27, 2014
HEIGHT Medium-small
BIRTHPLACE Planet Alpha(Star Hights)
Gush (best friend and ally)
Needle (hidden brothership, friend, ally and rival)
Heart (friend and a close relationship)
Ryugoon (friendly companion dragon and ally)<br/Bullseye (friendly rough companion and ally)
Queen Soulia (friend, Riddle is the servant of her)
Specers (friend and ally)
Droplet (friend who assist him and give Ink abilities)
Going on adventure
Protecting the citzens of Star Hights
Puzzles and riddles
Failing a quest
Losing a relative
Unresonable Violence
WEAPONS Star Whip (common ability)
SERIES RiddleNewLogo2016.png

Riddle (JP: 謎ー translated as Nazo) is a Fantendo character from the Riddle series designed by GreenStar Studios. He debuts in April 27 2014. He's the hero of Planet Alpha where he lives in Star Hights. His race is a Doodie like other creature in the planet. He's a major citzen there and serves Queen Soulia for her commands if a dangerous situation happens to his hometown. He also has a best friend, Gush, a green Doodie with long blond hair, who assists Riddle at some of his adventures. He has also a close relationship with Heart, the daughter of the queen, however, it is not confirmed if they are in a loving relationship. Riddle also has a brother, Needle, who has a more edgier personality, that is later revealed in Riddle's Epic Adventure!His main enemy and the antagonist, Serpentusa was the one that Riddle should defeat to save the planet of being conquered by her. He also defeated various minions that served her such as Honcho, the main leader, Ammo, Utopio, Gruffen, Neck, Lorelei and Bum and Lax twins. During his adventures in Ice Cream Snowland, he met Ryugoon, a red creature that looks like a pterodactyl creature, that assisted him in the skies, along with his friends, carring them to Juicy Jungle overseas.

In Riddle Block Buster, he befriended Specers (although he already made various appearances in Riddle's Epic Adventure! before) when his world became infected by the cybervirus.

In Riddle's Paint Quest, alongside with Gush, Riddle meets Poly, a ink droplet creature that lives in the other planet named Chromo, and met Riddle and Gush after her big fall in the outskirts of Sky Heights. She later gave the ability to go through various paintings and give ink powers that could splat other environments with various types of ink attacks. Riddle and Gush must defeat Artisego, a malevolent artistic creature that wants to conquer the universe by vour all the living colors for himself.

Riddle appears not only at his own series but appears at various crossovers especially in the Fantendo Smash Bros. series, Fantendo Sports Resort, a sports game, Munchy Monsters - 100 Person Mania as a cameo and Fantendo Minigame Mania, a battle-royale oriented party game. He appeared in the World Tournament, a story written by Exotoro (tbc). While he doesn't have many mainline appearances, he's still beloved by many people until today.


He's blue and haves yellow cheeks, green eyes, red hair, green shoes and a purple tail with a shiny star on his back. Happy and cheerful all the time.

Riddle is a blue geometric, glomy and an elastic creature that lives and was born in Star Hights. He's always happy, enthusiastic, cheerful and optimistic and brave when he goes to different adventures and encounters from new people and creatures. Throughout his childhood until now, he can't talk and that's why he's called "Riddle" due to his mysterious silent behaviour, even though he is imensely expressive. Riddle communicates with other citzens by shaking his tail. It is confirmed that by communicating with other species other than being a Doodie, the ones that are trying to understand him are clueless wath he's talking, once again, living up to his name being a rmysterious creature itself. Other than that, he's very easy to befriend with and cares about saving his people and friends.

Riddle has hatred for those who threaten his friends and his planet and tries to battle those who are against him like Serpentusa and her minions. However, in Epic Adventure, he gave mercy to Needle after battle, where he later became friends with him.

In Riddle's Epic Adventure! and Riddle's Puzzle Tracker, Riddle has fear of insects as seen in Juicy Jungle for some unknown reason.

Physical appearance

Riddle is blue and has yellow cheeks, orange sphere hands, red bluby hair and green shoes. He also haves a tail with a lighting star on his back that allows him to attack with Star Bits and Star Beams. He has no voice acting but sparkeling sound effects. In Riddle's Epic Adventure!, when he fuses with one of the Gem Stones, Riddle's appearance changes from color and look, being like one of the Gem Stones. In Riddle Block Buster and Fantendo Sports Resort, it is confirmed that Riddle has alternate color changes depending on which slot you chose. In Riddle's Paint Quest, Riddle can be changed however which color palette you customized your character in Paint Studio.


In Riddle's Epic Adventure!, Riddle fights with his melee style combat with his Mega Punches, Elastic Moves, Helicopter Head and his Star Whip; being the strongest weapon within. He throw stars with his tail and can also charge it for a while to create bigger stars. He also uses power-ups such as fireice and other items... After defeated a boss, Riddle takes those Gem Stones. The gems have different abilities that gives him natural elementary powers like ice, fire, wind, earth, thunder, light, leaf and water. If collected all the 9 gems, he matches his gems all together and Riddle becomes Starlight Riddle; it's strongest power allowing to create shining light across the whole area while being slightly invincible.

In Riddle Block Buster, thanks to the Digihedron's special power, called Virtual Transformation, Riddle can perform a Star Whip, Mega Punch and Elastic Moves to destroy virtual blocks and defeat enemies when casted Rainbow Blocks. While exploring in areas in Adventure Mode, Riddle can float to go across deep pits and wind currents with Helicopter Head.

In Riddle's Paint Quest, Riddle, alongside with Gush, can use Splat Arm to paint the stages, hidden objects and even enemies. This is a new ability given by Poly, a paintdrop that can use color powers to living beings.


Major appearances

Riddle's Epic Adventure!

In this game, Riddle is the main protagonist and goes in adventure trying to save his home planet Alpha, alongside with his friends against Serpentusa. He's normally a balanced startable character.

Riddle's Puzzle Tracker

Riddle goes on adventure alongside with Mysty, a guide that helps him during his adventures giving him extra powers to solve puzzles. He's the protagonist of the game. He also appears in the mobile version of the game.

Riddle Block Buster

Riddle is the main protagonist of this puzzle game and goes in a virtual adventure destroying blocks and viruses. He also appears in the competitive version in Riddle Block Buster Tournament.

Riddle's Paint Quest

This time, Riddle was ordered to restore the colors from all the living beings. He went from his planet to planet Earth, where museums where also affected by this problem. During his long journeys, Riddle must go to each museum finding the chosen artists to gain life in their paintings. His guide will be a paintdrop named Poly, a small floaty creature born in Planet Chromium, created by Chromo, a god that created all the colors. She's responsable to guard the colors from all the living beings in security. But a French-like villain (TBA) took all the colors to build his majestic evil painting, with a size of 3 planets to conquer the universe.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive

Riddle appears as a default startable character. This is the every first game that Riddle appears at the Fantendo Smash Bros. series. This game appeared before his release so his move are based of the creator of the game self. He consists many of melee attacks including his elastic moves and his Star Whip ability.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Revolution

Riddle makes his second appearance as a startable character. No further information was found.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

This is the main icon of Riddle in various crossover games. (Made by User:Exotoro)

Riddle appears as a startable character. He consists many of his regular melee attacks including his elastic attacks and his Star Whip ability. He makes his third appearance in the Fantendo Smash Bros. series and made it alongside with Heart. In Story Mode, Riddle appeared alongside with the rest of the cast when Unten and Leah assembled everyone to fight against Clockwarx.

Game Description:

Riddle is a blue geometric and elastic creature that comes from Star Hights. Riddle fights with his own moves by fighting with his Mega Punches, Elastic Moves, Helicopter Head and his Star Whip, which is his tail. Charge his Star Whip Move long enough enough and it'll shoot a star instead!

Fantendo Brawlers

Riddle makes his fourth appearance, as for now, an unlockable character. He remains his abilities from the previous Fantendo Smash series. 

Fantendo Sports Resort

Main Article: Fantendo Sports Resort/Riddle

Riddle me this!
Riddle's Tagline

Riddle makes the first appearance at a sports game. Generally, he is a member of the Blue Team. He was revealed on May 13 2016 and is the last character to be revealed for the main game. His "doppelganger" is Blink. He is a secret character that appears at the start of Day 6 in story mode. Riddle has his own home court: Starlight Court. His special signature move is his Starlight Shot, shooting stars at the opponents for a short period. He's an all-rounder with a advantage of a good stamina stat and a disadvantaged weak power.

In Story Mode, Riddle was been seen during a cutscene alongside with UntenKrystal Pérez and Fera. It was a stormy weather around the sea. By the wind, Riddle entered through the windows of the resort scaring Fera and Krystal. Krystal took her gun as soon as Fera pushed her and asked the blue creature's name. Like in his own series, Riddle can't talk, but only jumps while shaking his tail as a comunication method. Unten, a little annoyed, refers to Riddle as 'one of the silent characters' as soon as Riddle shrugs.


  • Strength: 2/6
  • Speed: 3/6
  • Stamina: 4/6

Munchy Monsters - 100 Person Mania

Riddle appears as a cameo character in Munchy Monsters. He can be founded in a stage called Nightlight Town, where he watches the stars at the sky with all of his friends: Gush, Heart and Needle. He's also a alternate costume as a DLC for the Grey Monster. His signature move is shooting stars with a target marker at other opponents.

Fantendo Smash Bros. X

Riddle makes his fifth appearance in the series as a playable character.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Riddle makes his sixth appearance in the series as a playable character. Now like all the playable characters there, Riddle is now able to use Erringear moves, means that he can learn use custom moves. 

Riddle's CSS Icon

In the Fantendo Fanon Feature 2017Toroko a.k.a. Exotoro revealed the game's trailer in Bad Kingdom. Riddle was confirmed to be the next fighter of the game as a veteran. In the trailer he takes the spotlight by slamming into Former Four, saving Beat.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil

Riddle makes his seventh appearance in the series as a startable playable character. He shares custom outfits from his games (Gush and Heart's palette swap) or other appearances in various crossovers (colors from Fantendo Sports Resort, Fantendo's main colors and Blink's color palette).

Game"s Description:

Riddle is a Doodie. Sounds like an alternate name for "dudies" or something else entirely. This blue dude is the savior of Star Heights, and is also a riddle fanatic, hence his name. Even his tag-line gives you a hint on that; "Riddle Me This". Using his elastic limbs, he can grapple from a distance like he is Monkey D. Luffy, or Majin Buu, or someone else who can extend their limbs to absurd lengths.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333)

Riddle makes his eighth appearance in the series as a playable character. He's confirmed to be fighter #24 in the main roster.

Fantendo Fisticuffs

Riddle is a playable character in Fantendo Fisticuffs and it makes his first appearance to be in a traditional fighting game other than Fantendo Smash Bros. games. His moveset is still unknown and will be confirmed soon.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground

Riddle makes his nineth appearance in the series as a playable character.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Something

Riddle makes his tenth appearance in the series as a playable character.

Fantendo Minigame Mania

Riddle appears as a playable character in Fantendo Minigame Mania, a battle-royale oriented party game. He's a Common character, easy for players to collect him.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul

Riddle makes his eleventh appearance in the series as a playable character alongside with Gush.


Riddle at the Hunger Games

Exotoro (tbc) did a parody of the Hunger Games based with her game: Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered in the user blog. Some characters made it in the part of the story. Riddle, from District 7 survived until the 9th place causing him for dead poisoned that White threw it to him with a blow dart. Riddle was alongside with Heart at District 7.

World Tournament

Riddle appeared in the story written by Exotoro (tbc) where it takes place in a fighting tounament that each fighter represent their own Fantendo universe. Hosted by Marco, he began fighting against The Mysterious Cloaked Woman until he lost obliteraterly in seconds. He later appeared in the first redemption round, again hosted by Marco, where he fought against Umbra Shader, Silver Zin, Cardinal, Noora Natsumi, Mynis, Eric Riordan, and Ruby Glaes at the same time. After picking up Ruby Glaes' scythe, Riddle absorbed it's powers and became Burning Riddle, afternath kicking her out of the tournament, standing alone against Noora in Nightless form. He got defeated after being the last being defeated in the redemtion round. Gush and Heart also appeared at the crowd spectating and cheering on Riddle as cameo characters.


Artworks in Games





  • His eyes are like Kirby in green.
  • He looks like Rickstar due to his elastic moves, Rayman due to his Helicopter Head and Box Boxer (Kirby's boss enemy) due to his arms and bally hands.
  • Riddle's first name was to be Riddle Doo, despits to be a Doodie but the creator removed the last name due to causing having a long name.
  • Riddle appears normally more often at crossovers than his major series.
    • He also appears more at fighting games than other any other genres of games.
  • Riddle comemorated the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. wearing his hat and grabbing his Super Mushroom.
  • Riddle's character or initial release came before his first game where Riddle's Epic Adventure! was in development appearing in Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive.
  • In the World Tournament, Riddle could absorb Ruby's scythe powers to be Burning Riddle in one go, even without the use of a Stone Gem.
  • In most crossover games, Riddle's blue color palette is slightly lighter from color comparing to the official color palette, making them a indigo like tone of color.
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