Revenge is a One Hour Movie event coming out at Halloween made by Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, Rare-ware, Universal Studios and Sony. The movie


involves Alex Kidd, Busby, Gilius Thunderhead, Crash Bandicoot and Banjo Kazooie wanting to kill Mario, Sonic, Link, Pit and Sack boy.


The plot is that Alex Kidd, Busby, Crash, Gilius and Banjo and Kazooie wanting revenge on Mario, Sonic, Link, Pit and Sackboy for appearing in recent games like Smash, Hyrle Warriors, Maker and Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice. The former dorrmatted characters formed a pack and decide to fought the heroes. Mario, Sonic, Link, Pit and Sackboy notice them and fought. Sonic and Alex were the only ones standing while the others died. But the Time Eater and villains from Mario and Sonic (not Bowser and Eggman) attacked them. Sonic and Alex Kidd use the Chaos Emeralds on the dead ones to revive them. The two teams fought the villains and the Doormatted cast are forgiven.

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