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Rhythm Heaven Maker: Get Creatively Groovy! (Japanese: リズム・ヘブン・メーカー:創造的なグルーヴィー! Translation: Rhythm Heaven Maker: Creative groovy!) is the first spin-off title in the Rhythm Heaven series, and the 6th one overall. The game is based heavily on Super Mario Maker, and lets players create their own Rhythm Games and Remixes, and also allows them to replace certain textures in other games. it is considered very similar to the (now cancelled) fangame "Playable Rhythm Heaven Remix Maker" (even using several sprites from the game!). It is developed by Cooki Studios in partnership with Nintendo and released on Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Cooki Zone, and PC.

It also hosts multiple online modes, something a Rhythm Heaven Game hasn't done before.

Pre-title Screen Animations

Since the game is almost identical to Super Mario Maker in many ways, it contains a lot of elements from the game. such as the animations before the title screen.

Day Event Based On
Monday Maker Tibby gets punched off the screen by a vase from Karate Man. Karate Man
Tuesday A pair of tweezers from Rhythm Tweezers comes in, gets hold of Maker Tibby, and carries him away. Rhythm Tweezers
Wednesday The blue platform from Tap Trial comes from the bottom, and Maker Tibby is carried away by it. Tap Trial
Thursday The odd metronome arrow thing from Mr Upbeat comes in and knocks Maker Tibby away, as he bounces around the screen before finally going out of view. Mr. Upbeat
Friday Maker Tibby is revealed to be a book, as the pages turn rapidly, we end up seeing a recreation of the first part of Steamboat Willie, as Friday changes into "Flickering Funnies", a reference to the Spongebob Special "Truth or Square". the book then closes, as it fades out. Cheer Readers
Saturday Munchy Monk's hand comes in out of nowhere and hits Maker Tibby on the head causing him to drop out of the screen. Clap Trap
Sunday Maker Tibby falls from heaven and gets distracted by reporter & wrestler

Remix Maker

The main part of the game, it allows the player to add various elements from past Rhythm Heaven games and create a Remix, each remix has the following elements:

Element Description
Splash Screen A short intermission that plays before the remix. Players are able to change the font, style, music, and backdrop elements.
Perfect An icon that shows up onscreen that disappears if the player makes a mistake, player's can't customize this feature, it also doesn't show up in trial mode.
Custom Textures Players are able to modify some of the textures featured in the rhythm games.
Rating Screen After creating a remix, players would be able to type their thoughts on another player's efforts. and change the layout of this screen.
Ending A screen showing what happened after the game with a caption underneath it, also depending on the player's efforts, players can customise the caption, and create their own image, or use one from an SD card.

Rhythm Games available to use

Game Number



Console of Origin Elements Calls How to unlock
1 Karate Man GBA Players can enable or disable the Flow Bar, which, if disabled, allows Karate Joe to punch stuff other than pots without getting hurt but forces the player to enable the background features with a call. Throw Pot

Throw Rock

Throw Lightbulb

Throw Bomb

Throw Soccer Ball

Background Features On

Background Features Off

Complete the Tutorial
2 Fillbots DS Players can change the colour of the liquid that is used to fill the robots and can enable background features. Thin Robot

Large Robot

Small Robot

Complete the Tutorial
3 Air Rally Wii Players can have the clouds obscure the view and change Forthington's distance from Baxter like in the actual game with a call. Rally

Ba Bom Bom Bom




Complete the Tutorial
4 Catchy Tune 3DS None Left Orange

Left Pineapple

Right Orange Right Pineapple

Complete the Tutorial
5 Rhythm Tweezers GBA Players can replace the vegetables with images from the SD card and even obscure the hair with a call. Start Round


Long Hair

Next Vegetable

Hide Hair

Hide Left Hair

Hide Right Hair

Play the game for 1 day.
6 Glee Club DS Players can change the pitch of the Chorus Kids' voices and how many are there. Sing

Together Now


Play the game for 1 day.
7 Figure Fighter Wii Players can change the background and the colour of the Muscle Doll. Jab

One Two

One Two (Fast)

Go! Go! Go!


Play the game for 1 day.
8 Fruit Basket 3DS The colour of Courtney can be changed. Left Apple

Right Apple

Left Lemon

Right Lemon

Left Melon

Right Melon

Play the game for 1 day.
9 The Clappy Trio GBA The scenery, what the sign says and how many members are there can be changed. Clap


Play the game for 2 days.
10 Shoot-em'-up DS The planet to the left can be changed. Spawn


Play the game for 2 days.
11 Micro-Row Wii The path can be altered by calls. 1 Step

2 Step

3 Step




Play the game for 2 days.
12 First Contact 3DS The speech can be customized. Martian Speech

Turn Passover

Translator Speech



Play the game for 2 days.
13 Bunny Hop GBA The path can be customized by calls. Start

Ball 1 Hop Ball 2 Hop

Whale Hop

2 Beat Rest

4 Beat Rest

8 Beat Rest

Play the game for 3 days.
14 Airboarder DS

The scenery colors can be changed.







Play the game for 3 days.
15 Exhibition Match Wii




Zoom Back

Home Run

Raise Curtain

Play the game for 3 days.

List of built-in Remixes

Like Super Mario Maker, the game contains some custom remixes the player can play, as well as remakes of past Rhythm Games.

Remix Number Screenshot Name Premise Features How to unlock
1 Breakfast Remix This is a remix about various kinds of breakfast foods, like cereal. Karate Man

Rhythm Tweezers


Glee Club

Air Rally

Figure Fighter

Catchy Tune

Fruit Basket

Play the game for 1 day.
2 Vehicle Remix This is a remix about various kinds of vehicles, like trucks. The Clappy Trio



First Contact

Play the game for 2 days.
3 Fast Food Remix This is a remix about Pizza, Burgers, Tacos, and Fried Chicken. Bunny Hop


Exhibition Match

Tongue Lashing

Play the game for 3 days.
4 Sugar Remix This is a remix about Sundaes, Cupcakes, Donuts, and Candy. Sneaky Spirits

Rhythm Rally



Play the game for 4 days.
5 Job Remix This is a remix about various jobs, usually desk jobs. Power Calligraphy

Blue Birds

Flock Step

Super Samurai Slice

Play the game for 5 days.
6 Forest Remix This is a remix about forests. Spaceball

Dog Ninja

Hole in One

Sumo Brothers

Play the game for 6 days.
7 Cartoon Remix This is a remix consisting of various rhythm games with cartoonish textures. Rat Race

Fan Club

Working Dough

Animal Acrobat

Play the game for 7 days.

List of Splash Screens