Revenge is a Sinister Voice
Season 1, Episode 1
First aired (EU) October 31, 2015.
First aired (USA) October 31, 2015.
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"Vermilion's Agents of A.S.H.E.S."

Revenge is a Sinister Voice is the first episode of Vermilion Ashes and the pilot to the series as a whole. The episode stars Tess as she has been captured by an organisation and manages to escape unharmed.

Plot Summary

Tess is seen unconscious on a doctors table in a hospital, location unknown. She suddenly awakens from her sleep, and sits up noticing her surroundings. She gets up from the bed and picks up a clipboard with all her medical records on it, it states that she is a species that isn't human. Upon realizing, Tess quickly makes a getaway for the nearest exit in the hospital, but is noticed by one of the doctors. The team of doctors chase her until they get to the exit of the hospital, where Tess finally manages to escape from their clutches. The doctor then alerts everyone else in the hospital about her departure and the chase begins.


  • Tess
  • Leah Needlenam (Cameo)
  • Agents of A.S.H.E.S. (Mentioned)
  • Various Doctors and Hospital staff


Revenge is a Sinister Voice

Written by: ¤ SOLARRION ¤ (Talk Page)

There is a surprisingly calm, chilled atmosphere on one of the darkest and stormiest nights around. There is a secluded hospital located in the middle of a forest of trees and plants, as if it were to be hidden from common sight. Inside, the hospital appears to be empty with no signs of operation from any staff or doctors. Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes the ground, and a silhouette appears out of nowhere. They approach the hospital and the thunder strikes again, revealing a dastardly devilish grin smeared across the individuals face.

Silhouette: Marvelous! Absolutely divine! This abandoned, old hospital will be the greatest dumping ground for these freaks that we can find! Heh, I say freaks yet I'm here talking to myself.

The silhouette then chuckles and leaves the hospital grounds content with their upcoming cunning plans. The lightning strikes once more and we shift forward in time.

We see a familiar face asleep on a plain white doctors table. She appears to be in pain, however she suddenly awakens from her previous slumber. She sits up whilst on the table and takes heavy and deep gasps for air, still in shock from the scenes that arose in her dream. She calms down and looks around her surroundings and notices that nobody is around.

Tess: head is swirling. What the heck is going on here, I swear just a few minutes ago I was outside somewhere...but I can't remember anything! Gah!

She stands up and kicks the table out of pure frustration of her memory loss. A clipboard falls on the ground and Tess curiously picks it up. She reads the notes from the clipboard which state that she is descendant from a non-humanoid species. Just that moment, a doctor walks in the room and she turns around cautiously whilst remaining confused.

Doctor: Oh,'re not supposed to be awake yet...
Tess: Excuse me? Who the hell are you and what are you trying to do to me!?
Doctor: Hey, hey, just relax. There's no need to become hostile...
Tess: I'm not hostile, I'm just confused beyond belief...
Doctor: Nurse! Anybody! Send reinforcements!
Tess: Oh for God sake.

Tess then begins to panic as more and more nurses and doctors reach the room in which she has been captivated. She grabs the silver cart next to her and rams it into the doctors, moving them out of the doorway clearing. She swiftly dashes out of the room and into oncoming staff. She jumps and ducks under the attacks of several of the personnel and reaches the entrance to the hospital, however, a doctor with purple hair blocks her path. Tess jumps in mid air and slashes the doctor with her platforming boot, causing her to be pushed aside from the door, thus granting Tess access to the outside.

Even though she reached the outside, Tess continues to run through the forest dodging branches and various other obstacles which stand in her way, until a thick branch hits her in the jaw. She is knocked back and remains dazed for a moment, before passing out due to exhaustion.

Meanwhile, back at the Hospital the doctors and other various staff members begin to prepare their plan to help get Tess back in the hospital, and they alert the Agents of A.S.H.E.S.


  • Revenge is a Sinister Voice is the first Vermilion Ashes episode.
  • Revenge is a Sinister Voice is derived from the Radioactive tagline, "Revenge is a Sinister Voice".
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