Revelation Heroes Entertainment
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Founder(s) guygombaa
Founded at/in Sometime in 2012

Reformed on March 30th, 2017

Headquarters Melbourne, Australia
Area(s) Served Earth
Owner(s) guygombaa
No. of Employee(s) All 2012 staff members died in a mysterious fire
Predecessor Time itself
Successor The end of days
Subsidiaries ChromaForce Studios

Revelation Heroes Entertainment is a fictional gaming company. They created the failed Nintendo Matrix and are now working on games for their own console, the Nexus, a console focusing primarily on original games.

On the 10th of April, 2017, they bought out ChromaForce Studios, a television company that had gone bankrupt in 2001, taking all records of their products with them.

Unless otherwise stated, most RHE properties are free to use. Unless otherwise stated, please ask permission first just to be sure!


RHE is always hiring!

guygombaa (Founder/Owner)

I made this thing a long time ago when I was a bored highschooler. I now occasionally add stuff to this site when I'm bored, because making theoretical games is a hobby and Uni is hard.

Anakin Nakamura (Writer/Director)

Hello, I am Anakin Nakamura. I am new to this company. Thank you again, Guygombaa, for accepting me into Revelation Heroes Entertainment. Anyways, I'm hoping I could bring my ideas to RHE and create some good games here.

Aside from being part of Revelation Heroes Entertainment, I am also the owner of several other companies. You probably have seen them, cause they have funny brand names.


Initially founded in August of 2012, RHE originally created products for Nintendo before shutting down later that year.

In April 2017 they began business again, developing games mainly for their new console the Nexus, specifically early titles such as Wastelander, Ruby Tuesday, and Bay of Thieves. Bigger projects such as Dead Star, Descendants, and the Vigilante Trilogy have entered production as well.

Later the same month RHE purchased ChromaForce studios, a television studio from the 80's. Shortly after they had their first presentation at the Fantendo Fanon Feature 2017, which they followed up the next year with the (incredibly delayed) Fantendo Fanon Feature 2018.





Title Status
Original titles
Ruby Tuesday Finished
Beatie Breakerz Finished
Psychedelic Taco* In Development
1998 Pre-Development
Bay of Thieves* In Development
Descendants Descendants: Old Guns*
Descendants: Art of the Blade (working title)
In Development
RHE Heroes Dusk
In Development
Marika Island* In Development
Wastelander: The Demon Trials In Development
Dominant Rage* In Development
Stix: Revamped In Development
Revelations: Conquest In Development
Baking Bad In Development
Arena of Valor: Heroes & Villains In Development
International Pre-Development
Ultimate Chess Pre-Development
AFL 2k18 Pre-Development
Dead Star On Hiatus
Phantasy Legends Cancelled
Mindless Cancelled
Fanon Nintendo Games
Legend of Zelda: Gauntlet of Fates* In Development
Pokemon Amber & Ash In Development
Metroid Classic Trilogy Pre-Development
Metroid Renegade Pre-Development
Super Mario Bros. Mayhem Pre-Development
Other Fanon Games
Untitled Star Wars project Pre-Development
Call of Duty: Civil Warfare* In Development

* is a project currently being focused on + is a project being revised or overhauled after completion

Possible Future Projects

If Guygombaa doesn't jot down ideas he tends to forget them, so here they are. Also, these are working titles.

  • Project Haunted - A detective game set entirely in a haunted hotel.
  • Deaths Door - You are a reaper who has recently been promoted from their boring desk job. Harvest souls.
  • Tales of the Werewolf - You're a Werewolf.
  • Wayward - Semi-open world game with Dark Souls inspired combat, focusing on martial arts and survival.
  • Project Beta - You play as like fifty different versions of one dude.
  • Project Hades (Game) - After his girlfriends soul is claimed by hell, Simon chases after her. But is there too high a price?
  • Project Shooter - An over the top, first person action game focused on ridiculous action.
  • Project Masks - A game where the main character uses lots of masks that give them different powers.
  • Project Amalgam - A symbiote-looking creature who absorbs the powers of others.
  • Project Heroes - InFamous with Ice powers.
  • Project BLOOD - A DOOM-like shooter. A Mexican drug dealer is kidnapped by cultists attempting to bring about the apocalypse, but escapes in a hail of bullets and a sea of blood.
  • Project Crusade - As above, but with a medieval setting and an emphasis on melee combat.
  • Project Warlord - You play as an evil warlord. Gain power, destroy cities, crush your foes.
  • Project Kaiju - War of the Monsters
  • Project Five - Five people with different skills do some things.
  • Project Prey - Bioshock/System Shock Style
  • Project Fallout - Post-apocalyptic FPS RPG
  • Project Survive - A survival game set in a forest with lots of rivers where you have an upgradeable boat.
  • Project Prison - You are a supervillain, in a super-prison.
  • Project GUNS - Ratchet and Clank inspired shooter
  • Project Wild Hunt - Open world RPG about hunting monsters n stuff.
  • MOBA - Smash thing
  • Knights and Queens - Old thing
  • Catsnat - Cando the cat and Arrow the horse.
  • Project Phantasy - A Final Fantasy-ish RPG. FF12 hunting/clans. CrowdS clan members.
  • Project Phantasy Tactics - A tactical RPG game
  • Maybe I should do a horror game some time.


Title Status
CrowdS Finished
Nexus Hub In Development




  • The name is a reference to the Book of Revelation, which is about the apocalypse. It's the final chapter of the bible, available in any good book store.
  • The font for the logo is called Imagination Station
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