Revenge of the Axem Rangers
Developer(s) Zentech Studios
Publisher(s) Zentech Studios
Platform(s) NRS
Genre(s) Adventure/Combat
Age Rating(s) T for Teen
 Revenge for the Axem Rangers is a video game, developed by Zentech Studios.  It will be released on the Nintendo Retro System.  This is the first Nintendo-related game to concentrate on the Axem Rangers.



Ten years after the events of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Bowser's Keep suddenly began functioning, indicating life in there.  We are then shown Axem Red, who has woken from his "grave".  He then reactivates Black, Green, Yellow, and Pink, and then says that they should seriously find Smithy.  We are then pushed into an intro level (as Red) and we are then shown the basics of the game.  After a while of exploring, they find that Exor disappeared along with their master, indicating that Smithy has deceased.  

Everyone is in dismay until Green mentions a book that should bring back Exor.  Red, interested, asks him for the first time to give him information from the book.  As Green was about to read, sneaky Waluigi comes in and steals the book, prompting Red to battle him.  After the tutorial battle against Waluigi, the book was returned and Waluigi escapes.  Green only manages to read the first two pages as the rest of the book has been torn apart and ruined, angering Red.  Then Red suggests that they find those pages.  After a bit of exploring, the pages were found and read.  They must collect the seven stars and resummon Exor in order to regain Smithy.  Satisfied, the Axem Rangers took off...

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VII

Chapter IX

Chapter X



Here is the gameplay.  You use the control pad or analog stick to move and press the A button to jump.  Press B to swing your axe (I will list a table of combos).  X will perform your secondary attack and Y will allow you to visit the inventory.  It's also your talk button.  L and R control your camera.  If you run out of battery in the game, you have to spin the C stick around to recharge.  + is a pause button.  The microphone can be used for optional minigames.

Ax Move Button One Button Two Button Three
Slash B - -
Double Slash B B -
Triple Slash B B B
Upper Slash Up B -
Jump Slash Up B B
Backwards Slash Left (if facing Right) Right (if facing Left) B -
Sneak Slash Left (if facing Right) Right (if facing Left) B B
Slash Thrust Left (if facing Left) Right (if facing Right) B -
Double Slash Thrust Left (if facing Left) Right (if facing Right) B B
Shock Slash B Down -
Blade Toss B X -
Wide Slash X B -
Cycle Slash Up Left (if facing Left) Right (if facing Right) Down
Double Cycle Slash All Cycle Slash buttons Left (if facing Left) Right (if facing Right) Up
Triple Cycle Slash All Double Cycle Slash Buttons Left (if facing Left) Right (if facing Right) X
Fist Slash B Left (if facing Left) Right (if facing Right) X
Slam Slash Down B X
Thunder Slash Right Right X
Bombarding Slash Up B X
Burning Slash Left (if facing Left) Right (if facing Right) Up X


S = Speed, P = Power, D = Defense, and J = Jump.  Stats go up to 5, and stat averages must equal 15.

Axem Ranger Description S P D J Moves
Red Axem Red is the leader of the Axem Rangers.  He is cruel and vicious and always wants his way.  His approaches to life are usually negative.  He has a very secret crush on Pink but nobody knows that at all.  He has average stats and his main weapon besides ax is his punches and kicks. 3 3 3 3 Normal Punch, Slide Punch, Uppercut, Low Kick, cyclone kick
Yellow Axem Yellow is the dumbest and fattest of the Axem Rangers.  He is dim-witted and eats lots of food.  He runs out of energy when he can't find food within a minute (which applies in this game).  He has high power and defense but has low speed and jump, and he attacks by rolling and smashing. 1 5 4 2 Roll, ground pound, smash, super roll, earthquake
Green Axem Green is the intelligent member of the Axem Rangers.  He is cowardly but is rather positive on life.  He has high speed and jump but has low power and defense .  He can attack with electricity related attacks. 4 2 1 5 Electric Punch, Bolt, Thunder Dash, Electric Spin, Battery Charge
Black Axem Black is the gangster of the gang (lol) and is the sneakiest of them all.  He is an expert bomber and has much hatred for the noobs.  He has high speed, but is kind of "meh" in the other stats.  He attacks with bombs. 5 4 2 1 Bomb, Bombs Away!, double bomb, bombard, explosion
Pink Axem Pink is the only female member of the Axem Rangers and is the prettiest.  She has high speed and defense, but has low attack.  She has no weapon besides her ax, but she can use healing/helping powers.  However, the moves cost quite a lot in Battery 2 1 5 4 Heal, Defense Raise, Attack Raise, Jump Raise, Speed Raise


World Subarea 1 Subarea 2 Subarea 3 Subarea 4 Chapters Featured
Bowser's Keep
Yellow Valley
Giga Metropolis
Troublesome Dunes
Waddle Plains
Ghastly Mansion
Gear Fortress
Icy Cliffs
Mecha Mountain
Cosmic Station


Equipment Description Found Price
Plastic Blade It is a plastic blade.  It is the weakest blade, having a soft edge and very little power.  Free.
Bronze Blade
Silver Blade
Gold Blade
Platinum Blade
Dusty Spare Parts
Clean Spare Parts
Sparkly Spare Parts
Torn Gloves
Soft Gloves
Hard Gloves
Iron Gloves
Soleless Boots
Big Boots
Steel Boots
Reflection Badge
Health Badge
Fear Badge
Stat Badge
Challenge Badge
Ultimate Skin


Item Effect Description Price (if it has one)





  • This is Fandro's first game for Zentech Studios.
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