Reverse is the former sheriff of the Martian town of Sabadones and a secondary protagonist of the Shadowcalypse series.


Reverse is quick to anger, especially after he loses his town to Queen Nebula. He gripes about several things without actually providing evidence for his arguments. Most people see him as a bad sheriff. However, he finds a new purpose with Umbra Shader's resistance against Nebula, and is now attempting to be more optimistic.

Physical Appearance

The position of Mars in comparison to the Sun, not to mention its environmental factors, has led Reverse to become tall and lanky. His skin is a very dark brown thanks to the dust.

As for his attire, Reverse does not wear what a typical sheriff would, instead opting to his own plaid vest with khakis.


Shadowcalypse: Master of the Eclipse

Reverse is the third, and so far most recent, member of Umbra's resistance. He knows Nebula for some reason, although this is not deeply described in the game.

Shadowcalypse 2: Lord of the Blood Moon

Reverse will return here, and the developers may explain his past with Nebula and reveal the reason he hates her so much.

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