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The Rhythm Heaven series (known as the Rhythm Paradise series in Europe, the Rhythm Tengoku series in Japan, and the Rhythm World series in Korea) is a Nintendo series that contains several rhythm games with nice soundtracks composed by the Japanese song writer and producer Tsunku♂.



  • リズム天国(てんごく) [Rizumu Tengoku, lit. meaning Rhythm Heaven/Paradise] - A Japanese, Game Boy Advance game started the series. The games makes use of the A button, B button, and the D-Pad.
  • Rhythm Heaven (Rhythm Paradise) - The sequel of the original game, this one was for DS and was released worldwide, therefore giving the series popularity. Unlike the first, it makes use of the touch screen.
  • Rhythm Heaven Fever (Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise) - The sequel of Rhythm Heaven for the Wii, and thus the third game in overall. This one returned to the usage of the buttons, but was limited to the A button and a combination of the A and B buttons.
  • Rhythm Heaven Megamix (Rhythm Paradise Megamix) is the fourth and last game of the series and is available on the 3DS. This game reused games from the previous three. Unlike it's DS version, it uses A, B, & the D-Pad. The touch screen can also be used, abet with just tapping & holding.



Recurring Characters

  • Barista: Also known as the Dog. He's a small dog with a headset. He is, as the barista, always unseen, and was officially revealed as the Barista in the Cast roll of Rhythm Heaven Fever.
  • Karate Joe: The character from the Karate Man (aka Karateka) games, and so far appeared in all Rhythm Heaven games.
  • The Wandering Samurai: The character from the Samurai Slice games. Like Karate Joe, he appeared in every game so far.
  • Rhythm Girls: A bunch of young girls wearing red dresses, with one exception. The girl from Tap Trial is one of them.
  • Monkeys: Various species of monkeys always appear in at least one minigame per game.

Other Canon Characters

  • Marshal, Cam and Miss Ribbon - The hosts of Rhythm Heaven Fever.
  • Chorus Kids - Three white boys from the Glee Club minigames.
  • Tibby: The main character of Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
  • Pop Singer: An idol from the Fan Club minigame.
  • Reporter & Wrestler: This duo is from the minigame Ringside.
  • Play-Yan: The white-skinned character from the minigame Night Walk.

Fanon Characters

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