Rhythm Heaven Fever 2 is a game for the Wii U and is published by Studio MF in Europe as Beat The Beat, Too!  It was also published by Sega in Japan as Minna no Rhythm Tengoku 2 and in the US and Australia by Nintendo and was developed by Studio MF and Tsunko.  It is the sequel to Rhythm Heaven Fever.Meowflash logo This is Meowflash's fan game or character. Ask Meowflash for permission to edit it.


This game utilizes the D-Pad, A Button, B-Button, and Touch Screen.  You need to complete all games to the beat and offbeat using one or two of these controls.  If you don't pass the correct beats or offbeats, you get a Try Again.  If you pass some, you get an OK.  If you pass all or a bit less, you get a Superb, or an Awesome in Europe due to Studio MF's awesomeness.  Not only that, you earn a medal for unlocking Rhythm Toys or Endless Games!

Rhythm Games

Rhythm Games are games that are hosted by various characters.  They each utilize controls you need to copy the beats and offbeats.  Night Walk is the only credits game.

Columm 1

  1. Hole In One: A rhythm game of golf.
  2. Whack-A-Mole: A rhythm game of Whack-A-Mole.
  3. The Clappy Trio: You're a member of the Clappy Trio and have to follow the rest of the Clappy Trio's beat.
  4. Mario Slide: You're Mario and need to slide on ice and stop to the beat.
  5. Remix 1: All other games combined into one with a Tropical style.

Columm 2

  1. Built To Scale: You have to build widgets out of nuts and a bolt to the beat.
  2. Arrow Dynamics: You have to stop thiefs robbing stores using foam arrows—RHYTHM STYLE!!!
  3. Crop Stomp: It's our friend, the Stomp Farmer, stopping more moles and back for some mad crop stompin' skillz!
  4. Rocket Ride: There's two pigs riding a rocket and you're in front and have to pump up the rocket to the beat and sometimes the offbeat.
  5. Remix 2: All other games combined into one with a Rock style.

Columm 3

  1. Rhythm Rally: Forthington and Baxter are playing Ping Pong to the beat.  You have to help Baxter hit the balls Forthington hits.
  2. Sword Fight: You and your rival are having a sword fight and you have to block his attacks.
  3. Wing Ding: You're a member of a quartet of ducks tapping glasses with their wings lead by Captain Tuck.
  4. Rat Race: You're a mouse and you have to hide behind cups from a cat and snatch some cheese.
  5. Remix 3: All other games combined into one with lyrics!

Columm 4

  1. Samurai Slice: Monsters invaded the city and you, The Wandering Samurai, must slice the monsters!
  2. Flock Step: The Huebirds of Happiness are back and must keep the beat by marching and jumping.
  3. Fly Swatter: You have to swat flies escaping.
  4. Pancake Party: You're a chef and must flip pancakes to the beat and stack them on a plate.
  5. Remix 4: All other games combined into one with an ancient Japanese style.

Columm 5

  1. Munchy Monk: You're the Munchy Monk and have to eat dumplings.
  2. Snapbots: You have to build robots by snapping parts on them.
  3. Catch of the Day: It's Fishing Season! Time to catch some fish!
  4. Scarecrow: You're a scarecrow and must scare birds away by shaking your arms and legs.
  5. Remix 5: All other games combined into one with a Techno style.

Columm 6

  1. See-Saw: Ready to go back to testing the seesaw again, Mr. See and Mr. Saw?
  2. Exhibition Match: The batter is up again and is ready to make more homeruns!
  3. Eggspetiton: You're a farmer and must catch the eggs the chickens lay.
  4. Karate Man: You're Karate Joe and must hit flying objects with your fist such as pots, barrels, rocks and lightbulbs.
  5. Remix 6: All other games combined into one with a very Spacey feel.

Night Walk

In this game, you play as Marshall as he jumps on boxes all the way to the Cafe.

Columm 7

  1. Mario Slide 2
  2. Built To Scale 2
  3. Flock Step 2
  4. Rhythm Rally 2
  5. Remix 7: All other games combined into one with a lot of speed!

Columm 8

  1. The Snappy Trio
  2. Samurai Slice 2
  3. Rocket Ride 2
  4. Arrow Dynamics 2
  5. Remix 8: All other games combined into one with a trip down Memory Lane.

Columm 9

  1. Snapbots 2
  2. Pancake Party 2
  3. Crop Stomp 2
  4. See-Saw 2
  5. Remix 9: All other games combined into one with a lot of transitions!

Columm 10

  1. Karate Man 2
  2. Scarecrow 2
  3. Munchy Monk 2
  4. Fly Swatter 2
  5. Remix 10: All other games combined into one with all the games you completed so you could unlock this!

Multiplayer Mode

2-Player Rhythm Games

If you beat specific games, you can play them in 2-Player Mode.

Party Rhythm Games

Same as 2-Player Mode.


You can play games when you have enough medals to play one or two. (Same thing goes for Rhythm Toys!)

Rhythm Toys

  1. Business Card
  2. Cell Phone
  3. Beat Bag
  4. Drum Kit
  5. Strength Test

Endless Games

  1. Mr. Upbeat
  2. Dog Ninja
  3. Rat Race
  4. Alien Blast
  5. Tap Trial
  6. Endless Remix

2-Player Endless Games

  1. Clap Trap
  2. Rhythm Rally
  3. Dog Ninja
  4. See-Saw
  5. Pirate Crew
  6. 2P Endless Remix

Party Endless Games

  1. Slingshot Hero
  2. Wall Whacker
  3. Quiz Show
  4. Balloon Blast
  5. Glee Club
  6. Party Endless Remix

Retro Classics

You can play additonal games from Rhythm Tengoku!

  1. Spaceball
  2. Showtime
  3. Sick Beats
  4. Space Dance
  5. Fireworks
  6. Retro Remix


  • Mario appears in a minigame with the same music as Boogie Beam from Mario Party DS and, in Exhibition Match, revealed at the end. (The pitcher cheated again!)
  • Snapbots is a pun on Snapdots, a DSiWare game.
  • Arrow Dynamics is a pun on aerodynamics.
  • Eggspetiton is a pun on expetiton.
  • Luigi replaces his brother in Remix 7.
  • Remix 8 is a melody of Remixes 1, 2 and 4.
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