Rhythm Maker
Publisher(s) Nintendo, KONAMI
Composer(s) Tsunku
Platform(s) 3DS/Wii U
Age Rating(s)
E For Everyone
Rhythm Maker/Rhythm Maker Plus (known as リズムクリエーター/ リズムクリエーターゴールド or Rhythm Creator/Rhythm Creator Gold in Japan) Is the 5th game in the Rhythm Tengoku Series for the New3DS/Wii U. This game focuses more on making minigames than playing them, unlike the other Rhythm Heaven Games. The controls for playing minigames differ, but the most common buttons used are the A and B buttons. The game was nearly scrapped after Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus  came out, Nintendo thought having two games of the same franchise being released in almost the same year was a bad marketing technique. The game was shown off in a private confrence, most of the attendees thought that a Rhythm Heaven game, like Super Mario Maker, would be nice to have as the engine could be used by developers to make minigames easier, and make Rhythm Heaven games faster to appease the fans, and Nintendo could see the skills of making minigames fans had just from playing them, and use some of their minigames in future Rhythm Heaven Games.


The player has 3 options, to make a rhythm game, to play a rhythm game someone else has made, and
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