Every hero has a dark side, just like every villain has a good side... Except for this guy... I don't think he even has a heart to be good with...
Rhode to YoshiEgg Nook, Tanooki Hearts


Rhode (Later known as Sir Rhode) is a Tanooki Knight and wielder of the Keyblade, the Slain Slayer. Red and green light shines out from his helmet, but nobody is sure why. He also seems to have quills as hedgehogs and echidnas have, but he claims that this is "part of his armor". Rhode first appeared in Tanooki Hearts. Rhode is also one of the apparent Tanooki Saviors, the first one to be discovered. In TriHeroes Baseball, his first appearance in the TriHeroes Series, he is shown to be good friends with the RedYoshi series character Dread.


Rhode is a thin, tall Tanooki with silver armor and quills, which are part of his armor. He wields a Keyblade and his boots give him the ability to run at super sonic speeds. No one really knows what Rhode looks like under his armor... Yet...


Being a knight, Rhode is very noble and will serve his leaders, no matter what they ask him to do. He puts his friend's needs in front of his own and not brag about his speed or power. Rhode also despises the Heartless. Rhode is not mute and can talk as well as anybody can.

Tanooki Hearts

In Tanooki Hearts, YoshiEgg Nook and the gang meet Rhode trying to ward off a Darkside, a giant Heartless. After helping him defeat it, Rhode offers to join their team, for he said "Someone important took something important from me, and I intend to get it back..."

TriHeroes Baseball

Rhode made his TriHeroes debut in TriHeroes Baseball. He has good batting skills and decent spped. He has good chemistry with Dread, but bad chemistry with RedYoshi and Little RedYoshi.


Rhode Unarmored

Rhode without his armor.

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