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Ricina Crownvetch Female
6'8 feet
130 lbs
45 years old Vineborne
Ricina Crownvetch, the viper
FULL NAME Ricina Crownvetch
POWERS Purple Abyssal
Poison Production
BIRTHDAY March 4th
OCCUPATION(S) Abyssal Botanist


BIRTH LOCATION Yggdrasil Grove, Alfheim
CURRENT LOCATION Yggdrasil Grove, Alfheim

Traveling across the universe, intoxicating people, planting spores


Bees, poison resistance, deforesting people





Ricina Crownvetch is an Vineborne from the planet Alfheim, one of the planets connected via the Yggdrasil tree. They were born from the tree themselves, which is coated in vinelike snakes that produce beings based off what they eat. In the case of Ricina, she was borne from a light elf skeleton before emerging out from the vines. Living off the Yggdrasil trees as well as planting seeds in her wake, Ricina is a cosmic botanist who uses Yggdrasil to create powerful toxins that can do various things to the bodies of her victims. Ricina was created by Exotoro (tbc) as a character to expand more of Yggdrasil's lore and to create a "poison queen" concept character that was requested by FuchsiaPanacea (tbc).

Ricina is a cosmic botanist who uses Yggdrasil to journey from planet to planet, restoring plantlife in her wake via her botany skills and producing strong poisons that they can store in their needle arm and tail. She wishes to travel across the whole universe, maybe even the multiverse. They are seen as the dark version of Susan Syringe.


Ricina is fairly humanish looking on the surface, but features big eyes with distorted yellow pupils behind thick glasses. She has black hair with metallic antennae-like horns on the back and front of her face. She also has a gas mask hooked to her face with a long cord that connects to what appears to be a mechanical mouth. Underneath the mask is nothing, meaning the mechanical mouth is mostly so she can talk. She absorbs what she needs through sunlight and water via photosynthesis. Hanging above her head is a green floating crown. She wears a purple dress that splits off into a floral design. She wears long, arm-length gloves. She has legs, although because she can fly to a limited extent she appears to have none on first glance. She has elfish ears because she is borne of a light elf skeleton.


Ricina is a fairly collected character who seems villainous and psychopathic on the surface but has fairly mundane reasons behind what she's doing. Actions like ensnaring a building in plants or poisoning someone all have actually innocent reasons behind them, such as her not understanding the purpose of a building and instead seeing fit to restore nature there or putting someone to sleep because she thinks they're exhausted and needs rest. She has stress breakdowns where she will slam her head against the wall or other blunt objects, often growling really loudly.

She believes Yggdrasil is her god, and with good reason as it connects her to other places in the universe and technically is responsible for her creation. She relies on it for everything, from food to her poisons. She is never seen too far away without a Yggdrasil tree. She carries out it's will, which she believes to be to plant the universe with plant life.

Ricina has a motherly streak inside her, often taking care of people by numbing their pain when possible. She cares deeply for people she has a close connection with and is largely empathetic. She can act like a nurse for people, caring for them when they fall ill. She is fairly possessive of people she cares about and does not like to see the people in her life that she loves leave her.



Powers and Abilities

Ricina produces poison naturally through her body's glands, although can make it stronger with Yggdrasil's offerings like Mana and its roots, which drip a mysterious red-brown liquid. Her poison ranges from sweet to bitter in taste, yet can have various effects. She stores it in her syringe arm or her tail.

Ricina also possesses the ability to channel Abyssal, the antithesis to Aura. The Abyss that Ricina possesses pulls from the lack of plants on a given planet, which is actually contradictory to her goals. That is because she does not actually care how much power she has, but if it comes down to it, a planet that is being stripped of plant-life will make her strong enough to take on this force. It is strongest on Xicicle due to its barren ground, making it near impossible to plant things there. Her Abyssal is purple colored.

Specific Powers


  • Poison Production - Ricina can produce toxins from her glands, which go through her tail. She can mix them with things she collects from plants to inflict various effects. She has a giant syringe arm as well that can store poisons.
    • Sleep Mix - Ricina injects a sleeping toxin that puts people into a drowsy and sleepy state.
    • Numbness Mix - Ricina injects a numbing toxin that makes pain dull out in something fuzzy feeling instead. Legs and arms lose their functions slowly.
    • Selective Poison - Ricina can specialize a poison that fully knocks out a body part for up to 72 hours. This can include things like the heart or brain.
    • Bubbly Poison - Ricina injects a standard poison effect through her needle that appears as purple bubbles coming out from the victim.
  • Abyssal Abilities - Ricina can channel out Abyssal in a purple color.
    • Null Whip - Ricina creates a whip that allows her to strike opponents from a far distance but also pull them close to her. She can also use it to tether to platforms. It has selective intangibility properties if Ricina wills it, allowing for powerful attacks through walls, floors, and ceilings.
    • Abyssal Walk - Ricina can go through fields of Abyssal Energy with no problem, where as those who cannot use Abyssal or draw it from a conduit or other source will be damaged instead.
    • Abyssal Projection - Ricina can transfer out their consciousness in a technique similar to Astral Projection, allowing them to teleport across the universe as a intagible, untouchable, and unknowable presence. The downside to this technique is that it cannot be used for combat as people can draw their presence through Abyss techniques, possibly killing them.
    • Nothingness Crater - Purple energy explodes over Ricina, killing plantlife near her so she can draw further power. It expands the more plantlife is around her and effects non-plant life by harming them and doing a harmful poison effect.
  • Flight - Ricina can fly up to 5 feet off the ground and then glide like a flower.


Dark Abysss Ricina


Dark Abyss Ricina Crownvetch is the name of a Abyssal transformation that Hazel can take on while on the planet of Xicicle, due to Xicicle being a barren wasteland where plantlife doesn't grow. It's location in the universe also makes it a fairly powerful conduit for Abyssal energy, but Ricina is drawing her power from the lack of plant life, which can be somewhat of a boon for her if it's location was somehow moved instead. Her power is increased plentiful.

Dark Abyss Ricina takes on a new coloration while in this outfit, swapping to a black and red look with hints of her old coloration. Her glasses become blood-red sunglasses instead. She additionally swaps all her poison for blood, which she stores in her tail and needle arm. She becomes somewhat mosquito-like in this form, helped by her increasing flight powers.

Dark Abyss Ricina uses the blood she absorbs from victims to craft new types of poison that poison concepts about a person. Their name can be be poisoned, making them take damage every time it's mentioned, or their sanity can be effected instead, making their mental wellbeing slowly take damage over time. One particularly powerful ability she has with these blood poisons is that she can slowly overwrite their personality with a "poisoned" one, making them act in a way she personally desires. The blood type of her victim effects how long her effects last on them- they are a super-powered version of her specialized poisons.

  • Blood Type B - 72 hours
  • Blood Type AB - 56 hours
  • Blood Type A - 48 hours
  • Blood Type O - 24 hours

Getting poisoned multiple times by the blood poisons can build up an immunity unless mixed with someone with blood type B, in which the immunity will reset.





  • Ricina Crownvetch is the dark version of Susan Syringe. They have many similarities and mirror certain aspects of their roles.
    • Ricina Crownvetch is deeply devoted to her religion, although this is not a excuse to do awful things like Susan.
    • Ricina's actions seem malicious but she reveals herself to be rather innocent. Susan's actions were more malicious but hides under a religious, peaceful facade, at least until Leah left her.
    • Ricina and Susan both have syringe arms.
    • Ricina and Susan both have maternal qualities.
    • Ricina and Susan both act like doctors despite not being qualified to do so and act more like mad scientists.
    • Both have thick glasses- Ricina's are circular where as Susan's are square.
  • Alfheim is a realm in Norse mythology. It is the home of light elves- hence her elfish ears.