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Rhyse, the icy sister.
Ice Queen
Abba (mother)

Reese (brother)

Aurora (cousin)
CLASS Antagonist (formerly)


Beef jerky, the city
Rural areas, light when she's trying to sleep
WEAPONS Electrical Sticks

Reese II (later known as Rhys/Rhyse) is a character that first appeared in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. While not a "clone" of the original Reese, the characters share similar origins and powers. Unlike Reese, Reese II/Rhyse is biologically female.


Rhyse is dark skinned and interestingly, features a nose. She has white hair and wears red glasses. In Shattered, she had mostly black, feathery hair with a hint of white. She wore a leather jacket with red chest wrappings. She had a cybernetic red hand and a pair of black pants and boots. In Victory she wears a leather jacket, three silver necklaces, a black shirt and skirt and a pair of black boots.


Rhyse tends to be cold and distant, although she isn't completely anti-social. She can act rather bitter around strangers, but friendlier to friends and family. She is a light sleeper and has to sleep in complete and total darkness and silence. She fears she may be too cold, and has been trying to open herself up to, to varying degrees of success. She tends to drop rather dark jokes that tend to only get a laugh from people like Leah.


After Abaddon was defeated, he landed on a new planet and using the DNA he collected from several beings he cooked up another "Reese". This Reese was taught how to use a shock stick and was not brainwashed but abused into obeying it's master.

Known as Reese II, she upheld Abaddon's orders during the events of Shattered. After Clockwarx began wrecking up time to a severe degree, Reese II began to slowly turn against Abaddon after seeing S and Alyssa. After meeting with Reese again, Reese II told them she was no longer going to fight against them and was going to focus on being on her own person as opposed to being a replacement. Changing her name to "Rhys", Rhys leads the charge against Clockwarx and defeats him along with the Beorns and other Catalysts (as well as Leah).

When Rhys was reborn in the new Fantendoverse, she became Reese's sister with the name of "Rhyse" with Abba as their mother. Aurora became their cousin. Rhyse, Reese, and Aurora formed a band that would later play as Unten fought against Six during the events of Fantendo - Genesis.



Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Reese II appears as an unlockable playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. While Reese II shares some moves with Reese I, like pulling objects from parallel timelines, Reese II is also equipped with a shock stick that it uses hit enemies with and stun them if it has enough power.

In the story mode, Reese II briefly appears at the end of Act 1, making sporadic appearances throughout Act 2. During Act 2, she appears as S and Alyssa are talking, informing S that she may have been "replaced" by Alyssa. Sometime during that and the end of Act 2, Reese II became aware that she wasn't anything but a replacement for Reese, at least for Abaddon. She vowed that she would become her own person as opposed to replacing one, changing her name to Rhys.

Fantendo - Genesis

Makes a brief appearance as part of Reese's band. She doesn't have a lot to say.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Rhyse was confirmed as a playable character on September 3, 2016. She has a brand new design and a completely different moveset than her Shattered appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Golden Age

Rhys had the powers of a Catalyst, able to change time in accordance to Abaddon's demands and able to utilize it in combat. She opted for electrically-charged sticks to battle with. She could pull objects from other timelines as well.

New Age

Rhyse has most of her powers locked away for much of her existence in the new universe, although she took a liking to electrically charged sticks to fight with. In Victory, while her powers are activated, she utilizes them primarily from Chronokinetic Constructs, which if interacted with, displace time around her. She can also use time to freeze objects in place.