From the makers of Warioware and Rhythm Heaven, comes the new game for the 2ds, Rhythm Heaven D.I.Y!!

What it's all about

Rhythm Heaven D.I.Y lets you make custom things that have to do with the game. Make custom remixes from the stages in Rhythm Tengoku, Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Heaven Fever, and Rhythm Heaven Megamix! Then make entirely brand new games yourself!!! Or maybe if your a parody lover, take one of the official games, like Fan Club, and edit as you please! Change the graphics of it, or the music, or just use it as a template!!!


As you know, Rhythm Tengoku, Rhythm Heaven Fever, and Megamix aren't on touch screens. Don't worry, we replace those controls until you upload them on the Button App on the wii u store. But it only works with Fever and Tengoku unless you stick to the 2ds. Otherwise everything else is the same controls as in their original games.

Making a Custom Remix

You probably came here for this part. What you first want to do is select the remix option, and select the original games (or your games) that you want in that remix. Then we have the remix creator engine, which is incredibly simple.

Part 1: Applying Music

When you are making a custom remix, you will need some music to play too. Choose downloaded music or make your own (Which will be taught later) The music will then start the second we start the remix. We can change the delay by selecting the music, and selecting the option 'Timing'. The music then should be put on delay.

Part 2: Adding the Games

When you are done fiddling with the music, you will need some games to control! We simply drag the game onto the white bar at the bottom, called the slide bar. The slide bar will keep track of the games chosen and how long they are. You can adjust how long one game will be played with the slide bar. Now we don't want the game to be choosing the events in the same order as it's original game. We can take certain events, and either copy them or erase them, so that it will play naturally to the music. We can also change the tempo of the game by selecting the slide, and going under the 'Pitch and Speed' options. We can then add more games by sliding them onto the slide bar. Just like remixes, you can have the same game more than once on your slide bar.

Part 3: Fiddling With Graphics

When you add the games, you may want the games to look fit with a certain theme. You can select a sprite from that game and edit it using one of many tools. The cool part is, that edited version of the sprite will stay throughout the stage!!! I mean who doesn't want to see Karate Joe in a Santa costume!

Part 4: Changing the Background

After the graphic fiddling, you may want your background to look different too. That can be done by selecting a slide, and clicking the tab titled 'Background'. There you can edit your background, and even add some animation too it!

Part 5: Creating the Results

This is probably the most complex part of creating a remix. First you will need to select how many notes you need for an Ok (don't worry it will give the number of note-based events to help you) and then for a Superb. After that you will need to come of with an unique speech for each rank. Then create a picture with a subtitle using the Ending Tools.

Part 6: Creating the Icon

When you are done making the remix, you will need an icon for the level. First it will ask you what you want to name your remix (The REMIX word is added at the beginning, so choose wisely) and then decorate it!!!

After that feel free to play it and share it as much as you like!!!!

Creating a Game

If you have mastered the remix creating, you can take it even further with creating a game. Which is honestly way harder than a remix.

Good reviews for a tutorial!!!

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