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Reviewkancho, stylized as Reviewkancho.png, is a subsidiary of Ninkancho Co., Ltd. that reviews finished and unfinished Fantendo articles. It is owned and run by AgentMuffin (tbc). Users can sign up their own articles in the comments section.


Reviewkancho discusses the following four factors in game reviews.

Criterion Description
Coolness Is the concept and execution any good? Overall, would I want to play this game?
Gameplay Is the gameplay compelling? Is it described in sufficient detail? Does it have any major flaws?
Arts Is there any art or music, and if so, is it done well?
Style Does the article have correct spelling and grammar? Does it format content as needed? Does it reveal what readers need to know about the game?

For character reviews, some different criteria are used.

Criterion Description
Coolness Is the concept for this character any good? Is that concept executed well?
Personality Is there good characterization? Is the character sympathetic and likable, and are they supposed to be? Is their personality unique?
Design Is there character art? Does it look good? Does it convey something about the character or their circumstances? Is the character design good?
Style Does the article have correct spelling and grammar? Does it format content as needed? Does it reveal what readers need to know about the character?

Criteria for stories and series may be created if there is high enough demand for them.

Rating system

Games and characters are reviewed on a scale from S to F based on Reviewkancho's overall opinion on the article. Es and Fs will not be given out frequently, and articles will only be rated as such if they really deserve such a rating.

Rating Description
S The cream of the crop. It's better than good—in fact, it's nearly perfect! Whether this article has approval templates or not, it definitely deserves them.
A I like it pretty well. It's a good article overall and, as far as I can tell anyway, there are no major issues. Good job!
B Good but meh. I mean, it's far from being a bad article, that's for sure, but it just doesn't stand out to me as anything really special.
C I mean it's okay… It could definitely use more work, and there are probably a few problems here and there. But I wouldn't call it bad, per se.
D More information is needed. You can barely tell anything from the article itself. It might be missing major elements or details. Really, from what's been written, it's hard to say whether the page is good or bad overall.
E Not very good, but it at least has redeeming qualities. Work on it for a while and I'm sure you can fix it.
F I don't like telling people this, but—the article's just bad. I don't even know whether you could fix this up, to be honest. Like, there's a chance you could save it? Sorry if I seem harsh, but that's how reviewing goes sometimes.


Completed reviews can are listed here. Finished articles have bold links. Games have italic links.


  • Mr. Know It All
  • Motor Chickz








There are 9—jeez, really?—pending reviews. Note that this list may not be updated very quickly or frequently.

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