The Reylomons are an alien species in the New Fantendoverse. They are widely recognized as galactic nomads, and can be found on almost any planet in the galaxy, although they usually prefer humid planets with jungles and similar biomes.


Long ago, there was a planet called Reyloma, a large jungle planet with raging rivers and colorful varieties of wildlife. The dominant species was the Reylomon race, who had established a feudal system of government in which property was divided among lords, barons, etc. One Reylomon, the Empress, ruled over the whole planet, and was even treated like an almighty goddess by her subjects. The planet thrived for centuries until it was finally shattered by a giant comet around 1684 (in Earth years), and the Reylomons decided to spread out as a society of nomads, with the Empress continuing to establish guidelines for them to follow. They also began inhabiting other planets similar to the now-destroyed Reyloma, so that their species could continue to survive and evolve.



The Reylomons greatly resemble Earth pandas. The males are generally muscular with black and white fur and a bright red tuft on their forehead, and the females are slender with shiny brown fur, complete with silvery highlights, and a series of golden feather-like appendages for a tail, resembling a male peacock's feathers. Reylomons also have razor-sharp fangs, which they use to catch prey and in combat. Under their fur, their skin is rather tough, protecting them from most cuts and punctures.


In terms of superpowers, Reylomons are usually able to change the size of their limbs. This can be very useful for running, climbing, swimming, and in some cases combat.

Reylomons are also skilled with machines. They usually search through piles of garbage to find useful objects, such as aluminum, glass, and plastic, to use for building. One of the Reylomon race's most notable creations is the Havanobans, a line of robots designed for stealth, warfare, and security. The Havanobans are small robots with rounded edges, ergonomic limbs, and a wide variety of weapons and tools stored in their shells, from wrist blasters to rocket boots and everything in between.


  • The Reylomons' resemblance to pandas and tendency to dig through trash for tools, when put together, are inspired by one of Rocket Raccoon's nicknames in the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- "trash panda".
  • Their robots, the Havanobans, are inspired by the cartoon character Robotboy and the battle droids from the Star Wars franchise.
  • The idea of the Reylomons becoming nomads was inspired by the ending of Thor: Ragnarok, where Asgard was destroyed by Surtur and the Asgardians decided to travel the galaxy so their culture would survive.

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