Rhythm Heaven MegaRemix
Developer(s) Swimminton Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Swimminton Orca
Genre(s) Rhythm
Release Date(s) Japan: June 17th, 2017

North America: June 12th, 2018

Europe: September 19th, 2018

Australia: September 21st, 2018

South Korea: November 29th, 2018

Age Rating(s) Everyone (ESRB)

7 years & older (PEGI)

All Ages (CERO & USK)

Rhythm Heaven MegaRemix (Japanese: リズム天国ザ・ベスト* Rhythm Tengoku: The Best * (Multiplied)), AKA Rhythm Paradise MegaRemix in Europe & 리듬세상: 최고* (Rhythm World: The Best Multiplied) is a remake of Rhythm Heaven Megamix by Swimminton Games. It's the second Rhythm Heaven game on the 3DS, and the first on the Wii U, Nintendo Switch, & Swimminton Orca.

An updated port, titled Rhythm Heaven MegaRemix: Orca Edition, was released as a launch title for the Swimminton Orca. It has a better story & more original games.


Gameplay is the same as the original: You press buttons to the rhythm of the song. There's always audio cues to guide you, so you can even play without seeing the screen!

There are 4 games per set. You can complete them in any order, but you need to get an OK or Superb score to pass. In the tower sets, you unlock the Remix after you complete every game in that tower.

Gameplay of the New Games

  • Crabby Country: You're a crab who's trying to attract a mate, by copying her dance moves. She will wave her arms around in a certain pattern, & then click her claws, signaling your turn. You wave your arm by moving the C-Pad, and click your claws by pressing A. A barely is a miss.
  • Stumble Bee: It's Valentine's day! You're a bee who's trying to make a young couple fall in love. Your character will make buzzing sounds, and you need to copy them by pressing A. She will also hold a buzz (which sounds like "BUZZZZZZZ!"), so you need to hold B for as long as her buzz. A barely is an miss. Also, a hit for spraying is pink, a barely is blue, & a miss is grey.
  • Monstrous Tennis: It's a one-on-one against a human & a real monster! You're the human, who's playing against Miss Monster in an tennis match. You need to keep the beat by pressing A when the tennis ball comes to you. Sometimes, Miss Monster will make the ball catch on fire (proven by fire sounds), which you need to switch to B until the ball is extinguished. When the ball is on fire, the hitting cue becomes faster. The Skill Star is collected when you hit 8 fiery tennis balls in a row. A barely is an miss.
    • Monstrous Tennis X: Same as the prequel, except that the ball catches on fire way more. Also, the match takes place on the back of an whale. The Skill Star is gotten by waiting after the music dies down, before hitting an fiery tennis ball that comes out of the sky!
  • Kitchen Commander: You're a robot, who's being commander by a tiny girl in a hat & scarf. You need to march your way to the refrigerator, so can discover the "Midnight Snack". When the girl says "Now go!", you march by pressing A; & when she says "Wait, stop!", you stop pressing that button. When she whispers "Duck down", you press the down button to duck; and when she whispers "Stand up", you press up to get out of hiding.
  • Peach Paradise: You're an toy solider who's picking peaches for an elderly lady. You pick a peach by pressing A to an steady beat. There are 4 types of peaches- pink peaches (takes one beat to pick), orange peaches (two beats to pick), red peaches (takes two & a half beat to pick), and white peaches (takes one & a half beats to pick). The Skill Star is collected when you pick one red peach after picking 9 white peaches. A barely is an miss.
    • Peach Paradise 2: Same as the original, except that near the middle, thescreen heavily darkens. The only visual cues is the light in the solider’s helmet, but even that turns off eventually.
  • Funky Factory: You have a job in widget building, & you have to build as many as you possibly can. Like Built to Scale (DS), it uses 3D graphics; and like Poly-Rod (Polyrhythm), it uses a right-pointing viewpoint instead of a left-facing viewpoint. Your in-game character holds a Wii U-like control pad, with some buttons on the side. You uses this to aim & shoot your rods. Tap the touchscreen (In most versions) to aim for the body of widgets, & press any button to shoot the rod. There are 6 types of widgets: The normal square one (takes 4 beats to shoot), a triangle (three beats), a pentagon (five beats), and a hexagon (six beats). A barely is a miss.
  • Tempo Temple: The temple is under attack! You're in a trio consisting of a blue-haired boy in black clothing, a yellow-haired boy who's also in black, & a red-haired girl in white. You're the girl. The attackers are grey figures with chains & balls. You need to counter them by attacking after the two boys. Press A to punch, & B to kick. A barely is a hit.
  • Cactus Catch:
  • Butter-FLY:
  • Drummer's Parade:
  • Sword School:
  • Carnivore Carnival:
  • Pirate Crew (3DS): Pirate Captain Jackie & her pirate crew are searching for an island that hides a chest full of booty! (I'm so sorry for saying that). To do so, you (the pirate on the middle right side) need to row the boat by pressing A to the beat. The rowing starts when Jackie yells "Everybody row!". She'll tell you to do turns too ("OK, now turn!"), which tells you to press A faster. When she says "Back to rowing!", go back to the normal rhythm. The game isn't just rowing, however, as enemy ships will approach the crew. When the crew realizes this & whimpers "Uh-oh!", prepare your cannon by holding B for 2 beats, then release to shoot a cannonball. A barely is a hit for rowing, & a miss for shooting.
  • Catchy Beats: Same as Catchy Tune, but there's some new cues: A coconut, which is the second slowest fruit & otherwise acts like the other 2 cues. The other one is two peaches/apples falling down at once, which requires the D-Pad & A button to be pressed at the same time. The last cue is much faster then the orange, so watch out! Instead of playing as Praline & Arline, you're a cat & a monkey. They're tagged along with a yellow cat & a blue puppy, who would react during gameplay.
  • Pajama Paradise: Same as Pajama Party, but with an 5-beat sleep cue, and more pillow tossing & sleeping. Mako was replaced with a boy who has a very bad nightmare.
  • Black Bear: Same as Blue Bear, except that the donuts & cakes are replaced with cookies & brownies, respectively.
  • Fruit Basket 2/3: Same as Fruit Basket (2), but with much more melons. It also takes place on an beach, with an island in the background.
  • LumBEARjane: Same as LumBEARjack (2), but you're an brown bear who's chopping wood in a circus. The cats are dress up like lions.
  • Kitty Clap/Kitties! 2: Same as it's prequel, but with more fish appearing & more spins were done multiple times in a row. Most of the game had been recolored purplish-blue, & the Quicknibble was replaced with a Threefish.

Main Differences

Besides the games changing, there are other changes from the original, such as:

  • Rat Race, Shoot-'Em-Up, Frog Hop, Lockstep, & Jumpin' Jazz have their barely-as-hits back.
  • The game having no prequel/story games at all, with most of the original versions (except Shoot-'Em-Up & Flipper-Flop) taking their place.
    • Catchy Tune, Fruit Basket, & LumBEARjack are their sequels from Megamix.
  • Some of the Skill Stars are moved, such as Tongue Lashing's being the 3rd red bug instead of the 2nd, & Kitties!/Kitty Clap's being when you spin three times in a row.
  • Karate Man Flows! (Returns!) retains the Flow Meter from Tengoku, the "Hit 2!" cue, the lightbulbs, the bomb. Also, the game's Rhythm Item is the Soccer Ball from Story!Karate Man instead of the Cooking Pot.
  • In First/Second Contact, Toss Boys, Bunny Hop, Flipper-Flop, Sick Beats CL, Tap Trial, The Clappy/Snappy Trio, Rat Race, Bounce to Scale (bouncing only), Ninja Bodyguard/Boyfriend, and Animal Acrobat/Jungle Gymnast; a barely is a hit. The reason this was changed is unknown.
  • The game's story is rewritten: Instead of one of the Lands needing their flow back by playing story games, someone's just blocking the way, & the game are played to encourage it to move.
  • The additions of Galaxy Land, Top-Head Tower, Bonus World, Duet Mode, & Rhythm Toys.
  • The all-new games (with the exceptions of Karate Man Senior & Karate Couple) are given original jingles instead of reusing some from previous Rhythm Heaven games.
  • Touch! Mode replaces Simple Tap. It includes tapping, holding, swiping (left & right, up & down), and flicking (Only in Rockers 2).
  • New characters are added; Parsley, a Gatekeeper wannabe, & Phoebe, a purple farm-girl bear. The former is the "Gatekeeper" of the three Endless games unlocked during your time at the Lush Forest, and the later appears in Galaxy Land.
    • There are 6 new characters in Lush Forest, replacing those who now only appear in the Starter Lands: Arflette, a giant bee who's trying to disguise herself as a Beedog; Mack, a young girl who wants to turn Machine Tower into a giant robot; Kookin, Shef's mentor, who owns a five-star restaurant & is a fantastic cook; Doey, Donna's little brother who wants to own a donut shop when he grows up; Frizz, a girl whose hair is so messy, that birds reside in it; & Hatch-lin, a Japanese bird-person who's on a quest to find his birds.
  • Due to Exhibition Match being removed, Board Meeting takes its place in Left-Hand Remix, Penguin Parade takes it's place in the So Many Monkeys!, Splashdown takes its place in Be a Good Sport & Extreme Sports, Shoot-'Em-Up takes it's place in Aim True, Rat Race takes it's place in All or Nothing!, and Bon Fest takes it's place in "Hello, Ladies..." Challenge Train(s).
  • Rhythm Items are renamed Souvenirs for unknown reasons.
  • The credits theme is a new rearrangement of Classmate. It's played by a piano, & two girls are singing it's lyrics. The original version is in Starry Remix.
  • The Story of True Love, A Big Drop of Tears (renamed to "Teardrops"), & both versions of Classmate are given English lyrics in the international versions.
    • Due to this, the Train "Getting Vocal 2" had changed. The new list is: Frog Hop, Bon Fest, Honeybee Remix, Machine Remix, & Lush Remix.
  • "Kitties!", "Cosmic Rhythm Rally", & "Hole in One 2" were renamed to "Kitty Clap", "Cosmic Rally", & "Hole in Two", respectively.
  • In Japanese, Second Contact was renamed to 2nd Interpreter (2nd通訳者).
  • In all versions of the game, Trey matches his North American appearance from the original.
  • In all versions, the title cards look more unique, like in Fever.
  • The following Remixes' Epilogues were changed to:
    • Rockin' Remix/Remix 2 (Wii): Remix 8 (Wii)'s
    • Kitchen Remix/Remix 3 (Wii): Remix 1 (Wii)'s
    • Prehistoric Remix/Remix 5 (Wii): Remix 7 (GBA)'s
    • Cosmic Remix/Remix 7 (Wii): Remix 6 (Wii)'s
    • Backstage Remix/Remix 9 (Wii): Remix 3 (Wii)'s
    • Golden Remix/Remix 10 (DS): Remix 7 (Wii)'s, except that Note replaces Marshal.
    • Farm Remix/Remix 7 (GBA), Chinese Remix/Remix 8 (GBA), Photograph Remix/Remix 8 (Wii), Heartbeat Remix/Remix 4 (DS), & Arcade Remix/Remix 1 Tempo Up!: All-new screens.
  • Space Dance & Cosmic Dance no longer share the same audio cues; in fact, the new cues for the latter (both in Japanese & English) are nearly identical to the infamous English cues from Megamix, except that "And Pose" was replaced with "Turn Right" in the Japanese version.
  • Glee Club got new controls for the Button Mode.


Story Mode (Main)

Honeybee Land

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Karate Man Flows! The key to karate, as in all other things, is rhythm. Now, let us throw some stuff at you for you to punch. A: Punch Tap: Punch Soccer Ball The last cue
Karate Man Flows!
Fillbots This factory builds robots. (What did you expect?) It's your job to fuel 'em up once they're built. Hold A: Fill

Release: Stop

Tap & Hold: Fill

Release: Stop

Robo Juice After filling up the 1st big robot
Fillbots Oil 3DS
Board Meeting You finally made it to the big office! If you want to impress the chairman, follow your assistant's advice. A: Stop chair Tap: Stop chair VIP Sunglasses After 2 “1-2-3”s in a row
Board Meeting 3DS gameplay
Catchy Tune I like to hang out at the bottom of these stairs, because sometimes fruit bounces down them. Free Fruit! A: Catch on the right

D-Pad: Catch on the left

Swipe right: Catch on the right

Swipe Left: Catch on the left

Tap: Catch on both sides

Paper Bag Dun-dun dun-dun dun-dun catch-catch (oranges)
Jumping Road

Machine Land

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Rhythm Tweezers My roots are showing! Can you pluck them off? A or D-Pad: Pluck hairs

Hold A or D-Pad: Pluck curly hairs

Tap: Pluck hairs

Hold: Pluck curly hairs

Onion Skin The last hair on the last vegetable
Veggie pluck gameplay
Glee Club Join a trio of chorus singers. You're the third, so you just have to keep up with the others! Release A: Shut Yap

Hold A: Sing

B: Wail

Hold: Shut yap

Release: Sing

Swipe: Wail

Baton La-LAA, La-LAA, La-LAAA
Glee Club 3DS
Double Date It's your first date with the girl of your dreams! Also, some weasels are on a date! Don't let the mood get ruined! A: Kick Tap: Kick Football The 5th (American) football
Double Date 3DS Gameplay
Fruit Basket Time to put a fresh and surprisingly literal spin on the idea of "street basketball." Also, fruit! A: Dunk fruit Tap: Dunk fruit Non-Fruit Ball The 4th melon (1st in the original Megamix)
Slam Dunked 2

Gate 1

Game Descriptions Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Tunnel Play the cowbell, but be aware of tunnels. (Saffron's Trial)

Play the cowbell, but be aware of muffled music. (Saltwater's Trial

Play the cowbell, be beware of sudden silence! (Pararika's Trial)

Play the cowbell as long as you'll like, but beware of tunnels! (Museum)

A: Hit cowbell Tap: Hit cowbell Cowbell; Shiny Cowbell
Tunnel Reanimated

Citrus Land

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
The Clappy Trio "The world-famous Clappy Trio never misses a beat. You're the third in line, so just keep an eye on what the other two do!" A: Clap Tap: Clap Clappy Costume The 2nd quick clap cue
The Clappy Trio Wii
Shoot-'Em-Up Invasion alert! Invasion alert! Scramble fighters, STAT! Or...practice first, and then scramble. Whatever works for you. A or D-Pad: Shoot Tap: Shoot Model Spaceship During the 3rd wave, shoot the last alien in the 1st 7-invader set
Shoot-'Em-Up gameplay 3DS
Micro-Row "Through the microscope, there's a whole 'nother world!" A: Swim Tap: Swim Microbe Slide After 2 3-swim cues
Micro-Row 3DS gameplay
First Contact "Mission control, we encountered a Martian! I'm going to attempt to translate what it says." A or D-Pad: Translate Tap: Translate Pork Rice Bowl ”… behind PORK RICE BOWLS!!”
Story interpreter gameplay

Donut Land

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Rat Race You are a rat. She is a cat. You love cheese. We have all the ingredients of a tense encounter. Hold A: Stop

Release: Go

Hold: Stop

Release: Go

Stoplight Second-to last release cue
Cheese Heist gameplay 3DS
Fan Club Pop stars can't make it on their own. They need the help of fans like you to get the audience worked up! A: Clap

Hold B: Crouch

Release B: Jump

Tap: Clap

Hold down: Crouch

Swipe: Jump

Fan's Fan ”… for all time, I suppose”
Fan Club 3DS Gameplay
See-Saw Seesaw inspectors do important work to ensure the safety of our children. Serious business. No shenanigans. A: Stomp Tap: Stomp Fulcrum Last very high jump
See-Saw gameplay
Animal Acrobat This is the big finale under the big top! This acrobat is not monkeying around! Hold A: Grab

Release A: Swing off

Hold down: Grab

Swipe: Swing off

Spotlight Let go when you swing off 2 giraffes in a row
Monkey circus play

Gate 2

Game Descriptions Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenirs Image
Mr. Upbeat Step over the needle! (Saffron's Trial)

Step over the tricky needle! (Saltwater's Trial)

Step over the speedy needle! (Paprika's Trial)

Step over the needle for as long as possible! (Museum)

A: Step Tap: Step Needle; Golden Needle

Barbershop Land

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Sneaky Spirits Ghosts are trying to escape their haunted house! Grab your trusty bow, and don't let them get past you! A: Shoot arrow Tap: Shoot arrow Bow 2nd-to-last ghost
Sneaky Spirits Wii
Rhythm Rally Return the ball to the beat! The trick is knowing how quickly the ball is coming at you. Good luck! A: Swing paddle Tap: Swing paddle Strawberry Paddle Fast ball cue after 4 slow ones
Rhythm Rally 3DS gameplay
Figure Fighter It's the latest in toy-boxer technology! Try him out- you'll be the tiny, inflatable champ in no time! A: Inflate Tap: Inflate Open Box The 2nd “1-2” when the light blocks your view for the first time
Figure Fighter gameplay
LumBEARjack Excuse us. You look like a big, strong bear. Would you mind helping us weak little cats with our firewood? A: Chop Tap: Chop Overalls The fridge at the end
Wild woodwork002

Songbird Land

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Think you've got what it takes to tap-dance with monkeys?
(Wait, what?)
A: Tap Tap: Tap Tap Shoes Jump 3 times in a row for the 2nd time
Tap Trial Wii gameplay
Frog Hop These frogs really tear up the stage, but what really sells it are the backup dancers! Go set that stage on fire! A: Shake hips

Hold B: Prepare

Release B: Spin

Tap: Shake hips

Hold down: Prepare

Swipe: Spin

Microphone While the song sings “hey, hey, hey!”, spin along
Frog Hop Gameplay 3DS
Ringside Live from ringside! We hear the champ's innermost thoughts and feelings after the match! A: Answer/Flex

B: Pose

Tap: Answer/Flex

Swipe: Pose

Sports Page Near the end, pose 4 times in a row.
Ringside Wii
Tangotronic 3000 I'm gonna ace this tango competition: I've found the perfect dance partner. He's like a dancing machine! A: Spin head/Pose step

Hold & release B: Spin & Pose

Tap: Spin head/Pose step

Hold & swipe: Spin & Pose

Silver Trophy Final spin cue

Gate 3

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Charging Chicken Charge up Mr. Chicken's electric car just enough to get to the goal without falling! (Saffron's Trial)

Charge up Mr. Chicken's electric car EXACTLY enough to get to the goal or you'll fall! (Saltwater Trial)

Charge up Mr. Chicken's electric car EXACTLY enough to get to the goal or you'll fall. (Heh heh...) (Paprika's Trial)

Charge up Mr. Chicken's electric car to get as far as possible without falling! (Museum)

Hold A: Charge car

Release: Stop charging

Hold: Charge car

Release: Stop charging

License; Golden License
Chicken Race gameplay

Lush Tower

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Spaceball Ignore the camera's wild zooms! Make the ball zoom wildly away! Don't blink! Don't wipe your tears! A: Swing bat Tap: Swing bat Rice Ball Between the bunny & red-head guy costume change, hit the 2-beat ball
Space ball 3DS
Dog Ninja Ninjas rock. They can cut through, like, anything. Also? This ninja's a dog. A: Cut something Tap: Cut something Mister Eagle The frying pan
Dog Ninja gameplay 3DS
Hole in One There's a secret to hitting a hole in one every time. Timing your swing to the music makes it easier. A: Swing golf club Tap: Swing club Golf Trophy Mandrill’s 5th ball toss
Hole in One Wii
Sumo Bros. You and your brother are sumo wrestlers in training. You need to prove your strength, wisdom, & courage to Inu-Senshi! Oh, & you also need to practice doing cool poses. A: Slap/Stomp

B: Pose

Tap: Slap/Stomp

Swipe: Pose

Fake Glasses After posing 2 times in a row
Lush Remix We're starting to mix things up!
Let nature calm and relax you! (No practice)
See above See above Fast-Growing Tree Pose for the 2nd time in Sumo Bros
Forest Remix Title

Honeybee Tower

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Marching Orders Ready, march! Following orders as a unit builds a sense of camaraderie. Also, rhythm. A: March

B: Halt

Left: Face Left

Right: Face Right

Tap: March

Swipe Down: Halt

Swipe Left: Face Left

Swipe Right: Face Right

Marching Helmet The delayed halt cue
Marcher gameplay 3DS
The Dazzles Snappy starlets the Dazzles need a new member for their TV show. Prove you've got what it takes with a dazzling audition! Hold A: Crouch

Release: Pose

Hold down: Crouch

Swipe: Pose

Ice Cube Tray ”… and down on you!”
The Dazzles 3ds version
Air Rally Keep the rally going in this badminton game! Try not to let the birdie go out of bounds... A: Swing racket Tap: Swing racket Birdie Before the sunset-to-Night transition, hit the birdie after 2 “ba-bum-ba-bum” cues in a row
Air Rally gameplay
Pajama Party Let's be honest; everything, including pajama parties, is better with monkeys. ESPECIALLY pajama parties. A: Jump/Sleep

Hold B: Prepare

Release B: Throw pillow

Tap: Jump/Sleep

Hold down: Prepare

Swipe: Throw pillow

Fluffy Pillow Throw your pillow for the second time
Pillow Dance
Honeybee Remix We're mixin' things up here!
This mix is sweet like honey! (No practice)
See above See above Pacifist Bee In one of The Dazzles segments, release during the “1-2-3, 4-5-6” cue from The Dazzles 2
Bee Remix

Machine Tower

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Night Walk What could be better than a stroll in the starlight? How about a series of jumps in the starlight? A: Jump Tap: Jump Magical Flowers The last block
Freeze Frame Capture the excitement of car racing on film! There's a fortune to be made on the racing circuit! A: Take picture Tap: Take picture Racing Magazine When T.J Snapper’s girlfriend photobombs you
Freeze Frame gameplay 3DS
Cheer Readers You know who doesn't get enough support? People studying at the library. Let's cheer them on! A: Flip book

Hold B: Spin book

Release B: Open book

Tap: Flip book

Hold down: Spin book

Swipe: Open Book

Studying Set After 3 “OK, it’s on!” cues, flip your book during the “Rah-rah sis boom ba-BOOM” one afterwords
Cheer Readers Gameplay
Blue Bear This poor bear never learned that it's not a good idea to eat your feelings... A: Eat donut on the right

D-Pad: Eat cake on the left

Tap: Eat donut

Swipe: Eat cake

Coupon Eat a cake after eating 6 donuts in a row
Blue Bear Left-Hand
Machine Remix We're mixin' things up here!
And working like a well-oiled machine! (No practice)
See above See above Utility Truck In one of the Freeze Frame parts, when the song sings “oshietekurerudarou” (or “The meaning of life” in the international versions), take a picture of 3 cars in a row
Machine Remix

Citrus Tower

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Tram & Pauline The Aerial Foxes are starting their show!
Wait- are they actually humans? Foxes? Human? Fox- oh, never mind!
A: Transform Pauline

D-Pad: Transform Tram

Swipe Right: Transform Pauline

Swipe Left: Transform Tram

Tap: Transform both

Kitsune Charm When Tram & Pauline jump at the same time 4 times in a row, perfect the final transformation
Tram & Pauline Megamixed
DJ School "Pick up some tips from DJ Yellow, and see if you can learn his patented move. Scratch-o, hey!" Hold A: Start & hold a break

Release A: Spin turnable

Hold: Start & hold a break

Swipe: Spin turnable

Headphones Break when DJ Yellow’s voice cracks near the end
Download (47)
Launch Party Countdown initiated. The Rhythm Rockets are ready to launch. It's time to see the world from a new angle. A: Launch Tap: Launch Launchpad When the song speeds up, launch a Family Model Rhythm Rocket after a Bell one
Launch Party gameplay
Stumble Bee Valentine's Day make many young couples buzzzz about their relationship. Let's help this duo out. A: Spray

Hold B: Long spray

Tap: Spray

Hold down: Long spray

Love Spray At the end of the longest buzz Coming soon!
Citrus Remix We're mixin' things up here!
This mix is enriched with Vitamin C! (No practice)
See Above See Above Juicy Orange Before the “nothingness” segment of Stumble Bee, release/flick during one of the DJ School parts.
Orange Remix

Donut Tower

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Bunny Hop This rabbit has an impossible goal: to jump all the way to the moon! Can you make his absurd dream reality? A: Hop Tap: Hop Mortar & Pestle Land after you get launched into the air for the second time
Bunny Hop Arcade
Airboarder What's more fun than surfing? Surfing on the air! Watch out for these huge blocks someone left all over. A: Duck

Hold B: Duck, then prepare

Release B: Jump

Tap: Duck

Hold: Prepare

Swipe: Jump

Comic Book During the line “So let’s go!”, jump!
Airboarder 3ds gameplay
Working Dough It's time to get to work, dough-boy! Follow your coworker's lead and move those thingies! A: Weak jump

B: Strong jump

Tap: Weak jump

Swipe: Strong jump

Small Dough Hit the ball with Mr. Game & Watch inside of it.
Working Dough gameplay
Tongue Lashing Chameleons are great pets to have around if you don't like your house to be infested with...critters. A: Stick tongue out Tap: Stick tongue out Chameleon Wax 3rd red bug
Chameleon Stick
Donut Remix We're mixin' things up here!
It's true: donuts are delicious! (No practice)
See above See above Frosted Donut Jump during the 2nd Airboarder segment
Donut Remix

Barbershop Tower

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Space Dance You want a dancing challenge? Try dancing in zero gravity! IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! Right: Pose/Turn

Down: Squat

A: Punch

Swipe Right: Pose/Turn

Swipe Down: Squat

Tap: Punch

Space ' 3rd punch
Space Dance gameplay 3DS
Munchy Monk Your training takes place deep in the mountains. We call it training, but it's really just eating dumplings all day. Enjoy! A: Slap wrist Tap: Slap wrist Baby Carrier The end of the 2nd go-go-go cue
Munchy Monk gameplay 3DS
Flipper-Flop We may look like cute, fluffy lumps of joy, but this expedition team trains hard and always follows our captain's orders! A: Flip

B: Roll over

Tap: Flip

Swipe: Roll over

Blubber Latte End of the triple-flip cue after doing 8 Flipper-Rolls
Flipper Flop Wii
Kitty Clap Aww, they're so cute, you guys! But they need their clapping and spinning skills to get some yummy fish for dinner! A: Clap/Get fish

Hold & release B: Spin

Tap: Clap/Get fish

Hold & swipe: Spin

Tasty Fish After doing 3 spins in a row
Neko clap
Barbershop Remix We're mixin' things up here!
How would you like it cut today? (No practice)
See above See above Tools of Style 3rd fish in Kitty Clap
Fashion Remix

Songbird Tower

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Have you ever tried writing Japanese calligraphy? It requires grace, finesse, and a surprising amount of upper-body strength. A: Write (with power) Tap: Write (with power) Calligraphy Set The last cue
Power Calligraphy Wii Gameplay
Blue Birds The captain is a little intense. He'll get mad if you mess up, but just let it roll like water off a duck's back. A: Peck

Hold A & release: Stretch neck

Tap: Peck

Hold & swipe: Stretch neck

Captain's Cap After stretching your neck out 3 times in a row
Blue Birds Deluxe
Flock Step So many birds migrating together! Of course, to avoid stepping on each others' toes, they'll need rhythm... A: March

Hold B: Squat

Release B: Jump

Tap: March

Hold: Squat

Swipe: Jump

Colorful Feathers Beofore the zoom-out, release on the last of 3 quick jumps in a row
Flock Step Wii
Super Samurai Slice The Wandering Samurai has been standing up to evil for a long, long time. A or D-Pad: Slice a small demon

Hold B: Guard against a big demon

Release: Slice a big demon

Tap: Slice a small demon

Hold: Guard against a big demon

Swipe: Slice a big demon

Monster Debris Right before getting on the skateboard, slice a big demon
Samurai Slice
Songbird Remix We're mixin' things up here!
Birds are natural musicians! (No practice)
See above See above Songbird's Egg Before the first Power Calligraphy segment, slice a big demon in Super Samurai Slice.
Bird Remix

Parsley's Endless Games

Game Descriptions Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenirs Image
Munchy Bunch Feed the Kid eggs & peas! He needs to be healthy! (Easy Mode)

Feed the Kid eggs & peas! He needs to grow strong! (Medium Mode)

Feed the Kid eggs & peas! He can't enter the Glee Club with a weak throat! (Hard Mode)

Feed the Kid as many eggs & peas as possible! He'll be healthy forever! (Museum)

A: Feed egg

Hold B: Feed peas

Tap: Feed egg

Hold down: Feed peas

Handful of Peas; Truckload of Peas
Samurai Slice Gaiden Time for training! Slice as much as you can! (Easy Mode)

Time for training! Slice anything that comes at you! (Medium Mode)

Time for BRUTAL training! Slice everything, EVERYTHING!! (Hard Mode)

Time for training! Slice everything for as long as you can! (Museum)

A: Stomp on plank

B: Slice

Tap: Stomp on plank

Swipe: Slice

Blue Fish; Gold Fish

Not final

Sick Beats We've got an outbreak of an unknown virus! The only treatment it responds to is tiny forks in rhythm! (Easy Mode)

We've got a big outbreak of an unknown virus! The only treatment it responds to is tiny forks in rhythm! (Medium Mode)

We've got a massive outbreak of an unknown virus! The only treatment it responds to is tiny forks in rhythm! (Hard Mode)

We've got an outbreak of an unknown virus! You're gonna need a LOT of forks for this one! (Museum)

Arrows on D-Pad/move C-Stick: Shoot in that direction Swipe left, up, right, or down: Shoot in that direction Radio; Boom Box
Doctor bacteria 3ds Endless

Story Mode (Post-Game)

Star Land

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Rap Men Oh yeah! The Rap Men are here with their hot new hit- Snack Rap! A: Rap Tap: Rap Cassette Tape When the red rappers says “Hey, who stole the rest?”
Rap Men Megamixed
Space Soccer Don't drop the ball! It takes crafty legwork to keep that thing in the air! High kick, toe! A: Kick

Hold & release A: High kick

Tap: Kick

Hold & Swipe: High kick

Soccer Helmet The high kick cue before leaving your buddies behind
Download (45)
Tap Troupe Shoes on their feet & boxes on their heads, this quadlet dreams of being stars! (What's up with those boxes, though?) A: Tap Tap: Tap Tall Tapper's Box The longest bom-bom-bom cue
Tap Troupe Remix 10
Monstrous Tennis Welcome to the Ultra Tournament! You opponent has no mercy with an arm like that! Close your eyes & hit that ball! A: Swing racket

B: Powerful swing

Tap: Swing racket

Swipe: Powerful swing

Human's Racket The Skill Star is collected when you hit 8 fiery tennis balls in a row. Coming soon!

Comet Land

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Ninja Bodyguard An enemy is attacking your lord! Block the arrows with your sword- and maybe bring a shield next time! A: Swing sword right (Only when sword is left)

D-Pad: Swing sword left (Only when sword is right)

Slide right: Swing sword right

Slide left: Swing sword left

Scroll When the white ninjas shoot 4 arrows
Ninja gameplay 3DS
Crop Stomp "Harvest Time! It's a weird way to pluck beets, but it works. Oh, and watch for moles!" A: Stomp

Hold A: Prepare

Release A: Toss

Tap: Stomp

Swipe: Toss

Beet Basket The lone vegetable in the middle of the game
Crop Stomp Megamixed
Donk-Donk This one's hard to explain. Just focus on switching between the two rhythms. You'll get the hang of it. A: "Donk" Tap: "Donk" Blimp Thingie Donk-DWONK! Deet-dee-doo
Donk-Donk gameplay
Crabby Country Ya'll know 'bout them huge claws on some crabs? They're used to attract a possible mate. So shake them claws & get dancin'! C-Pad: Shake claw

A: Click claw

Slide: Shake claw

Tap: Click claw

Prosthetic Claw Copy the pattern where the female crab clicks her claws twice near the end. Coming soon

Gate 4

Game Descriptions Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Cawmedy Club You're top-notch manzai birds. Keep your audience entertained! (Saffron's Trial)

You're A-Plus manzai birds. Keep your audience laughing! (Saltwater's Trial)

You're award-winning manzai birds. Make your audience howl with laughter! (Paprika's Trial)

You're top-notch manzai birds. Keep the show running for as long as possible! (Museum)

A: Talk

D-Pad: Slap vulture

Tap: Talk

Swipe: Slap vulture

Show Ticket; Sold-Out Ticket
Manzai Birds Wii

Planet Land

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Beat Ball The Toss Bros. (and their one girl) are ready to show off their skills with the ball! A: Hit ball with Rosy-Red (Red Girl)

B: Hit ball with Sky-Blue (Blue Boy)

D-Pad: Hit ball with Gold Dan (Yellow Man)

Swipe right: Hit ball with Rosy-Red

Tap: Hit ball with Sky-Blue

Swipe left: Hit ball with Gold Dan

Deflated Ball Rosy-REEEEDDDDD!
Toss Boys 3DS
Rockers "Nothing says "rock" like dueling guitars. See if you got the skills to stand in the spotlight!" C-Pad: Strum

A: Mute strum/Short note

Swipe: Strum

Tap: Mute strum/Short note

Hair Gel The last one
Rockers Megamixed
Monkey Watch This new watch works differently from most. You might want to read the manual to learn how to use it... A: High-five Tap: High-five Monkey Watch After high-fiving 3 pink monkeys in a row
Monkey Watch Wii
Kitchen Commander We're traveling outside of the bedroom to discover the mysterious "Midnight Snack." It's just me & my giant robot! A: March

Down: Duck

Up: Get out of hiding

Tap: March

Swipe down: Duck

Swipe Up: Get out of hiding

Refrigerator Get out of hiding as soon as you get to the fridge Coming soon!

Galaxy Land

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Skill Star Image
Bon Fest Oh, a festival's starting! Donpans, take your positions! We're ready to start clapping! A: Clap Tap: Clap Megaphone ”It is made in JaPAN”
The Bon Odori

(Not final)

Lockstep This one's all about hitting the beat, flipping it, and then nailing the backbeat. Experience both sides of the rhythm! A: March Tap: March Famous Painting Near the end of the game, switch back to the onbeat
Lockstep 3DS
Love Rap Love! The most powerful feeling in the world, best expressed through the ancient art of hip-hop. A: Rap Tap: Rap MC Adore's Car Slowest “Crazy Into You!”
Love Rap gameplay
Peach Paradise Picking peaches is hard work. Fortunately, I hired these former soldiers. They may be made of wood, but they're very tough! A: Pick peach Tap: Pick peach Finest Peach Pick one red peach after picking 9 white ones. Coming soon!

Gate 5

Game Descriptions Controls (3DS, Wii U, Orca, & Handheld Switch) Controls (Docked Switch) Souvenirs Image
Funky Factory What we're building is so strange,
that even the controls are weird!
(Saffron's Trial)

What we're building is so funky,
that the controls evolved to the oddness!
(Saltwater's Trial)

What we're building is so wacky,
that the controls went insane!
(Paprika's Trial)

Forget the controls.
What we're building takes forever!

Tap Touchscreen: Aim for cubes

Any button: Shoot rod

L or R triggers: Aim for cubes

Any other button: Shoot rod

Defective Widget; Round Widget Coming soon!

Left-Hand Tower

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Ninja Boyfriend "Don't mess with me! My great-great-great-so-many-greats-grandpa was a ninja! (No practice)" A: Swing sword right

D-Pad: Swing sword left

Slide right: Swing sword right

Slide left: Swing sword left

Dusty Scroll
Ninja Boyfriend Alt
Fan Club 2 "Looks like our little pop idol's career has taken off, and her superfans couldn't
be happier! They've pulled out all the stops this time!
A: Clap

Hold B: Crouch

Release B: Jump

Tap: Clap

Hold down: Crouch

Swipe: Jump

Bear Tee
Fan Club 2 left arm fix
Figure Fighter 2 "The problem with being the champ is that everyone wants to take your title away from you. Defend it! (No practice)" A: Inflate Tap: Inflate In-Mint Figure
Figure Fighter 2 Gameplay
Jungle Gymnast "Our animal acrobat was originally inspired by his sister back in the jungle. Check out her skills!" Hold A: Grab on

Release: Let go

Hold down: Grab on

Swipe: Let go

Cute Bow
Midair Trapeze 2 gameplay
Left-Hand Remix "We're REALLY mixin' things up here! Better be sharp! (No practice)" See Above See Above Happy Sun
Left Remix

Right-Hand Tower

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Turbo Tap Trial "Seriously, do you got what it takes to tap dance with THEM? Their little monkey feet are on fire! (No practice)" A: Tap Tap: Tap Tap Dress
Camel in Tap Trial 2
Chompy Circus "Turns out that eating dumplings is a bad practice for being a monk, but it's great for the circus! (No practice)" A: Slap wrist Tap: Slap wrist Top Hat
Screenshot 2018-05-14 at 8.06.56 AM
Hole in Two "Get another hole in one! Have you got what it takes to keep Monkey and Mandrill happy this time around? (No practice)" A: Swing club Tap: Swing club Sun Visor
Hole in One 2 gameplay
Super Samurai Slice II "There is no place the Wandering Samurai will not go to fight evil. (No practice)" A: Cut small demons

Hold B: Block

Release B: Slice big demon

Tap: Cut small demons

Hold down: Block

Swipe: Slice big demon

Splash Debris
Samurai Slice 2 3DS gameplay
Right-Hand Remix "We're REALLY mixin' things up here! You'll need your dexterity! (No practice)" See above See above Laughing Planet
Right Remix

Top-Head Tower

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Rap Women "There's new rappers on the block! Get intoxicated by this sweet (and salty) melody. (No practice)" A: Rap Tap: Rap Rap CD
Rapwomen gameplay

(Not final)

Honeybots "Orders for robots are through the roof! I hope you don't mind pulling some overtime…" Hold A: Fill

Release A: Stop

Hold down: Fill

Release: Stop

Small Model
Double Date 2 "A romantic date on the farm, getting close to nature. What could go wrong? (No practice)" A: Kick Tap: Kick Rainbow Sheep
Double Date 2 farm gameplay
Second Contact "Fellow Martians, I've encountered an Earthling! I'm going to attempt to translate what it says. (No practice)" A or D-Pad: Translate Tap: Translate Mars
Second Contact Gameplay
Top-Head Remix "We're REALLY mixin' things up here! Hang on to your hat! (No practice)" See above See above Winking Moon Coming soon!

Tibby's Mom

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Cosmic Dance "These paragons of danciness have mastered their zero-gravity moves and are ready to show off! (No practice)" Right: Pose

Down: Squat

A: Punch

Swipe right: Pose

Swipe down: Squat

Tap: Punch

Cosmic Hat
Cosmo Dance 3DS gameplay
Cosmic Cowboys "The Space Kickers are back, and they got a western theme too! Enjoy! (No practice)" A: Kick

Hold & release A: High kick

Tap: Kick

Hold & Swipe: High kick

Rocking Horse
Space Soccer 2 west

(Not final)

Micro-Row 2 "Unbelievable! The microbes' behavior has changed! They're somehow more... jaunty. We'll have to observe them closely." A: Swim Tap: Swim Pipette
Micro-Row 3 MF5k
Karate Man Senior "Where do you think Karate Joe learned his skills originally? Watch a true master at work!" A: Punch

Hold A: Crouch

Release A: Kick

Hold B: Combo

Release B: End combo

Tap: Punch

Hold down: Crouch or start combo

Swipe: Kick

Release: End combo

LED Lightbulbs
Karate Man's Father gameplay
Final Remix "We're TRUELY mixin' things up here! This is the final test of your rhythm skills! (No practice)" See above See above Stuffed Animal
Final Remix

The Shop

A bold title indicates that the minigame is only in the Orca edition.

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Bouncy Road "See that ball bouncing down the road? You wouldn't want to let it fall...would you?" A: Bounce with yellow pole

D-Pad: Bounce with red pole

Tap: Bounce with yellow pole

Swipe: Bounce with red pole

Hopping road
Penguins & Primates "Oh boy, it's time for the Flightless Fancy's latest show! Don't disappoint the crowd!" A: Hit switch Tap: Hit switch Squeaky Hammer
Showtime Tengoku
Poly-Rod "Wake up, factory! We have some Red Rods to send. Take these things out of here!" A: Use lower square

D-Pad: Use upper square

Tap: Use lower square

Swipe: Use upper square

Red Rod
Polyrhythm Custom
Splashdown "There's no I in swimming, so get out there and- wait, there is? Get out there anyway!" Hold A: Dive normally

Release A: Surface

Hold B: Dive with a dolphin/swimmer

Release B: Jump out with dolphin/throw swimmer

Hold down: Dive

Release: Surface

Swipe: Jump out with dolphin/throw swimmer

Bath Toy
Splashdown Megamixed
Moai Doo-Wop "Fun Fact: When nobody's looking, moai love to sing. Coping the other's phrase requires really good timing." Hold A: "Doo"

Release A: "Wop"

Press A quickly: Shout

Hold down: "Doo"

Release: "Wop"

Quick tap: Shout

Stone Bow
Download (19)
Built to Scale "Feel the rhythm of the factory line as you... flick rods into place, apparently? Just try playing it." Hold A: Prepare

Release A: Shoot rod

Hold down: Prepare

Swipe: Shoot rod

3D Flicker
Built to Scale 3D
Fork Lifter "You never had fast food as fast as this! The more you skewer, the more you get to eat!" A: Stab food Tap: Stab food Spoon
Fork Lifter 3DS
Spirit Slice "Only a lone samurai can stop these evil spirits. What evil deeds are they up to?" A: Slice demon

Hold B: Whirlwind technique

Tap: Slice demon

Hold down: Whirlwind technique

SS fever gameplay
Bounce'N'Build "We need help down at the factory! You can help us by... Bouncing? Shooting? You know what? Just try it out." A: Bounce rod

Hold & release A + D-Pad: Shoot rod

Tap: Bounce rod

Hold & release: Shoot rod

BTS fever gameplay
Cactus Catch "In a desert very far away from here, the Carnivore Cacti awaits for it's prey, quickly reacting when an unsuspecting bird flies right above it. When that doesn't happen, it bops itself on the head." A: Raise arms Tap: Raise arms Desert Flower Coming soon
Butter-FLY "Did you know? Some types of butterflies go south for the winter, like ducks. It's a long way down, though, & you'll experience the flight down." A: Flap wings Tap: Flap wings Wingless Bug Coming soon
Drummer's Parade "We Miis are the best at drums! We keep our rhythm, & we ain't dumb! Marching 'round To-mo-dachi Island, spreading cheer across the land!" A: Hit drum Tap: Hit drum Uniform Coming soon!
Samurai Slice "The Wandering Samurai had humble beginnings. It all started with a single demon, than another demon..." A: Slice Tap: Slice Tengu Mask

(Not final)

Fireworks Show "If the scorching hot sun is making you sad, don't worry! A bunch of colorful fireworks will cheer you up." A: Denominate Tap: Denominate Fire Cracker
Fireworks Arcade

(Not final)

Sick Beats CL "Note from your assistant: A terrible germ outbreak is happening! Make a cure, Dr. Bacteria!" Arrows on D-Pad/move C-Pad: Shoot right, up, left, & down Swipe: Shoot left, right, up, or down Microscope
Doctor bacteria 3ds gameplay
Drummer Duel The red team's pushed you around for long enough! Let's show our skills in a duel! Go, Team Blue! A or D-Pad: Beat drum Tap: Beat drum Takio Drum
Download (21)
Love Lab "The researchers intend to get to the bottom of this whole "love" thing. Make sure there's no accidents!" Hold A: Catch

Release A: Throw

D-Pad: Shake

Hold down: Catch

Swipe: Throw

Slide: Shake

Love Potion
Download (43)
Karate Man Kicks! "Who knew karate training was so brutal? A punch will take care of most things, but those bombs call for a solid kick!" A: Punch

Hold A: Crouch

Release A: Kick

Tap: Punch

Hold: Crouch

Swipe: Kick

Karate Man Kicks Mirrored
Packing Pests "Welcome to quality control! Product goes in the box. Anything else--just knock it away. Let's get to work!" A: Swat away

B: Catch

Swipe: Swat away

Tap: Catch

Packing Pests Wii
Screwbot Factory "Robot assembly is a precise task. You'll need to tighten the final screw just the right amount." A or D-Pad: Jolt screw (useless)

Hold A + D-Pad: Start screwing

Release: Stop screwing

Tap: Jolt screw (useless)

Hold down: Start screwing

Release: Stop screwing

Scary Screw
Screwbot Factory Wii
Karate Man Combos! "It's karate training at its most intense! Punch the flying objects, and go crazy when a whole mess of them come at you!" A: Punch

B: Combo

A: Punch

Hold & release: Combo

Karate Man Wii gameplay
Sword School "Welcome to Singing Blade Academia! This is the final test of your sword skills. Win the game, or else you'll get diced!" Hold A: Prepare

Release A: Slice something

Hold down: Prepare

Swipe: Slice something

Sheathe Coming soon!
Carnivore Carnival "Forget about animal acrobats! Our lions are the REAL stars of the show! Abet, they are starving... Welp." A: Throw steak

B: Calm down lion

Tap: Throw steak

Swipe: Calm down lion

Piece of Steak Coming soon
Pirate Crew "Yarrr! We're on a quest to discover the lost treasure of Tsunku Bay! Can you use your flow to help us as we travel around this island?" A: Row ship

Hold B: Prepare cannon

Release B: Shoot cannonball

Tap: Row ship

Hold down: Prepare cannon

Swipe: Shoot cannonball

Pirate Ship Coming soon

Bonus World

Advanced Tower

Game Description(s) Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Mannequin Maker "Make as many approved mannequin heads or you'll get the buzzer!" (Game Lock description)

"Make as many approved mannequin heads as possible!" (Museam description)

A: Stamp face on

Right: Slap mannequin

Tap: Stamp face on

Swipe: Slap mannequin

Faceless Mannequin; Clapping Doll
Mannequin Factory

(Not final)

The Snappy Trio "Look at the trio in their Western outfits! So stylish! So handsome! Dare we say they look...snappy? (No practice)" A: Clap Tap: Clap Snappy Suit
Trio on Tour 3DS gameplay
Night Walk Micro "What could possibly ruin a series of jumps in the starlight? How about flying electric fish?" A: Jump Tap: Jump Electric Sashimi
Night Walk Micro
Marching Orders 2 "Ready, march! Let's line up to show us your sense of rhythm! Also, camaraderie. (No practice)" A: March

B: Halt

Left: Face Left

Right: Face Right

Tap: March

Swipe Down: Halt

Swipe Left: Face Left

Swipe Right: Face Right

Bunny Helmet
Marching Orders 2 3DS
Beat Ball 2 "The Toss Trio (Rosy said to rename the group) are back, and they got their new skills with them! (No practice)" A: Hit ball with Rosy-Red

B: Hit ball with Sky-Blue

D-Pad: Hit ball with Gold Dan

Swipe right: Hit ball with Rosy-Red

Tap: Hit ball with Sky-Blue

D-Pad: Hit ball with Gold Dan

Sky Ball
Toss Boys 2 3DS
Advanced Remix "Wanna test your merit? This will make your fill of Japanese rhythm games. (No practice)" See above See above Game Girl Coming soon!

Golden Tower

Game Description(s) Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Glass Tappers "Can you keep this young lady happy today?" (Rhythm Lock Description)

"Can you keep all of these lovely ladies happy for as long as possible?" (Museum Description)

A: Tap glass

Hold A: Hold down glass

B: Flick glass

Tap: Tap glass

Hold down: Hold down glass

Swipe: Flick glass

Plastic Glass; Wine Bottle
Glass tappers

(Not final)

The Dazzles DX "Ah, the Dazzles. They're back onstage with all-new moves! (No practice)" Hold A: Squat

Release A: Pose

Hold down: Squat

Swipe: Pose

Egg Carton
The Dazzles 2 3DS
Cosmic Rally "This is high-power table tennis, not for the faint of heart. If you want to win, you'll have to master the high-speed rally!" A: Swing paddle Tap: Swing paddle Rainbow Paddle
Cosmo Rally gameplay
Glee Club 2 "Looks like the chorus kids have taken their show to the road... or rather, to the beach! (No practice)" Release A: Shut yap

Hold A: Sing

B: Wail

Hold down: Shut yap

Release: Sing

Swipe: Wail

Conductor's Bikini
Screenshot 2018-05-14 at 9.22.29 AM
Shoot-'Em-Down "Intruder alert! Again! Scramble fighters! Again! Defend the homeworld! (No practice)" A or D-Pad: Shoot Tap: Shoot Invader Pillow
Shoot-'Em-Up 2 MegaRemix
Golden Remix "Time to mix things up!
Flip that thing sideways to make the mood perfect! (No practice)
See above See above Nintendo 1DS Coming soon!

Fever Tower

Game Description(s) Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Kung Fu Ball "Break the ball with your kung fu skills! What could be inside?" (Rhythm Lock Description)

"Break the balls with all of your kung-fu might! Think of the possibilities!" (Museum Description)

A/Any arrow except Down: Punch/Kick

B & Down: Heat Fu

Tap: Punch/Kick

Hold down: Heat Fu

Fish Ball; Heart Ball
Kung Fu Ball
Spirit Slice 2 "The wandering samurai had wondered further than ever, in search of the spirits. Where is he? (No practice)" A: Cut

B: Whirlwind Slice

Tap: Cut

Hold down: Whirlwind Slice

Samurai Slice 2 Gameplay
Working Dough 2 "You may be used to this job now, but a dough's work is never done. Keep up with your supervisor! (No practice)" A: Small dough

B: Big dough

Tap: Small dough

Swipe: Big dough

Big Dough
Working Dough 2 gameplay
Screwblub Factory "Our second facility builds different types of robots, but the power here is a little unreliable. ANOTHER fuse burned out? (No practice.)" A or D-Pad: Jolt screw (Useless)

A + D-Pad: Start screwing

Release: Stop screwing

Tap: Jolt screw (Useless)

Hold down: Start screwing

Release: Stop screwing

Screwbot Core
Screwbot Factory 2 gameplay

(Not final)

Packing Pests 2 "We've still got a lot of product to sort. Can we count on you for a lot of overtime?" A: Swat away

B: Catch candy

Swipe: Swat away

Tap: Catch candy

Smiley Candy
Packing Pests 2 gameplay
Fever Remix "Let's mix things up! If you can squeeze a lot of your skill into this, you'll do very well! (No practice)" See above See above Wiimote Coming soon!

Mega Tower

Game Description(s) Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Tempo Temple "Protect the ancient temple from invaders aiming to destroy it!" (Rhythm Lock description)

"Protect the ancient temple from EVERYTHING aiming to destroy it!" (Museum description)

A: Attack Tap: Attack Stone Statue; Metal Statue Coming soon!
Kitty Clap 2 "The cool cats pounced into the club, & are ready for an all-new round of even more snazzy spins & claps! (No practice)" A: Clap/Aim for fish

Hold B: Spin

Release B: Pose

Tap: Clap/Aim for fish

Hold down: Spin

Swipe: Pose

HUGE Fish!
Violet Kitties!
Catchy Beats "Apparently, there are also fruit-spewing stairs near this escalator. I'm not complaining!" A: Catch on the right

D-Pad: Catch on the left

Swipe right: Catch on the right

Swipe left: Catch on the right

Tap: Catch on both sides

Plastic Bag Coming soon!
Pajama Paradise "Monkeys can make everything better, especially going to bed early. ESPECIALLY going to bed early. (No practice)" A: Jump/Sleep

Hold B: Prepare

Release B: Throw pillow

Tap: Jump/Sleep

Hold: Prepare

Swipe: Throw pillow

No-So-Blank Blanket Coming soon!
Monstrous Tennis X "It's the grand finale of the Ultra Tournament! Will you, dear human, keep up against a real monster? (No practice)" A: Swing racket

B: Powerful swing

Tap: Swing racket

Swipe: Powerful swing

Miss Monster's Racket Coming soon!
Mega Remix "A mashup with LOTS of previous games! How do you do with the new ones? (No practice)" See above See above Nintendo 2DS Coming soon!

Giga Tower

Game Description(s) Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Endless Remix "We're mixin' things up here! Do you accept this remix as your wedded... thing? (No practice)" See above See above Wedding Ring; Wedding Veil Coming soon!
Bon Funk "Another festival is starting, and a more modern one, as of fact! Girls, clap with all of your heart!" A: Clap Tap: Clap Paper Lantern
Bon Dance

(Not final)

Rockers Live "The guitar work gets a bit technical here, but if you can pull it off, just think how cool you'll look!" C-Pad: Strum

A: Silence strings/Short strum

L/R (3DS) or ZL/ZR (Wii U & Switch): Bend strummed notes

Swipe: Strum

Tap: Silence strings

Flick: Bend strummed notes

Whammy Bar
Rockers 2 gameplay

(Not final)

Love Rap 2 "Love! As always, we must turn to the ancient art of hip-hop. (No practice)" A: Rap Tap: Rap Chandelier
Love Rap 2 Gameplay
Karate Couple "When Karate Joe as small, he idolized his parents. Want to see their skills?" For Joe's Father, same as Karate Man Senior.

Left or Right: Punch

Hold & Release Up: Kick

Down: Combo

For both of Joe's parents, same as Karate Man. Family Picture Coming soon!
Giga Remix "We're EPICLY mixin' things up here! We're throwing everything at you! (No practice)" See above See above Flow Ball Coming soon!

Bonus Shop

Game Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Souvenir Image
Blue Birds 2 "How can the captain be so foul tempered with such a upbeat song? Stay focused! (No practice)" A: Peck beak

Hold A & release: Stretch neck

Tap: Peck beat

Hold & swipe: Stretch neck

Racoon-Tail Cap
Screenshot 2018-05-14 at 8.18.23 AM
Splashdown 2 "Synchronized swimming is back to make an even bigger splash!
(No practice)
Hold A: Dive

Release A: Surface

Hold B: Special dive

Release B: Jump with seal/toss swimmer

Hold down: Dive

Release: Surface

Swipe: Jump with seal/toss swimmer

Seal Toy
Splashdown 2 HD
Jumpin' Jazz "Today, we're going all instrumental! The sax will carry the vocal line. (No practice)" A: Shake hips

Hold B: Prepare

Release B: Spin

Tap: Shake hips

Hold: Prepare

Swipe: Spin

Frog Night gameplay
UnLockstep This time the rhythm has some bounce to it. Experience the bounciness! (No practice) A: March Tap: March Defaced Painting
Lockstep 2 3DS
Bouncy Road 2 Look at all of these balls! You would let them hop all the way down… won't you? (No practice) A: Bounce yellow pole

D-Pad: Bounce red pole

Tap: Bounce yellow pole

Swipe: Bounce red pole

Spheroid Set
Bouncy Road 2 3DS
Rhythm Tweezers 2 More of my roots are showing! This is so embarrassing… Are your tweezers definite enough for this challenge? (No practice) A or D-Pad: Pluck hairs

Hold A or D-Pad: Pluck curly hairs

Tap: Pluck hairs

Hold: Pluck curly hairs

Onion Soup
Rhythm Tweezers 3
Poly-Rod 2 These... things are selling like hotcakes! We need more, MORE!!! Get to work, suckers! Go!! (No practice) A: Lower platform

D-Pad: Higher platform

Tap: Lower platform

Swipe: Higher platform

Red Rod
Polyrhythm 2 HD
Ghastly Ghosts These ghosts are acting like jerks. Let them have it, archery style! (No practice) A: Shoot arrow Tap: Shoot arrow Arrow
Sneaky Spirits 3 gameplay
Fruit Basket 2 "Courtney is back, and this time he's taking his fruitball skills to the islands! Watch out for those melons! (No practice)" A: Dunk fruit Tap: Dunk fruit Melon Coming soon!
LumBEARjane "Excuse us, miss, you look like a big, strong woman. Shall you help us with all of this firewood? (No practice)" A: Cut wood Tap: Cut wood Tutu Coming soon!
Peach Paradise 2 "You wooden men may be pretend, but the demand is real! Help us with some overtime, peachy please! (No practice)" A: Pick peach Tap: Pick peach Paradise Playset Coming soon!
Black Bear "Poor, poor Beary. He needs to know that eating won't help with his depression…
(No practice)
A: Eat cookie

D-Pad: Eat brownie

Tap: Eat cookie

Swipe: Eat brownie

Bearbarba's Cookies Coming soon!
Cheer Readers 2 "Another group who needs support is museum patrons! Let's cheer them on! (No practice)" A: Flip book

Hold B: Spin book

Release B: Open book

Tap: Flip book

Hold down: Spin book

Swipe: Open book

Museum Pamphlet
Cheer Readers 2 gameplay
Tambourine "Ready to play a little Simian Says on the tambourine?" A: Shake tambourine

B: Hit tambourine

Tap: Shake tambourine

Swipe: Hit tambourine

Tambourine gameplay
Bossa Nova "Primitive people played a lot more primitive volleyball then most people realize. Also, their music is pretty nice. A: Volley balls Tap: Volley balls Dream Home
Bossa Nova gameplay
Marshal's Night Walk "Our friend Marshal loves strolls in the starlight! He and Play-Yan might make great friends." A: Jump

Hold & release B: Roll jump

Tap: Jump

Hold & swipe: Roll jump

Marshal's Balloons
Night Walk Fever

Secret Shop

Note that this shop can only be unlocked via getting a Superb on Giga Remix.

Remix Description Games Used Originally Called Souvenir
Baseball Remix "Wanna test your merit? Get a home run! Or whatever they call that one thing in baseball. (No practice) Samurai Slice, Rat Race, Sick Beats, Sneaky Spirits, Bon Fest Remix 2 (GBA) Catcher's Glove
Tropical Remix "Time to mix things up! This one has a beach theme, sort of like a musical vacation. (No practice) Blue Birds, Shoot-'Em-Up, Moai Doo-Wop, Rhythm Rally Remix 2 (DS) Flower Crown
Rockin' Remix "Let's mix things up! This one has a heavy metal vibe. Rock on! (No practice) Monkey Watch, Fork Lifter, Tambourine, Board Meeting Remix 2 (Wii) Monkey Clock
Cavern Remix A mashup of previous games! Are you a diamond in the rough? (No practice) Stumble Bee, Kitchen Commander, Tongue Lashing, LumBEARjack, First/Second Contact N/A Pickaxe
Lovely Remix Wanna test your merit? You'll fall in love with this song! Bunny Hop, Penguin Parade, Tram & Pauline, Space Dance, Wizard's Waltz Remix 3 (GBA) Valentine
Japanestern Remix Time to mix things up! Think of this as "East meets West". Freeze Frame, The Dazzles, Crop Stomp, Love Lizards Remix 3 (DS) Lemon Boat
Kitchen Remix Let's mix things up! And cook things up, too! (No practice) Working Dough, Bounce'N'Build, Figure Fighter, Air Rally Remix 3 (Wii) Chef's Hat
City Remix A mashup of previous games! Welcome to Beat City! Let's climb the skyscrapers! (No practice) Peach Paradise, Monstrous Tennis, Super Samurai Slice, Fruit Basket, Catchy Tune N/A Skyscraper Model
Weather Remix Wana test your merit? The forecast calls for a wild day! Night Walk, Quiz Show, Poly-Rod, Power Calligraphy, Rap Men Remix 4 (GBA) Frog Umbrella
Heartbeat Remix Time to mix things up! Can't you feel the romance? The drama? (No practice) Munchy Monk, Drummer Duel, DJ School, Love Lab Remix 4 (DS) Heart Balloon
Oriental Remix Let's mix things up! This has a traditional Japanese vibe to it. (No practice) Spirit Slice, Ringside, Packing Pests, Micro-Row Remix 4 (Wii) Kimono
Marketplace Remix A mashup of previous games! Let's go shop for Souvenirs! (No practice) Pajama Party, Blue Bear, Kitties!, Tempo Temple, Funk Factory N/A Earth-Friendly Bag
Delinquent Remix Wanna test your merit? It's a rocking remix of one of the most beloved songs in Rhythm Heaven's history! (No practice) Bouncy Road, Tap Trial, Beat Ball, Fireworks Show, Ninja Bodyguard/Boyfriend Remix 5 (GBA) Motorcycle
Performer Remix Time to mix things up! Try to keep the audience entertained, & you'll be a star! Frog Hop, Dog Ninja, Big Rock Finish, Splashdown Remix 5 (DS) Beanie Hats
Primitive Remix Let's mix things up! Can you feel the prehistoric beat in this? Catch of the Day, Exhibition Match, Flock Step, Flipper-Flop Remix 5 (Wii) Fossils
Sunset Remix A mashup of previous games! Relax, & let the waves rise near your feet. (No practice) Animal Acrobat, Crabby Country, Sumo Brothers, Tangotronic 3000, Karate Man Senior N/A Coconut Half
Farm Remix Wanna test your merit? We won't care if you're raised in an- well... (No practice) Marching Orders, Quiz Show, Cosmic Dance, Tram & Pauline, Power Calligraphy, The Clappy Trio (four members appear at one point), Tap Trial, Sneaky Spirits, Night Walk 2, Spaceball, Sick Beats, Bunny Hop, Poly-Rod Remix 7 (GBA) Pig Plush
Cloudy Remix Time to mix things up! Look at all these clouds! Ooh, this one's shaped like a ghost! (No practice) Fan Club 2, Frog Hop, The Dazzles 2, DJ School, Rockers, Love Lizards, Airboarder, Big Rock Finish Remix 7 (DS) Duckie Guitar (Note: This is because Pop Singer & her friends wear duck costumes.)
Cosmic Remix Let's mix things up! This one will take you straight to other space! Cheer Readers, Karate Man Combos!, Shrimp Shuffle, Tap Troupe Remix 7 (Wii) Saturn
Airplane Remix "A mashup of previous games! Your arms won't get tired after this flight. (Get it?) (No practice) Jungle Gymnast, Catchy Beats, Karate Couple, Pajama Paradise, & Super Samurai Slice 2 N/A Model Airplane
Chinese Remix Wanna test your merit? It's the ultimate showdown! Of ultimate flow! (No practice) Karate Man, Tap Trial, Samurai Slice, Rhythm Tweezers, Penguin Parade, Rat Race, Beat Ball, Bon Fest, Ninja Bodyguard, Bouncy Road, Fireworks Show, Rap Women, Wizard's Waltz Remix 8 (GBA) Dragon Puppet
Midnight Remix Time to mix things up! It's a high-speed remix of the iconic high-speed classic! (No practice) Cosmic Rally, Dog Ninja, Drummer Duel, Fillbots 2, Swingstep, Freeze Frame, Love Lab, Munchy Monk, Blue Birds Remix 8 (DS) Golden Helmet
Photograph Remix Let's mix things up! Sepia is the color of this singer's heart... (No practice) Double Date, Working Dough, Bounce'N Build, Launch Party, Exhibition Match, Air Rally, Samurai Slice, Flipper-Flop, Micro-Row 2, Flock Step, Monkey Watch, Shrimp Shuffle, Catch of the Day, Bossa Nova Remix 8 (Wii) Bulletin Board
Worldwide Remix A mashup of many previous games! It's a small world, after all. (No practice) Fruit Basket, LumBEARjane, Monstrous Tennis, Second/First Contact, Black Bear, Funky Factory, Cactus Catch, Carnivore Carnival, & Treasure Island N/A Globe
Arcade Remix Wanna test your merit? Then be quick on your feet! (And face, & hands, & tweezers...) (No practice) Marching Orders, Karate Man (With a "Hit 4!" cue at the end), Spaceball, Rhythm Tweezers, The Clappy Trio (Note that four members appear at one point. It's where you get the Skill Star.) Remix 1/Extra Remix Tempo Up! Token
Galactic Remix Time to mix things up! Watch out for those sneaky audio cues... INNN SPAAACE!! (No practice) Moai Doo-Wop, Glee Club, Space Soccer, Shoot-'Em-Up, Karate Man Kicks!, Splashdown, Built to Scale Remix 9 (DS) Aliens
Backstage Remix Let's mix things up! This one's got a great beat! Get up & dance!- if you want to. (No practice) Cheer Readers, Love Rap, Karate Man Combos!, Fork Lifter, Screwbot Factory, Board Meeting (three pigs), Tambourine, Hole in Two, Ringside, Packing Pests 2, See-Saw, Figure Fighter, Tap Troupe, Donk-Donk Remix 9 (Wii) Concert Ticket
Starry Remix A mashup of LOTS of previous games! Look at the stars & see the rhythm! (No practice) Kitty Clap, Peach Paradise 2, Tongue Lashing, Stumble Bee, Crabby Country, Tempo Temple, Butter-FLY, Drummer's Parade, & Sword School N/A Friendship Bracelet

Other Games

These games are not playable by themselves, & have no Souvenirs. They are still playable in Remixes, though, with all their original cues kept.

Game Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) Image
Wizard's Waltz A: Sprout flowers Tap: Sprout flowers
Wizard HD
Quiz Show A: Press circle-shaped button

D-Pad: Press plus-shaped button

Tap: Press circle-shaped button

Swipe: Press plus-shaped button

Love Lizards C-Pad: Rub back Slide: Rub Back
Love lizards megamix by sofutoda-db6etuz
Big Rock Finish A: Strum Tap: Strum
Big Rock Finish gameplay 3DS
Catch of the Day A: Reel in Tap: Reel in
Catch of the Day Gameplay
Exhibition Match A: Bat Tap: Bat
Exhibition Match Wii gameplay
Shrimp Shuffle A: Hop

B: Jump backwards

Tap: Hop

Swipe: Jump backwards

Shrimp Shuffle Gameplay

Rhythm Toys

Note that Fishie Tank is exclusive to the Swimminton Orca & 3DS ports, & that Paradise Playset isn't in the 3DS version.

Rhythm Toy Description Controls (Buttons) Controls (Touchscreen) How to Use
Mechanical Horse "Want to go on a trial ride, dear sir?" Any button except Start or Select: Trot Tap/Swipe: Trot "The objective is to follow along with the rhythms that the other horse trots to. After getting farther than the other horse, you will need to follow the next rhythm. Eventually, you will get to the last rhythm, galloping, which will repeat forever as it becomes faster." [1]
Octopus Machine "Copy the moves of your fellow octopi. Uh, I mean, octopuses. Wait, they're actually called Octo-Pops? I don't know anymore!" Hold A: Inflate

Release A: Go back to normal

Hold B: Prepare

Release B: Pop cork

Hold: Inflate/Prepare

Release: Go back to normal

Swipe: Pop cork

Copy the two Octo-Pop's patterns with the controls on the side. Kinda like Splashdown, BUT WITH OCTOPUSES!
Hi-Hat "Have you even played a hi-hat? No? Than enjoy this opportunity to grow as a person!" Hold A & D-Pad: Clamp down

Release A & D-Pad: Stop clamping down

Left or right: Change beat count

Hold down: Clamp down

Release: Stomp clamping down

D-Pad: Change beat count

"With Hi-Hat, you can play 4, 8, and 16-beat rhythms. By pressing A, the tiny Mr. Upbeat springs can bounce off of you, but you must release the button in order for the big one to bounce. By repeating this for long enough, music will gradually begin to play. If you miss, the music will partially fade out." [2]
Flip Phone "You got your father's old phone for your birthday! What secrets would you discover?" N/A Tap number buttons: Insert number

Tap green button: Insert code

Tap red button: Remove part of code

Just like Phone from Heaven & Police Call from Fever, this centers around codewords. Insert the hidden codeword from selected Endless Games/Rhythm Toys, & something special might happen!
Beat Box "Yo! The Rap Men are selling merch already! Test out the hottest new toy!" Left: Plays a "Is that right?/Right?" line. (Isn't it?)

Right: Plays a "Coulda be?" line (Could it be?)

Up: Plays a "Like, the BEST!" line (the BEST!)

Down: Begins to play the Rap Men song, the Rap Women song, or a unknown track.

A: Make yellow rapper say "Un!"

B: Make yellow rapper say "Uhn!"

Start: Begin Demo

Select: Quit

N/A Just do what you want to do with the Rap Men's quotes.
Beat Bag "Feeling moody? Unleash your anger upon this bag! Punch it with all of your might! Mwahaha!" A: Punch

Select: Play Demo

B: Quit

Tap: Punch

Select: Play demo

B: Quit

"The gameplay of Beat Bag involves punching the bag. Depending on your timing, the gray character will punch the bag differently. A beat begins playing in the background upon hitting the bag." [3]
Rhythm Fighter "Use rhythm in a new way- to KO a opponent! (This game requires 2 Players.)" A/Left: Punch/Dodge punch

B/Down: Kick/Dodge kick

Tap: Punch/Dodge punch

Swipe: Kick/Dodge kick

"The game is divided into numerous rounds. During each round, a rhythm of beats flashes on the screen. One player, the attacker, creates an attack rhythm of punches and kicks using the beats. The other player, the defender, must then repeat the same rhythm to dodge the attacks. If the defender dodges at the wrong time, he will be briefly stunned and any attacks during this time will automatically succeed. Successful attacks deplete the defender's life bar and when a player is hit 13 times, he is KO'd and loses the game. The roles of attacker and defender switch between players often, and the speed and rhythm change with every new round." [4]
Dart Board "See if your ears are sharp enough to hit the target without looking! What could possibly go wrong?" A: Toss darts Tap: Toss darts The Toy is in a first-person perspective of someone holding darts while facing three targets. After an count to 5, you need to toss the darts into the center of one of the targets. Missing your cue will hit a guy offscreen!
Meow Mixer "IT’S SO CUTE YOU GUYS!!" A, B, Up, Down, Left, & Right: Make a sound

Tap Demo: Play demo

N/A Make a little ditty with these controls!
Slot Monster "Think you're lucky? Try to win the jackpot!" C-Pad: Pull lever

A, B, or D-Pad: Hit buttons

Slide on lever: Pull lever

Tap on buttons: Push buttons

"When you pull down the lever, you start one of a few pre-made rhythms. The three colored buttons will light up on a specific beat, and it's your job to press the buttons when they light up. If you get it correctly, the 3 eyes of the monster will show the same image, you get a happy little jingle, and the stack of coins in the background grows. Once it grows to the top, it won't grow anymore. If you don't hit one of the right buttons on time, one or more of the eyes will show the wrong image, and you lose some of the coins in the background stack." [5]

This time, you pay Coins you got from playing minigames to play this. If you get the jackpot, you’ll win 100 coins! If you lose, you’ll get nothing.

Toy Car "Pull back. Let go. What could be simpler?" Hold A: Pull back car

Release A: Release car

Hold down: Pull back car

Release: Release car

"In order to 'beat' the game, you must release the toy car at just the right time. When you begin holding A, the car will be pulled back and a beat will begin playing. You must release A just as cowbell sound plays in order to get an "Exactly" rating." [6]
Paradise Playset "Create your own story with our Tsunku-branded toys! Batteries not included." Start: Open toy menu

A: Select/Place toy

B: Go back to toy selection

Left C-Stick: Placement selection

Right C-Stick: Rotate

N/A An entirely 3D toy, featuring all of characters in the game! You can collect figurines by playing the minigames, feeding the Goat, or playing Rhythm Fighter VS. The Playsets, on the other hand, can be obtained by story means. Certain Sets & Figurines can trigger an Easter Egg or two, so get mixing!
Rhythm Fighter VS "Take your fighting skills online, & become the Champion of Rhythm Fighter!" A (or D-Pad, on Shoot-'Em-Up): Attack Tap: Attack You play as one of the following: A Muscle Doll, Karate Joe, the Blastronaut, or the Darts from Dart Board. For every successful hit, you inflate the other player's balloon. A perfect hit inflates it more. You win when you pop the balloon.
Pachinko Stable "You want something special, don't you? Well, keep the goat well-fed, & you might get some rewards!" C-Pad: Launch turnip

D-Pad: Switch turnip type

B: Quit

Swipe: Launch turnip

D-Pad: Switch turnip

B: Quit

"The game plays out like a retro-styled arcade game, complete with music and effects. The player has to throw the turnips at the goat while trying to avoid obstacles that prevent the turnips from reaching the goat. There are an infinite number of levels in the game.

The player can use Turnips, which grow in the cafe after playing rhythm games, to feed the goat, or use their coins. There are three different turnips you can use: normal (green,) turnips, silver turnips, and gold turnips. Silver turnips give out twice the amount of experience as a normal turnip. Gold turnips, on the other hand, can lead the player to a "chance" time, which gives out even more experience than usual and turns the goat golden. You'll get text on the screen reading "Turnip Fever!" (Golden Chance in Japanese) which allows you to endlessly throw golden turnips for a while, length depending on the "Chance" being bronze, silver or gold. The goat will return to her normal form after the time limit ends. Gold and silver turnips can only be obtained with coins, challenges, or Figure Fighter VS."[7]

Fishie Tank "My poor fishie's hungry! Can you take care of her?" A: Shake food out Tap: Shake food out Ms. Fish (Who's offscreen) asks you to take care of Swimminton, the mascot of Swimminton Games. You need to copy a simple rhythm to feed her. Feed her for long enough, & Swimminton will burp out a codeword for Flip Phone!

Duet Mode

This is a new mode in MegaRemix. Here, you can grab a buddy & play your favorite rhythm games together. Note that Duet Mode is not in the 3DS version. Most of the games in this share the same description as the original, with a few exceptions. The controls stay the same as well. The colors to differentiate the two players are red & blue (GBA games only), green & pink (DS), cyan & orange (Wii), and yellow & purple (3DS/New).

List of Duet Mode Games


  • Karate Man Flows!
  • Marching Orders
  • Spaceball
  • Sneaky Spirits
  • Rat Race
  • Bon Fest
  • Penguin Parade
  • Bunny Hop
  • Space Dance
  • Night Walk
  • Power Calligraphy
  • Rap Men
  • Ninja Bodyguard
  • Fireworks Show
  • Tap Trial


  • Fillbots
  • Fan Club
  • Rhythm Rally
  • Blue Birds
  • Crop Stomp
  • Freeze Frame
  • Munchy Monk
  • DJ School
  • Dog Ninja
  • Frog Hop
  • Lockstep
  • Karate Man Kicks!


  • See-Saw
  • Double Date
  • Fork Lifter
  • Tambourine
  • Air Rally
  • Figure Fighter
  • Ringside
  • Micro-Row
  • Flipper-Flop
  • Flock Step
  • Launch Party
  • Bossa Nova
  • Tap Troupe
  • Karate Man Combos!


  • Fruit Basket
  • Tongue Lashing
  • LumBEARjack
  • Super Samurai Slice
  • Sumo Brothers
  • Stumble Bee
  • Kitty Clap
  • Crabby Country
  • Peach Paradise
  • Barbershop Remix
  • Songbird Remix


Image Name Likes Dislikes Favorite Game How to Get
Boondog Honey Bears Stumble Bee Complete Honeybee Land
Buruta 2
Dieter Engine Noise Bird Droppings Freeze Frame Complete Machine Land
Shep 2
Shep His mentor Burnt food Fruit Basket Complete Citrus Land
Donna 2
Donna Hot Donuts Bagels Blue Bear Complete Donut Land
Hairold Bonsai Trees Wigs Rhythm Tweezers Complete Barbershop Land
Eglantine 2
Eglantine Little baby birds Fried eggs Flock Step Complete Songbird Land
Trey american version
Trey Grandpa's stories Contact lenses Jungle Gymnast Complete Lush Tower
Coming soon! Arflette Hard workers Being mistaken for royalty Packing Pests Complete Honeybee Tower
Coming soon! Mack Monster movies Loose screws Screwbot Factory Complete Machine Tower
Coming soon! Kookin Five-star reviews Undercooked meals Kitchen Commander Complete Citrus Tower
Coming soon! Doey Licking frosting Being burnt Working Dough 2 Complete Donut Tower
Coming soon! Frizz Shampoo Hairbrushes Rockers Complete Barbershop Tower
Coming soon! Hatch-Lin Honor Slowpokes Bon Fest Complete Songbird Tower
Saffron Coins Tough challenges Penguin Time Win all of Saffron's Trials
Saltwater Honesty Flattery Built To Scale U Win all of Saltwater's Trials
Paprika The impossible Winning Rooftop Slice Win all of Paprika's Trials
Coming soon! Parsley Endless Games Sarcasm Toss Boys Play all of Parsley's Games at least once.
Bertram Difficult books Romance novels Cheer Readers Complete Star Land
Betty Cosmetics Standard fare Love Lab Complete Comet Land
Phillip Extreme sports Heavy metal Spaceball Complete Planet Land
Coming soon! Phoebe Horses Flies Second Contact Complete Galaxy Land
Colin Sweets Cutting in line Rhythm Rally Complete Left-Hand Tower
Hebipi 2
Rubert Meddling Frogs Bouncy Road Complete Right-Hand Tower
Tibby Making friends Headbutts Peach Paradise Complete Top-Head Tower
Tibby's Mom normal
Tibby's Mom Peace Hiccups Tempo Temple Rid Tibby's Mom of her hiccups!

White Goat

The Goat

Ms. Goat Turnips Taking walks Crop Stomp Get the goat to Level 100 (Normal) or Level 200 (Gold) in Pachinko Stable
Samurai Drummer
Samurai Drummer Bass drums Quiters Ninja Bodyguard Unlock Advanced Tower
Note DS
Note Pencils Gloves Frog Hop Unlock Golden Tower
Marshal Wii
Marshal Shooting stars Tripping Marshal's Walk Unlock Fever Tower
Barista 3DS 2
Barista Coffee F-Cord Airboarder Unlock Mega Tower
Tap Trial Girl
Tapper Tap dancing Giraffes Tap Trial Complete Advanced Tower
Rhythm Girl DS Flick
Goldie Drawing Gimmicks Fan Club 2 Complete Golden Tower
Rhythm Girl Wii
Minnie Home consoles Exercise Packing Pests 2 Complete Fever Tower
Coming soon! Fiona Turning it up VERY loud music Pajama Parade Complete Mega Tower
Microphone Rhythm Girl Chibi
Mic Vocal exercises Forgetting the words Karate Couple Complete Giga Tower



  • The five new games added are based upon the unused games in Megamix's files: Kanikani/Crabby Rhythm, Bee, The Commander, Para-Para-Paradise, Monster Tennis, & Monster Tennis Multi. The new games, with the exception of Peach Paradise, are called that in Japanese. That minigame is called "Paradise Farm" (パラダイスファーム) instead.
  • This is though to be one of the pioneers for the "What Should Have Been" sub-genre of Fantendo articles.
  • Originally, Love Lizards was a shop game, but it got replaced by Moai Doo-Wop due to better use of the buttons.
  • Due to Karate Man Senior being counted as an "sequel", Karate Couple is, technically, the only threequel in the game.
  • The song used for Starry Remix is the original composition of "Classmate", the credits song for the original version.
    • The games used for it (with the exception of Marshal's Night Walk & Karate Couple) are the games from the original's versions of Star Land, Comet Land, & Planet Land.
  • Oddly, a barely is an hit in Lockstep, but they're a miss in UnLockstep. When asked why, the devs said "Because it's basically the same game, & we want to make it harder."
  • There is a two-part Challenge Train called "Prequel Problems", were the games which had story versions in Megamix are given that game's graphics, but with major changes to make the games much harder.
    • The games, in order, are: Karate Man Flows!, Fillbots 2, Air Rally, Catchy Beats, Rhythm Tweezers 2, Glee Club 2, Figure Fighter 2, Fruit Basket 2, The Snappy Trio, Shoot-'Em-Up 2, Micro-Row 2, Second Contact, Sneaky Spirits 2, Cosmic Rally, Flipper-Flop, & LumBEARjane.
  • This is the first (and only, since it's been discontinued) Wii U game to support 2 Gamepads.
  • Black Bear was going to have a third cue (a cookie, which takes 3 beats), but was removed due to it being too similar to Pink Bear from Rhythm Heaven Starshine.
  • With over a whopping 86,235 bytes, this is Dorkfishie's biggest article by far.
  • With the Orca port, this is the first time that a Rhythm Heaven game is a launch title.
    • It's also the first time that a game is multi-console.
  • The boy from Pajama Paradise would latter reappear in the CheetahMobile music-runner game Rolling Sky 2 (aka Rolling Dream).
  • During translation, the name “Night Walk 2: Electric Boogaloo“ was suggested, but it was scrapped for “Night Walk Micro”.
  • Glee Club is the only game to get completely different button controls from the original version.
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