RhythmWare logo RhythmWare BoxArt
Logo for RhythmWare and box-art.
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems, Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Music, Party
Series WarioWare, Rhythm Heaven
Predecessor Rhythm Heaven Megamix

WarioWare D.I.Y.

Release Date(s) Flag of the United States April 16th, 2017

Flag of Japan December 2, 2016

25px-Flag of Europe April 17th, 2017

RhythmWare is a 2017 music game developed by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo for the Wii U console. It is a crossover between the Rhythm Heaven and WarioWare series, making it the first rhythm game crossover.

It is the fourth (fifth in Japan) installment of the Rhythm Heaven series and the seventh installment of the WarioWare series.


RhythmWare is a crossover between the WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven series that features various "microgames" that require you to press buttons in time with a stage's certain music, each stage acts out very similarly to the Remixes in the Rhythm Heaven series. There are many control schemes that can be used such as the Wii U Gamepad's touch screen, A and B buttons, ZL and ZR buttons, and the Wii Remote's motion sensing feature.

Single Player

Single Player lets one player go through the entire story of the game. When a stage is completed, the stage itself and the microgames inside it can be played in the multiplayer mode.


Multiplayer lets up to four players go for the highest flow score. Players can either play on a certain stage or an extended microgame.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is where players can buy Rhythm Toys, Endless Microgames, in-game music, collectibles, and more. The toys and microgames can be played in the single player mode while the music and collectibles can be viewed/listened to inside the gift shop mode.

Character Creator

The Character Creator in the game allows you to create your very own Rhythm Heaven verison of yourself, The creator also lets you dress up your characters with items recieved from playing stages and microgames. 


The Classics mode lets you revisit past Rhythm Heaven and WarioWare games and play them for about 3-8 minutes. The games included are Rhythm Tengoku (Rhythm Heaven Zero in the west), Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Heaven Fever, WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgames!, WarioWare: Mega Party Game$!, WarioWare: Twisted, and WarioWare: Touched.


Development of RhythmWare started shortly after the release of Game & Wario, however a crossover between Rhythm Heaven and WarioWare was suggested by staff members during the development of Rhythm Heaven Fever. The game was announced during a Nintendo Treehouse livestream at E3 2016.


After working for ten years on it in his lab, Dr. Crygor finishes his rocket ship which could fly to outer space. He gave Wario and everyone else an invitation to fly in it and test it out. A few days later, they all arrive at his laboratory. Wario, being hungry, decides to run inside the rocket and search for free food. However, he accidentally presses a few buttons in the rocket, causing it to malfunction and go where it wasn't supposed to. A few seconds later, everyone arrives in a place called "Rhythm Heaven". They exit the rocket and find three monster-like people who introduce themselves as Marshal, Miss Ribbon, and Cam. Wario believes that he could make a lot of money selling microgames in Rhythm Heaven, and decides to make a deal with the trio of inhabitants. They all collaborate and create a new company, RhythmWare Inc..


First Things First (Intro Stage)

Wa?! That marshmallow guy (What was his name? Michael? Mark?) has a better computer than me! I better go snatch thi-WAAA! Where am I? This-a looks like his computer's software! Oh no! I'm-a ruined! Hey, you! Complete these microgames and help me out!!
From, Wario

First Things First is the first stage of RhythmWare. It is hosted by Wario himself and is themed after personal computers and their interface. There are only three microgames in the stage and is fairly short. Similar to being trapped inside a clock in WarioWare: Twisted!, Wario is sucked into a "Nintendo FunBook".
  • Stage Layout - Takes place inside an operating system similar to macOS. The icons on the taskbar act as the lives you have.
  • When completing a microgame - A pop-up shows up on the screen with a happy looking Wario on it.
  • When losing a microgame - An icon on the taskbar disappears and an error message appears reading "MICROGAME FAILED!!".
  • When completing the stage - The pop-up bounces simillar to Windows Solitare's winning animation.
  • When losing the stage - A blue screen of death shows up.

Even a Baby Could Do It! (Wario & Marshal's Stage)

Hey, what happened to my FunBook? It's broken! Well, it's a good thing me and Wario have a few pre-existing microgames to put in this stage! If your rhythm is good enough, We might be able to purchase a new computer and make new microgames! So do your best!
Thanks, Marshal

Even a Baby Could Do It! is the second stage of RhythmWare. It is hosted by Wario and Marshal and features microgames that are from previous WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven games. 
  • Stage Layout - Takes place in Marshal's office in RhythmWare Inc. HQ. The camera is panned on his desk.
  • When completing a microgame -  A fan tosses dollar bills at the desk.
  • When losing a microgame - A fan takes back his money using an Ultra Hand (if no money is earned, a fan looks at the player angrily).
  • When completing the stage - A group of fans cheer the player on outside the headquarters.
  • When losing the stage - Kids boo the player outside the headquarters.

Dojo Dreams (Young Cricket & Karate Joe's Stage)

Me and Young Cricket share a passion for karate and kung-fu. We were going to the Rhythm Dojo together, only to find out that it closed down and is now abandoned... Hmm, maybe we could work together to rebuild it...?
Sayonara, Karate Joe

Dojo Dreams is the third stage of RhythmWare. It is hosted by Young Cricket and Karate Joe and features ninja and karate themed microgames. The story revolves around the two friends rebuilding the Rhythm Dojo for everyone to enjoy.
  • Stage Layout - Takes place inside the dojo where Young Cricket and Karate Joe are seen reconstructing the dojo.
  • When completing a microgame - The dojo gets closer to completion (ex. better lighting, cleaner. etc.).
  • When losing a microgame - A tile from the ceiling falls down.
  • When completing the stage - A very short cutscene of both characters standing proudly outside the dojo plays.
  • When losing the stage - Everything in the dojo falls apart, leaving both characters covered in tiles and dust.

Nintenbros (9-Volt & Cam's Stage)

Woohoo! I cannot wait! The New Funtendo 4DS XL is coming out tomorrow with some brand new games as well! Well, I better get a good night's rest so I can pick it up.
Good night, 9-Volt

Nintenbros is the fourth stage of RhythmWare. It is hosted by 9-Volt and Cam and features Nintendo themed microgames. The story revolves around both characters walking to the local game store to pick up the New Funtendo 4DS XL handheld only to find out that they're all sold out.
  • Stage Layout - Takes place in Downtown Rhythm Heaven where both characters enter every game store to find the system.
  • When completing a microgame - A game for the New 4DS XL is purchased.
  • When losing a microgame - 9-Volt and Cam are both kicked out of the store.
  • When completing the stage - Both characters find the handheld and purchase it.
  • When losing the stage - All the game stores close for the night.

Pink Pals (Kat & Miss Ribbon's Stage)


The Zoo Crew (Ana & Monkey's Stage)


Rhythm Rebels (Jimmy T. & MC Adore's Stage)


Singing Superstars (Mike & Chorus Kids' Stage)


Realistic Randomness (Mona & The Reporter's Stage)


Wicked Wonders (Ashley & Wizard's Stage)


Scientific Discoveries (Dr. Crygor & Research Scientist's Stage)


Superzero and Superhero (Wario-Man & Marshal-Man's Stage)





First Things First (Intro Stage)

  • Malware Misadventures - Close the pop-up ads in time with the music!
  • Purple Planet - Let's make a cake! Just follow the on-screen directions.
  • Task Manager - Every time a program isn't responding, just end it in time with the music.

Even a Baby Could Do It! (Wario & Marshal's Stage)

  • Sole Man - Help Fronk avoid the stomping foot before he gets stepped on!
  • Hole in One - Nothing like a good game of golf! Your monkey friend will help you go for the perfect score!
  • Super Wario Bros. - Stomp the Goombas and kick the shells! That Italian plumber has nothing on you!
  • Hot Dog Hog - Feed Wario a hot dog. (He really likes hot dogs.)
  • Thumb Wrestling - Thumb wrestle with Wario! Just make sure you attack on-beat.
  • Bunny Hop - Reach for the stars, or the moon! (That doesn't roll off the tongue as well.)


  • Marshal is renamed "Matt" in the PAL version of the game for unknown reasons.
  • Nintendo FunBook is a parody of an Apple MacBook.
  • The Purple Planet microgame is a parody of the built-in Windows Vista and 7 game Purble Planet.
  • 18-Volt is seen in the game store during 9-Volt & Cam's stage.
  • Pop Singer appears in the North American box-art, however there is no stage that features her with a WarioWare character.


  • Various fonts used in artwork were designed by Fontworks.
  • All WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven characters belong to Nintendo Co., Ltd and Intelligent Systems. 
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