Rhythm Heaven Superstar
Developer(s) Nintendo SPD & Swimminton Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Music/Rhythm
Series Rhythm Heaven
Predecessor Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Release Date(s) NA: June 17th, 2019

JP: June 20th, 2018

EU & AU: August 5th, 2019

CAN & MEX: August 6th, 2019

SA: August 21st, 2019

RUS: September 2nd, 2019

CHI: October 13th, 2019

Rhythm Heaven Superstar (Japanese: リズム天国星空 Rhythm Tengoku Starry Skies), AKA Rhythm Paradise Nova in Europe, Rhythm World SWITCH (리듬 세상 SWITCH) in Korea, Rhythm Paradise in South America, Canada, Mexico, & the Netherlands; Rhythm World (節奏世界 or 节奏世界) in China, and Ритм Рай (Rhythm Paradise) in Russia; is the fifth installment of the Rhythm Heaven series. It uses the letter/arrow buttons, both of the Z-triggers, & the C-Pad. It is be the second game to have a story mode, & will the first game to be released in South America, Canada, Mexico, China, Russia, & the Netherlands.


The gameplay is a lot like the rest of the series: You press buttons to the rhythm of the beat. There are always audio cues to guide you, so you can even play it without sight! Five games-- four normal games & one Remix-- are in each set, and you need to play them in order. There are 3 types of Ratings you could get-- Try Again, OK, & Superb-- and two sub-ratings-- Just OK & That's OK. If you get a Try Again 3 times in a row, you can ask the Barista to skip the game for you, but your Flow will go down.


A duo consisting of Rizzie, a girl with a big taste in music, and Simon, her monkey pet/friend, travel around the country to find the Maidens of Rhythm. They encounter some of the people of the various lands, including Captain Jackie (Symphony Shore; From Pirate Crew), Daisy (Goicoso Garden: From Wizard's Waltz), & Kaen-Kun (Siciliana Shops; From Kung Fu Ball). The Rhythm Maidens themselves are Grandia (DS Girl), Mariska (Headphones Girl), Hoshiko (Microphone Girl), Viola (Wii Girl), & Tapper (Tap Trial Girl).

Differences from the Previous Games

  • In the Practice for all of the rhythm games, the instructions are read out by an voice actor, so that the visually impaired know how to play.
  • A new version of the OK Rank is created- That's OK. It happens when you mess up a bunch, but you still didn't get an Try Again rating, nor a normal OK Rank. For example, the one for Polar Rhythm might go: "We got electric eels in our tummies? That's very shocking! (But still... That's OK)
  • The "Rhythm Girl" for this game, Rizzie, actually has a use in the main game. That hadn't happened since Tengoku, with Tapper.

Rhythm Games

Wintery Way

Name Japanese Name Gameplay Perfect Reward Sequel?
Air Hockey エアホッケー (Air Hockey) You play as an man who's playing hockey in the clouds. A pluck will pop out of an machine. Press A to swing your hockey stick. Sometimes, the pluck will go further, and will hit the clouds repeatedly, like a pinball machine. Press A when the pluck stops bouncing. A barely is an miss. Air Hockey song Yes; It has a sequel called Air Hockey 2 (エアホッケー2), where the man is playing in an thunderstorm, & there's more pinball-plucks.
Pool Party 海猿 (Sea Monkey) You play as a Sea Monkey (actually just a normal monkey wearing scuba gear) who's playing in a pool with her human friends. When you hear a splash, dive down with A, and when you hear a floosh-like sound, rise up with B. When you hear "Come On!", use the C-Pad to jump up! A barely is an miss. Sync or Swim Weekly: Volume 2 No.
Squirrel Squad 樹木登り (Tree Climb) You play as the third in a trio of squirrels, and you need to keep up with them by running & jumping. Press A repeatly to run, & use B to jump in a 3-2-Go cue. Failing to jump will cause your squirrel to skitter up back to the trio, while the announcer counts again. A barely is an miss. Squirrel's Diary Yes; It has an sequel, called Squirrel Squad 2 (森林登り Forest Climb). The squirrels need to escape the forest they're currently in, & the music turns more dramatic.
Dream Spider ドリームスパイダー (Dream Spider) You're a brown spider in a dreamcatcher, with your legs resting on the strings. Two different types of dreams- Sweet & Sour- will move down the eight strings and you need to copy them. Press any letter button to let Sweet Dreams enter, & any arrow button to stomp Sour Dreams. The game will zoom out to reveal a young girl's bedroom, with the dreamcatcher in the top right corner. A barely is a miss. Dream Journal No.

Delish Drive

Name Japanese Name Gameplay Perfect Reward Sequel?
Chopstick Chomp 箸 (Chopsticks) Press the ZR trigger and the A button at the same time to catch sushi. There are also bugs, and you need to swat them away by pressing R. Over time, the patterns will get more complex, with sushi between bugs, & vice versa. An barely is an miss. Sashimi Shimmy Reviews Yes; This game has a sequel, called Chopstick Chomp 2 (マイ箸 My Chopsticks), where the complex patterns continue, & the bugs became bigger & more gross. The perfect reward is the game's song.
Sweet Shoppe キャンディショップ (Candy Shop) You play as a machine which dispenses candy into bags. Characters will shout out a certain number & candy type, so press the appropriate letter button that many times to dispense that much candy. But the game is not that simple! There's something else you need to deal with- refilling! Sometimes the machine will run out, & you need to press ZR to refill. This can actually be done at any time, with no rhythm. Refilling too much will make the machine explode, a la Quiz Show. A barely is a miss. The Sweet Shoppe Theme Song Yes; This has a sequel, called Sweet Shoppe 2 (2ndキャンディショップ 2nd Candy Shop), where you play as a newer model of the Candy Machine. It seems to take place on Halloween, as the children are wearing costumes & holding pumpkin baskets. There's also a lot more of them! The perfect reward is the game's song.
Polar Rhythm ペンギンキャッチ (Penguin Catch) You play as two penguins catching fish with their beaks. Use a arrow button & A to catch on the left and right, respectively. Occasionally, eels jump up, which drop at an offbeat, and you need to . Unlike Chopstick Chomp, these are OK to catch as long as they aren't electric (Buzzing sounds). A barely is an miss. Penguin Power! No.
Crank it Up ポリリズム (Polyrhythm) There is a machine which shoots out rods, to build widgets. But you aren't playing as that- you're playing as two cranks, which will lift up the square parts of the widgets. Use the two C-Sticks to lift up the widgets to the appropriate story, and press ZL or ZR to reset the platforms. A barely is a miss. Crank it Up song Yes; It has a sequel called Crank it Up 2 (ポリリズム2 Polyrhythm 2), were the background is yellow, the platforms are red, the rods & cranks are white, & said rods are much faster.

Retro Road

Name Japanese Name Gameplay Perfect Reward Sequel?
Robobounce スプリンガー (Springer) You play as an robot who's being tested for product quality. You need to jump at the right time. (you're the robot on the far right of an loop.) When the robot before you jumps, jump in the correct rhythm to prove your worthiness. There are four different types of patterns: A 4-Count, a 8-Count, a 6-Count, & a 12-Count. When a Count changes, the announcer will count down for you (but only when it just changes). As the game goes on, the countdowns will get shorter. Hold A to crouch down, & release it to jump. No barelys in this game. Research Says No.
Karate Man カラテ家 (Karateka) Punch with the A button. The special cue here is a indigo lightbulb, followed by a barrel. Joe is now punching vases via the X button. It stays this way until a box gets punched, then a red lightbulb, where you are punching pots again. A barely is an miss. Karate Man song Technically; This has a "sequel" called Karate Woman, which is mentioned below.
Spaced Out スペース・ジャーニー (Space Journey) You play as Maiden Voyage & the Galaxy Gals on their journey to Pluto. They'll need to watch out for Evil Aliens, so you need to help their battle. A to shoot, hold B to charge, & release B to release a energy ball. Shooting at the wrong spaceship will be fatal, so use the left & right arrows to aim, depending on what sound the ship makes. A barely is an miss. Alien Research Journal No.
Jazzercise (エクササイズ) Exercise You play as a woman at a gym. A dog (like the one from Sumo Brothers) sits next to her, and reacts based upon how well you did. This is the first game that has lyrics, & is preformed like a cheesy song from the 90's, like the rest of the mini game. You dance by pressing A (Stretch to her right), B (Do a yoga move downwords), & Up (Rise arm(s) to the air). A barely is a miss. Jazzercise song Yes; It has a sequel named Spazzercise (メガエクササイズ Mega Exercise), where there is a new button used: press the C-Pad to do a flip.

Flora Falls

Name Japanese Name Gameplay Perfect Reward Sequel?
Tunneling Tunes 掘る (Digging) You're a star-nosed mole who's digging a path to a new home. Keep the beat by pressing A. Sometimes a whistle sound plays, & you need to press A twice in quick session, kind of like Micro-Row 2 in Fever. At the end, the mole digs to a side of an mountain, & he falls down from it. An barely is a miss. Star-Nosed Diary No.
Tightrope Walker タイトロープ (Tightrope) You play as a mandrill who's performing in a circus. Your performance is based upon the music- just like in real tightrope walking. Press A twice to step forward, & press B to go back. A miss causes an automatic Try Again. A barely is an miss, but won't cause a Try Again. Whispers Behind the Curtain No.
Basement Band 楽団一班 (Band Band) You play as the drummer of a band of Japanese delinquents. The others are a bass player, a guitar player, and a male singer. Play the drums with A or the left or right buttons, play the bass drum with Down, hit the cymbals with ZL & ZR, & Up to play the hi-hat- he's the same Hi-Hat from the Fever Rhythm Toy of the same name. The singer also sings a original song written by Tsunku. A barely is a miss. How the Band Met Yes; It has a sequel called Basement Band 2 (楽団一班2 Band Group 2), where, like in Open Mic 2, the singer sings an extended version of the song. The band is also preforming in someone's backyard, with an audience who reacts to how you're doing.
Inky Blues 墨みがきます (Ink Brush) Sketch, a boy drawn in pencil, who is in love with Art, a girl who's drawn in ink. According to the game's practice, he wants to become inked like her, so she won't be weirded out by him. You play as a brush who's helping him get inked. When you hear "Go!", press A to start drawing over Sketch. When you hear "Halt!", release to stop drawing. But it isn't that simple: you need to ink him with various colors! Press the ZR/ZL button to change your brush color. Sketch tells you when to change your color, but you need to do it quickly. A barely is an miss. Sketch's Book It has a sequel called Blackened Blues (ブラック墨みがきます Black Ink Brush), where Sketch is very depressed, because Art rejected him. There's more "Stop" & "Go" cues, & a little more color changing cues.

Pyramid Path

Name Japanese Name Gameplay Perfect Reward Sequel?
News Today ニュース・今日 (News Today) You play as an literally white-skinned man working at a TV studio. A sentence is read out by a woman in violet, & you need to nod (to "Right, Right?" or such: press A twice), give a thumbs up (to "Isn't that something?" or such: wait a bit, then press A), or celebrate whatever's going on ("Well, that's pretty great!" or such, press B). News Today song Yes: It has a sequel called News Tonight (ニュース・今晩), which takes place in the same studio at midnight, and the violet lady talks faster & jabbers on for longer.
Bot Wings メタルバード (Metal Bird) You play as MODEL-816513, a robot bird who's flying in a steampunk city. Press the C-Stick upwards to rise up, and press it down to dive down. This is used to avoid obstacles, such as giant metal bars & robots. You can also press A to do a loop, which is used to travel in buildings. A barely is a miss. The Bird of the Future No.
Painter Skater ペイントスケート (Paint Skate) You play as Paint Roller, an girl wearing rollerblades & welding a large paintbrush. She's passing some buildings that need to be painted. A to swing your brush, B to hold down the brush onto the wall, & X to do a 360-spin with your brush. A barely is an hit, because technically you painted the wall. Painter Skater song Yes; It has a sequel, called Paint Rollin' (ペイントローラー Paint Roller), where Paint Roller skates to the streets! There's also an heavier graffiti theme, and a new Japanese gangster style. At the end, Paint Roller paints a self-portrait of herself, and if you fail that, you'll get a Just OK!
Marine Mania ウォーターパークショー (Water Park Show) You're a woman who's working at a water park, and you're holding a ring that sea animals will jump trough. The animals are a dolphin, a shark, a seal, a turtle, & a penguin. The dolphin is the neutral cue, coming in a 1-2-3-4 count. The turtle is slower, coming at a 1-2-3-4-5 count. The shark is a little faster, coming at a 1-2-3 count. The penguin comes at a 1-2-34 count, and the seal the fastest one, coming at a 1-2 count. A barely makes the animal hit itself on the ring, & it counts as a miss. Welcome to Splash City! No.

Sea Street

Name Japanese Name Gameplay Perfect Reward Sequel?
Ring-Dong ベルリンガー (Bell Ringers) You play one of the Bell Belles, who are standing upon a church (censored to a schoolhouse in certain countries). The Belle to the left will ring the bell first, & you must react by ringing back. There are 4 different types of ringing- normal ringing, slow ringing, fast ringing, & lighting-fast ringing. This is also the shortest minigame, lasting a little more then a minute. There's a sequel & a two-player endless version (a la Bossa Nova) to make up. A barely is a hit. The Belle's Backstory Yes; To make up in it's shortness, it has a sequel, called Ring-Dong 2 (ベルリンガー2; Bell Ringers 2). There's more rapid ringing then in the original.
Samurai Slice 妖怪の攻撃 (Attack of Youkai Woman) The Wandering Samurai duel welds here! This time, he's fighting a feminine youkai creature wearing a fox mask. She throws smaller youkai at him, so use the Letter & Arrow buttons to swing to the right & left, respectively. Some youkai needed to be sliced multiple times, due to their thick masks. The game ends when you slice off the Masked Leader's mask. A barely is an miss. Samurai Slice song Yes; It has a sequel called Samurai Slice 2 (妖怪の女の帰還 Return of Youkai Woman), where the battle takes place at a beach resort, the Samurai is wearing vacationing gear, & the Leader & Youkai are wearing snorkeling masks. The game doesn't end when you slice off the Leader's mask, because you actually need to slice off her face! (In the Japanese version, anyway; it's censored to her getting hit in the face in international releases.)
Your Highness! 殿下!!! (Denka!) You're a Puffball Solider who's taking commands from a Prince. When he says "Come on, march!", press A or the D-buttons repeatedly to march. Sometimes he tells you to go faster or slower, so you need to speed up or slow down your button presses. When the Prince says "OK, stop!" press B. A barely is a hit. Your Highness! song Yes; It has a sequel called Royal Highness! (猊下!!! Geika!!!) which takes place many years later, as the Prince grew up, got a beard, & became a King. You also speed up & slow down much more, and halt less.
Open Mic カラオケバー (Karaoke Bar) You play as the drummer from the Drum Boys, who's singing a duet with a woman at a bar. This is one of the few games to have full lyrics. The lyrics are at the bottom, and scroll along, like The Bon Odori. Certain words will be highlighted, and you need to either rise or lower your voice by tilting the C-Pad, hold your voice with B or say a phrase by pressing A twice or thrice. If done wrong, the boy will either be fully silent or very loud. A barely is a hit. Singing Auditions Yes; It has a sequel called Open Mic 2 (カラオケバー2 Karaoke Bar 2), where the duo sings the full version of the song at a diner.

Gambler's Grove

Name Japanese Name Gameplay Perfect Reward Sequel?
Primary Primates レインボー霊長類 (Rainbow Primates) You play as a trio consisting of a monkey, an ape, & a baboon; they are yellow, red, & blue respectively. Different types of food will pass over the primates, and you need Tim reed a a button based upon what food they like. A banana is the monkeys' favorite (a high-pitched "Ook", press Down), a mango is the ape's favorite (low-pitched "Kee!", press Right), and a salad is the baboon's favorite (a "Yay!", press Left). Sometimes an Feast would appear, and that's everyone's favorite! To let them eat at the same time, to press Up. There are no barelys here. "Primary Primates" song Yes; It has a sequel called Secondary Simians (レインボー霊長類スペシャル Rainbow Primates Special) where trio is a orange monkey, a purple ape, & a green baboon, respectively.
Forest Football 森林伐採 (Forest Tossing) You play as an Forestball Player who's tossing an (American) football into the air. "Go, Hup!" signals an beat-keeping toss cue (A), & "Ready, KICK!" signals an kicking cue (C-Pad). A barely is an hit for tossing, & an miss for kicking. Forest Football song Yes; It has a sequel called Fiery Forest Football/ Fiery Forestball (火災森林伐採 Fire Forest Tossing), were the Player is playing while a forest fire is going on. Naturally, Tempo Up! is in play.
Shift-Top 変身 (Shapeshifter) You're a blue shape-changing blob (who looks a bit like Courtney from Fruit Basket) who's preforming for a crowd of various species. Various suggestions are shouted out by the crowd, which are your audio cues. "Be a Birdie!" (鳥変化 Tori Henka!) suggests for you to shift into a bird (With the Up Arrow), "Be a Puppy!" (犬変化 Inu Henka!) suggests a dog (Left), "Be a Kitty!" (ネコ変化 Neko Henka!) suggests a cat (Right), and "Be a Fishie!" (フィッシュ変化 Fisshu Henka!) suggests a fish (Down). At one point, someone struggles to chose a opinion, until he says "Be a Fishie!". Failing to do that would bring a Just OK rating with the note "You didn't do all of our suggestions." Other than that, a barely is an miss. Legends of Shapeshifters No.
Music Magic 手品 (Magic Tricks) You play as Dini, who's putting on an show at an child's birthday party. A to tap on your Magic Hat. When the time is right, hold A to reach into it, & release A to reveal a illusion out of your hat. Some take a little longer, because they are bigger. When Dini starts to struggle, release A quickly. Said illusions include the bunny from Bunny Hop (only in the practice); Pajama Girl & a monkey from Pajama Party; the dog from Sumo Brothers; fireworks from Fireworks, the Wizard from Wizard's Waltz; the player's Dazzles from both Heaven & Megamix; the aliens when you get far into endless Shoot-'Em-Up; Candy Spiders; a really tall Huebird; & Note (only at the end of the game). A barely is a miss. Dini's Diary Yes; It has an sequel called Music Magic 2 (手品2 Magic Tricks 2), where Dini is performing for the Evil Demons from Samurai Slice. The illusions are mostly the same, but Pajama Girl & the Monkey were replaced with Karate Joe's Father; the Wizard is replaced by the Yagura from The Bon Odori; the aliens were replaced by the Rhythmover from Rhythmove Dungeon; the Huebird is replaced by a Tall Tapper; & Note is replaced by the Wandering Samurai (who clearly doesn't want to be here).

Moon Mountain

Name Japanese Name Gameplay Perfect Reward Sequel?
Oddball Bouncing 奇数バウンス (Odd Bouncing) You're the last two "Bouncers" in a line of 11. Three different types of patterns bounce down: 11 Bounces (Press B, then A), 5 Bounces (Just press B), & 6 Bounces (Just press A). Like in Dream Spider, the game zooms out... to reveal that the seven bouncers are on the back of a horse-like creature, who's eating the ball that you bounce. That creature is in the game's Rating Screens. A barely is an miss. Oddball Bouncing song Yes; It has a sequel named Surreal Bouncing (真に奇数バウンス Truly Odd Bouncing), where there are a couple more cues: 12 Bounces (The creature lifts it's tail, making a makeshift Bouncer) & 10 Bounces (the middle Bouncer ducks down, losing one bounce), and 5 Bounces (Only while the middle bouncer is down; Press either A or B). The perfect award is "I Just Don't Know".
Diamond Dancer ダイヤモンドトラベラー (Diamond Traveler) You're a diamond-shaped creature (who looks a lot like the player character in Rhythmove Dungeon) who's traveling on a golden path to the city. One of the tips of the creature will light up, which means you can move in that direction. The tips glow in a clockwise pattern, and when it dings, press A to move left, right, up, or down. A barely is a miss. The Traveler's Guide No.
Heart Mend 失恋 (Broken Heart) There's a loop-sided plush heart (Which looks a bit like this- ♥) which is breaking apart by the streams. You're a sewing needle who's going to fix it up. You need to copy the pattern when the heart breaks, and sew it up. Over time, the heart gets slightly more realistic (but not so realistic that it's uncanny), and the song gets faster. At the very end, the game reveals that the game was in the mind of a Japanese delinquent (who looks a bit like Tanaka from Ninja Recarnate/Boyfriend), with his girlfriend by his side. Many plush toys, all broken, surround them. A barely is an miss. The Heart's Backstory No.
Indigo Tower インディゴタワー (Indigo Tower) You play as an solider who's protecting the titular tower. Like Shoot-'Em-Up, this plays in "waves". Certain enemies will be climbing the tower. A/Right to attack foes with your sword, B/Down to block armed foes with your shield, Y/Left to throw an bomb down to multiple foes, X/Up to shoot your gun a large foes. It's an automatic "Try Again" if anyone reaches the top of the tower. A barely is an hit due to that. Indigo Tower song Yes: It has a sequel called Indigo Tower 2 (インディゴタワー), where it takes place around one month later.

Credits Game

Name Japanese Name Gameplay
Fireworks Festival 花火 (Fireworks) Ah, Fireworks, one of the toughest minigames in Rhythm Tengoku. It's visuals had been reworked to be a cross between 2D sprites & a 3D background. The 3 cues from the orginal version (Rhythm Rocket, Spirit Sprinkler, & Drum Bomb) are kept, & a new cue had been added: the Dancing Detonator. The fireworks' cues in order are: 1-2-3-GO for Rhythm Rocket, Now-GO for Spirit Sprinkler, It's-a-bomb-GO for Drum Bomb, & Ohhhhhh-GO for Dancing Detonator. From fastest to slowest, they are: Spirit Sprinkler, Drum Bomb, Rhythm Rocket, & Dancing Detonator. A barely is a miss.

Mentioned sequel to Karate Man

Name Japanese Name Gameplay Perfect Reward
Karate Woman カラテ家母親 (Karateka's Mother) The "sequel" to Karate Man, but is actually a original game. It plays like Karate Man Senior, except with the special cue from it's "prequel" and more combos then kicking. You play as Karate Joe's Mother, who's doing the usual Karate Family stuff- punching objects that come toward her, & punching them away. A hold-and-release X-button kick is a box with a fish bowl inside, & a Y-button combo is multiple vases that end with a box. Like Karate Man, a barely is an miss. "A Mother's Love"


  • Snowy Remix: Based upon snow, ice & other wintery things. In Air Hockey, the player is placing on a snow cloud, similarly to it's sequel. He's all bundled up in winter wear, complete with earmuffs. In Pool Party, the Sea Monkey & the swimmers are performing in a frozen lake, with fishing hole-sized holes drilled in. The swimmers are wearing one-piece bathing suits. In Squirrel Squad, everything's the same, except that the trees are snowed upon. In Dream Spider, the Spider is in a web made of ice crystals, & takes places in an ice cave. The Perfect Reward is a Thing to Read, called "Winter Wonders", which is a series of poems.
  • Bakery Remix: Based upon cookies, cakes, cupcakes, & other sweets. Chopstick Chomp's variation has a pair of tongs being held instead of chopsticks, and cookies & donuts are being caught. Chopstick Woman is wearing a shirt with puffy sleaves, & the bugs are pink ladybugs. In Sweet Shoppe, the shop is a lot more fancier & colorful, & the children are wearing puffy shirts, like Chopstick Woman. In Polar Rhythm, the penguins are catching gummy fish & eels on a giant cake. And Crank it Up has round donuts in place of the squares, strawberry filling in place of the rods, & the platforms being made of gingerbread & licorice. The Perfect reward is a Thing to Read, called "How to Make Musical Cupcakes", which is a cupcake recipe.
  • Retro Remix: Based upon the 80's & 90's. Jazzercise is in here, & the girl has a more funky look for her & her dog. In Karate Man, Karate Joe wears the same boxer outfit from Rhythm Tengoku's arcade port, & he's in that game's arcade machine. Spaced Out has the invaders from Shoot-'Em-Up appear, & the Radio Lady is in place of Maiden Voyage. Robobounce has pixelated versions of the normal graphics, & a rather funky-looking tester nearby.
  • Garden Remix: Based upon flora & nature.
  • Pyramid Remix: Based upon ancient Egypt & sandy deserts.
  • Ocean Remix: Based upon the waters of the seven seas. In Samurai Slice, the background is a pier, with three ships & a lighthouse in the background. The Wandering Samurai & Youkai Lady are colored slightly darker. Ring-Dong has the Bell Belles ringing the bell in a lighthouse, with the ships in the background. Your Highness! has blue Puffballs marching down a small town, with the ocean in the background. Finally, Open Mic has the singing duo on one of the ships, with them wearing sailor costumes.
  • Jackpot Remix: Based upon casinos, gambling, slot machines, & fabulous Las Vegas! This is the first remix to have vocals. In Music Magic, Dini is wearing an sparkly, white version of his normal outfit, & two girls (who like a bit like Minnie & Fiona) are next to him. In Forest Football, the Player is tossing & kicking on a slot machine, with the footballs replaced with pool balls. The Primary Primates are enjoying their food in a hotel, with them being served drinks. In Shift-Top, the Shapeshifter is preforming in the streets, with some cars behind him. The Perfect reward is Lyrics Sheet- It's Showtime! (Ladies & Gentlemen).
  • Lunar Remix: Actually based upon the big city, with the moon in every shot. This is the second Remix in this game with vocals. The perfect reward is Lyrics Sheet- Goodnight, My Love.
  • Clock Remix: Based upon various points in time, plus clocks & time machines.
  • Cosmic Remix Based upon SPACE! That is, planets, comets, metors, stars, spaceships, & aliens.
  • Colorful Remix: It's themed after an art gallery. All of the games (except Karate Woman) are in unique picture frames. This is also the third vocal Remix. The Perfect Reward is Lyrics Sheet- Rainbow.
  • Collection Remix: Inculdes every normal minigame in the game, including Fireworks Festival & the Rhythm Test, & excluding Karate Woman. Painter Skater starts & ends it.
  • Unlucky Remix: Based upon plain old bad luck. This is the hardest Remix in the game, with Endless Games, Sequels, & even single-player versions of the multiplayer minigames! It's only playable after Perfecting the other Remixes.

Rhythm Practice

This is like the Drum Lessons in Rhythm Tengoku & the Guitar Lessons in Rhythm Heaven. Like the latter, it is based upon previous minigames. Unlike either, there is two versions of the mode.

Vocal Practice

The duo from Open Mic are warming their vocals up to vocal songs from the previous games. All songs are their original Japanese versions (except I'm a lady now, as that was already in English).

Set Songs Difficulty Unlock Citra
Starter Set Bon Fest (The Bon Odori), That's Paradise, Beautiful One Day, & The Story of True Love Easy Default
Neutral Set Karate Rhythm, Love Oh Oh Paradise, Tonight, & Classmate Medium Complete all of the songs in the Starter Set
Advanced Set Honey Sweet Angel of Love, Thrilling! Is This Love?, Lonely Storm, & A Big Drop of Tears Tough Complete all of the songs in the Neutral Set
Master Set WISH- I Can't Wait for You; Struck by the Rain; I Love You, My One & Only; & I'm a lady now Super Hard! Complete all of the songs in the Advanced Set

Band Practice

The band from Basement Band are practicing their next act to (mostly) instrumental songs from Superstar only.

Set Songs Unlock Citra
Set 1 Dream Spider, Chopstick Chomp, Your Highness!, & Bot Wings Default
Set 2 Forest Football, Heart Mend, Jazzercise, & Tightrope Walker Complete Set 1
Set 3 Chopstick Chomp 2, Royal Highness!, Spazzercise, & Fiery Forest Football Complete Set 2 & complete all of the non-sequel games

Extra Games

Name Japanese Name Gameplay
Tambourine タンバリン (Tambourine) "In this game, in front of the player is a little monkey holding a tambourine. When the game starts, the monkey will perform a "set" of notes, shaking and hitting his tambourine to create a pattern. After the monkey finishes, he will cue the player with a call. The player will then have to repeat the pattern to the monkey by shaking (with A) and hitting (with A + ZR) their own tambourine. After the pattern is finished, the monkey will start the next set. Each set consists of 7 notes, with the length between notes and the command type varying." [1]
Donk-Donk コンコンズ (Knock-Knock) "In this game, a caller repeats the words "Donk-Donk" and the A button must be pressed on each syllable. The caller will then say "Donk-Dwonk" in the same rhythm, but after it is called, the rhythm will switch to pressing A to the syllables of the caller's "Deet-Deet-Dwonk", which will be a triplet, until the caller yells out "Deet-Deet-Doot", and the rhythm returns to the "Donk-Donk" pattern." [2]
Tap Troupe タップスター (Tap Star) "In this game, the player controls the fourth Tall Tapper in line (far right), with their face being visible near the bottom-left of the screen. When the game starts, the members of the troupe will start stepping at a steady beat. The player needs to step along with them by pressing A. At certain parts of the game, a voice will say "Rea-dy!", and the tappers get on their toes and continue tapping. When this happens, the speed of tapping increases to a triplet. After a while, a voice will say "Tap, tap, tap!", requiring the player to tap on those beats, then go back to the original beat." [3]
Shrimp Shuffle エビおんど (Ebi Ondo) "The player controls the third shrimp from the left and must press the 'A' Button to the beat to prevent from bumping into the shrimp on your left and right. The announcer will continuously say "1, 2, 3! 3, 2, 1!" to the beat and before every repeat of this rhythm the shrimps will exclaim "Together!". Occasionally, the shrimp will pause and shift position for a moment, then move along the regular rhythm again, only with another repeat starting immediately after the current one ends. Finally, the announcer will sometimes replace "3,2,1!" with "A, B, C!". The player will have to press the 'A' and 'ZR' Buttons at the same time on 'C' to make the shrimp jump backwards." [4]
Marshal's Night Walk ナイトウォーク・マッシュ (Night Walk: Marsh) "The player plays as Marshal as his friends follow him. In order to beat the stage, you must jump on square-like objects with A and avoid falling off. Occasionally, two squares will appear close together, requiring the player to roll of them with A and ZR." [5]

Endless Games

Name Japanese Name Gameplay
Night Walk ナイトウォーク (Night Walk) A classic, reborn into an endless game. You play as Play-Yan, who is jumping along the stars. Press A to jump. Sometimes there are electric fish, called out by an buzzing sound. Stop pressing A at that moment to avoid getting electrocuted. The game ends by either hitting the fish, or falling down. Your score is based upon how many blocks Play-Yan jumped on. A barely is an miss, but won't end the game. Unlike the other 3 below, it has a 2-player variation.
Rhythm Quest リズムクエスト (Rhythm Quest) You play as a monkey wizard traveling the world & fighting monsters. You to press certain buttons in a pattern to cast a spell. If your health runs out, it's game over. Fortunately, your health fills back up after defeating a boss. The number of enemies you defeat is your score. A mook is one point, & a boss is five points.
Octo-Pop たこマシーン (Octopus Machine) A rhythm toy becomes an endless game! You play as the last of a trio of Octopops, who needs to copy the other two's movements. Press A to puff up, release A to go back to normal, & press ZR/ZL to pop out your cork. The number of correct sequences is your score.
Moonlight Dancing 月舞踊 (Moon Dance) You are an boy who is dancing with his girlfriend under the moonlight. Press A to swing her around to an steady beat. Sometimes you need to toss the girl to the sky, so hold & release A to toss her. Wait 4 beats, then press A to catch her. Every successful catch makes the moon in the background shine. If you fail to toss/catch the girl, you lose an heart. Losing three hearts makes a game over. A barely is an miss for tossing & swinging, but it won't lose a heart. There's no barleys for swinging.

Unique Duet Mode Games

Name Japanese Name Gameplay
Piano Duel ピアノデュエル (Piano Duel) A two-player game that uses a sideways Joy-Con. Two pianists (player character) are at two connected pianos, & a female lion is at the top of it, facing the scree. She plays notes on a toy keyboard, & the pianists need to copy her by pressing SL, SR, or both. Halfway, the lion & her keyboard floats upword, losing the game's visual cue. Both falls down at the last key press, as the lion is dazed & confused A barely is an miss.
Clap Club 拍手の女の子 (Clapping Girls) Each player is a girl at the end of a row of six. Various patterns will be clapped out, & each player much react to them. They may clap at the same time, or clap separately. Press A to clap. At one point, the players must clap at the same time, abet in a fast pattern. This is the only way to guarantee a Superb. A barely is a miss.
Amy & Culli 友&達 (Tomo & Dachi) Players 1 & 2 are Ami & Culli, respectively. Together, they are doing a big gymnast routine, & they need to support each other to do it! This is a keep-the-beat minigame, where both players need to use the A button in this game. P1 starts by holding A, then letting go. P2 does that next, & the pattern ones on. To mix things up, sometimes one of the player's patterns will be skipped, and will go like this: P1, P2, P1, P1, P2. A barely is a hit.
See-Saw It plays exactly the same as the unused 2P Fever game.

Rhythm Toys

Name Japanese Name How it Works
One-Man Band 太夫 (Performer) You control a toy who has a bunch of instruments on him. Each button is attached to a certain instrument. Press any button to make a noise.
Police Call 細胞電話 (Cell Phone) This Toy returns from Fever. The phone has a new look, making it look like modern smartphones. Unlike in Fever, this is a plot-important Toy. You need to type in both numbers & buzzwords to progress the story, as seen in the game's story trailer.
Paradise Playset プレイセット (Play Set) This Toy is entirely in 3D. Over the game's storyline, you can collect figurines of the series' characters, including a bunch from this game & a few from MegaRemix. You can arrange them in this Toy, so you can take screenshots of them. Certain amiibo can be scanned to be used too. They can be put into the following settings: The Café (default), Rhythm Palace (Complete the story), Tibby's Mom (Get a bonus medal on all extra games, including Marshal's Walk), Pitch Paradise (from MegaRemix; unlock by putting PARADISE into the Police Call phone), Space Station (Perfect Universe Remix), Clockstep Lab (Perfect Clock Remix), and SPEED Headquarters (unlock all figurines, excluding amiibo).
Maracas マラカス (Maraca) The most Rhythm Game-like of the Toys. A monkey wearing an sombrero & holding maracas plays a 10-beat tune, & you have to copy it by shaking the Joy-Cons. Sounds familiar, in one or two ways?
Labo Piano LABOピアノ (LABO Piano) This makes use of the Labo Piano from the Variety set. After you connect the Piano to the game, you get some unique SFX to play on! They vary from the Chorus Kids singing, to quotes from the announcer, to the Martan from First Contact talking, and more!


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