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Rice Reviews is a Fantendo review service run by guygombaa with the intent of writing brief, concise reviews of content. Content will be rated on as one of five rice dishes, which are, from lowest to highest: "Inedible", "Meat and Rice", "Veggie Curry", "Curry" and "Gourmet Curry". It is rumoured that their is possibly a legendary sixth rating, though this has yet to be seen.

If you would like a review of your content, please link to it in the comments. I recommend reading the rules first. Also keep in mind that I'm one person with a lot of hobbies and not a lot of time, so it might take a while for your review to be published!

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  • Your page should meet Fantendos Standards. Otherwise I won't even bother reviewing your work at all.
  • Please don't ask me to review brand new articles. Wanting early feedback is fine, but I honestly don't want to write out a review of an article that's barely formed. All I ask is that you wait until your article's at least 30%-50% done, depending on how big you intend for it to be.
  • This is a review service. And not all reviews are positive. I'll always try to be constructive, but please don't be offended if you get a low rating or some criticism. You can always improve!
  • You may only sign up one article per season. Literally while I was writing this I saw Athena's Duck Soup Reviews III and decided to use a similar season system. This is more just to keep things a littler simpler for me, and because I like structure. You can, however, queue a single article for the next season if you wish.
  • This is primarily a games review service. I'll be focusing on games articles. If I particularly like a non-games article I'll review it anyway, but dont be surprised if I say no to revieweing non-games.
  • Thats it for now. I'm pretty easy going!


Dubious Rice
Articles with this score are either an incoherent mess, or are missing crucial elements. However, if I give something this score it means that I did find it worth reviewing, which means there's potential! Don't be discouraged; even a noivce can learn to cook with the pros!
Meat and Rice
A staple in many places, Meat and Rice is kinda boring, but it does the job. Anyone can make this. I'll eat it if it's there, but you'll never hear me go "Yes please, give me more plain meat and rice!" You've done the job, but there's still so much room for improvement.
Veggie Curry
More interesting than the previous dish, though it's missing the texture and substance provided by meat. The veggie curry isn't really that special, but it's a good, tasty meal.
A delicious, hearty curry. You've cooked a fine meal, with all the neccessary flavour and substance to be a truly delicious dish. However, if you truly want to be a master rice cooker, there's still a ways to go.
Gourmet Curry
How dare you. This curry is truly magnificent! While there is always tuning or additions that can be made, this curry needs no further improvements to be above the rest. I bow before your exemplary culinary curry skills.

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Season 1

Season 1 Reviews began on the 10th of October, 2019.

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  • I really like rice
  • The ratings images are taken from LoZ: Breath of the Wild. I'd like to replace them with original art eventually, but I can't draw for shit.
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