Rhythm Heaven 2 is the sequel to Rhythm Heaven. Makes sense right? It contains 24 rhythm games and 16 sequels, just like Rhythm Heaven. It contains 7 endless games, 4 other games and even 5 unnessasary rhythm games from Rhythm Heaven in Sets 7-10.


Set 1

Strikerz- A bowling game where you have to get a strike. NO EXCEPTIONS! You flick to roll the ball. Hopefully,you will get a strike.

Gulp It Down- A guy is very thirsty. A guy will give the guy some water to gulp down. Do you think all you have to do is wait to do NOTHING?You're wrong. You have to hold until you think the guy is ready for the next cup. Hope you follow my advice!

Bell Ring- All you have to do is ring a bell.You just flick to ring. That's it.

DJ School- Same thing as Rhythm Heaven.

Remix 1- Remix 1 is the first out of eleven remixes in Rhythm Heaven 2. This remix is rockstar themed. Hopefully, this remix will rock your reflexes into rhythm!

Set 2

Switch Flick- Pretty simple. What you do is just flick (literally) the light switch on and off.

Glass Tappers- Pretty simple. You just tap & flick (literally) the glass.

Stomperz- You are a foot trying to stomp stuff. You just tap to stomp. Watch out, it will get offbeat sometimes!

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