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Reten, probably
That orange guy
AGE 19?
BIRTHPLACE The Other's Castle, Noah
Iron Mask (ally; potential quarry?)
CLASS Swordsman
WEAPONS Agent Orange (gunblade)
You might be looking for the original Reten, who can be found here!

My name is probably Reten. And you're a hero, yeah? Then, hold still while I kill you.
Reten to Iron Mask, immediately before attacking her

Reten is a Beorn with amnesia. Nobody from either Zeon or Earth seems to recognize him. All he remembers about himself are his name and his mission - to kill a hero. He hunts down the Iron Mask in the hopes that completing this mission will provide some clue as to his true identity. He is also the Omega Prime equivalent of Reten.


Reten, being a Beorn, looks quite similar to a bear, and has the usual hands comparable to paws. His eye coloration is inverted, with white eyeballs and black pupils. His ears are unusually long, and there's usually at least one flopped down and covering one of his eyes. His hair is a vivid orange, and the dark patches at the ends of his limbs are significantly darker than those of other Beorns. Additionally, he also has these dark patches on the tips of his ears. His limbs end in claws.

Reten dresses in a black cape with a skull motif that reaches close to his knees. Underneath this, he sheaths his signature weapon, Agent Orange, at his hip. Though technically a gunblade, Agent Orange could be described more accurately as a "rocket launcher-blade." The weapon is the size of a greatsword and has a thick axe-like blade surrounding a fist-sized barrel designed for firing missiles. He also wears a bandolier of missiles underneath his cape, and his forearms and calves are wrapped in black sports tape.


Reten only cares about getting his memory back, and he doesn't give a damn about how big of an asshole he has to be to get people out of his way. He does not doubt his actions even for a second, regardless of how gory they might get. He is blunt and to-the-point, and will completely ignore social formalities whenever he doesn't need them. However, in especially dire situations, he will sometimes reveal just how much despair he feels about not knowing who he is, and how failing to get his memories back will tear him to pieces. It is this fear of losing his identity forever that drives him to do the unthinkable.

Reten has no idea what his likes and dislikes are, with one exception - he obviously does not like having amnesia. However, he gets along unusually well with domesticated animals, he seems to be particularly fond of eating salty foods like pretzels, and he writes with surprising speed and clarity but his spelling is completely atrocious.


Reten's greatest strength lies in his greatsword, Agent Orange, which has two main abilities. First, it is capable of firing fist-sized rockets out of the end of its blade/barrel. This can be used to blast holes in anything in Reten's way, of course. But after fighting Iron Mask for the first time, he implemented her recoil-based fighting style into his own to create a maneuver he calls the Rocketlunge, in which he fires Agent Orange at the ground while the blade is sheathed. The recoil from the fire propels Agent Orange into a fast slashing attack, while the explosion from the rocket at Reten's feet launches him forwards and/or upwards at high speed. It is an incredibly fast and dangerous technique, but tends to take a toll on Reten's body if overused.

Second, Agent Orange can "eat" the energy of anyone it kills, giving its wielder some of the original's power. For the most part, this manifests as a rush of euphoria immediately after taking something's life, but Reten has been known to subconsciously wield abilities unique to his quarry when under stress. He has not yet been able to discover how to willingly use the powers of those he killed with Agent Orange, and so he relies primarily on its rocket-firing abilities.


Prior History

Shortly after the flight of the Zeonian refugees from their homeworld, Reten awoke in the Wasteland, on the outskirts of Noah. All he could remember about himself was a name and a goal - to kill a hero. Unsure of where he would find a hero but desperate to follow any leads that could lead to his identity, he salvaged a gunblade from a nearby scrap heap and set out into the city...



  • Reten's weapon, Agent Orange, was inspired heavily by the signature swords of Noctis and Squall from the Final Fantasy series. This makes him the third Beorn in Omega Prime to draw inspiration from Final Fantasy characters.
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