Reten Ozzy Prime
195 lbs
19 years old Zeonian Beorn










FULL NAME Reten Ozzy Prime
POWERS Firearms Proficiency

Carbon Fiber Armour
Carbon Fiber Claws
Hyper Mode

BIRTHDAY October 3rd
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral

Spree (Psychic Clone/Brother)
Celen Kannon (Stepsister)


Spree (Psychic Clone) Plum (Ocassional Partner)
Primeval Thorn (Fellow Lamenter)
Mad Dog (Fellow Lamenter)
Mania Metallurgy (Girlfriend)

CURRENT LOCATION Nowhere in particular

His Job
Spending money on useless things


Whatever he's currently paranoid about
Royalty in general

You try to kill me? That’s just business. You try to pretend you have authority here? I’m not in a position to tell you not to be delusional. But trying to destroy a guy’s collectible? Dick move, man.
Reten, laying down a wisdom.

Reten is Unten's counterpart from an alternate universe. Unlike the other Alternate Untens Reten actually played some part in the destruction of his Zeon and later his entire universe.


Reten is a tall and gangly beorn with thicker and fluffier fur, kept pristine by a large amount of furcare products. He has white sclera and black star-shaped pupils, unusual for a beorn and sharpened teeth. He wears a metallic necklace that contains his Cyrium armor and allows him to manipulate Power Harmonious. Over this he wears his signature orange coat with a black fur collar and white edges. His left ear is pierced, usually having his Galvan Earring attached.


On the surface Reten is a confident and charismatic killer who always seems to be a step ahead of his opponents. While most would presume that Reten was simply a cocky smartass who got by on dumb luck and instinct he is in fact quite intelligent, though he is just as good at masking this so that others would underestimate him. He's a bit of a megalomaniac, constantly seeking sources of power in order to protect himself and the few people he cares about. There are few means he would not go through with in order to reach this end. In comparision to his counterpart Unten Bluzen Reten has no form of no-kill policy, having no qualms with dispatching with his foes. That is not to say that Reten would always kill those he fights; in various cases he has left his opponents alive for various reasons. What he does share with Unten is a tendency to fall into prophetic dreams, though less often and with less clarity than Unten's. Reten takes in the information of these dreams though the hints they provide seem to not be as immediately relevant and much more surreal, hence why he doesn't tend to mention them. Reten struggles with what most would consider a peaceful life. In times where there is no immediate danger Reten tends to work to fight future threats he isn't even sure exists yet due to a deep fear of any actual peacetime causing him to "go soft" or otherwise negatively impact him.

He finds it hard to truly connect with people but all too easy to pretend to bond with them to further his own goals. However, he is almost obsessed with keeping those he truly considers friends safe due to how few-and-far they are.


Reten is a quick, vicious and dastardly fighter who is adept in both melee combat with his claws and ranged combat in his seemingly endless array of firearms. He is fully willing to use dirty tricks, mind games and low blows to get the edge in a fight.

  • Firearms Proficiency: Reten is insanely adept at using ranged weaponry of all forms, everything from the musket to the railgun. He is also skilled at dual-wielding even rather large weaponry.
  • Mechanic: Reten has experience with vehicles, often modifying and upgrading his own vehicles to a hilarious degree. The vehicles he regularly uses often have added armour, guns and cupholders anywhere he can put em.
  • Fencing: Although he has not done it in quite some time, Reten trained as a fencer in his younger years and could potentially use a sword in combat.
  • Reten's Jacket: Reten's jacket is some sort of magic artifact, it's inside being a hammerspace void Reten stores all of his objects within. As well as that Reten has added several modifcations including ballistic weave woven into the jacket, ammo storage mechanisms within the hammerspace itself and his Lamenter Medal, which can split into both a hardlight gas mask and a toxic grenade.
  • Lulu: Built by Mania for him early on during his storyline in COLD❄BLOOD, Lulu is a futuristic purple and black pistol that fires small orbs of super-heated energy. These orbs serve almost as microscopic suns, going supernova on impact and burning through most forms of solid matter.
  • The Gun with No Name:A silver revovler with several spirals etched into its receiver, The Gun With No Name was given to Reten by Azrail during COLD❄BLOOD's story. It fires normal .357 revolver rounds (among other things) but its main gimmick is the shockwave emitter attached under the barrel that fires a short-range concussive blast strong enough to break bones at point blank range.
  • Sol: Sol was Reten's first homemade gun, a machine pistol that has been upgraded over the years by Reten. It uses hammerspace technology to load hilariously oversized 300-round stick magazines loaded with armour-piercing 10mm rounds.
  • Heartbreaker: Reten's 5th homemade gun is a hand cannon that fires large .357 HE rounds. Similarly to the Sol it uses hammerspace to load clips larger than the gun itself.
  • Galvan Earring: Reten's Galvan Earring allows him to grant both his body and objects he's in direct contact with intangibility. He has a pretty nuanced degree of control over this, being able to turn segments of his arm incorporeal while leaving the rest of it solid to grab stuff through walls and whatnot.
  • Kurz: An extremely small pistol Reten has stored within his body where his appendix should be. The pistol chambers one of his golden teeth and is only used as an ultimate last resort in the case that Reten cannot get at any of his other weapons and needs a quick suprise shot.
  • Other Assorted Weapons: Reten's jacket has enough firepower to arm a small nation and he'll take full advantage of the bombs, guns and melee weapons inside when fighting.
  • Golden Tooth: Reten has a set of identical golden teeth that each have different functions including storing a lockpicking kit, a small explosive, and a flip-out knife. Each one is also designed to be able to serve as a makeshift bullet for the Kurz.
  • Aura Vulnerability: For reasons he doesnt fully understand, Reten's body is severely crippled by Aura and Aura-based abilities. This also means he can't utilize Aura, atleast not without damaging himself in the process. An exemption to this rule is the Jaki Dama. Due to this attack's properties being almost mirrored from regular Aura attacks Reten will be healed by a Jaki Dama attack (much to the surprise of its user, probably.)


Armoured Reten

Reten's body is embedded with Power Harmonious, which manifests as a metal band around his neck. From this necklace Cyrium manifests in shards to coat Reten in armour of varying degrees. Reten can utilize this Armoured form to gain more defensive and offensive options at the cost of speed due to the weight of the armour.

25% Armour


Reten doesn't use his 25% form regularly, often using it when he needs a quick speed boost while using 50% or to quickly add some extra power to his claws. Reten's speed isn't too effected by this form but he's still not at max speed.

50% Armour


This is the type of Armoured form Reten usually uses, with 50% of his body mass covered by armour. He's noticably slower at this speed but is covered in alot of armour, including pauldrons that when Reten focuses will eminate slight repulsion fields that will push away attacks or projectiles of a low enough magnitude.

50% Armour: Blade Mode


An alternate form of 50% Armour that uses extra Cyrium mass to create long blades that cover his hands. The blades are deadly but come at the cost of motor functions and that Reten cannot utilize the blades in 100% form.

50% Armour: Blade Mode EX


A sorta joke form in which Reten utilizes EX Energy, but only in this specific sidegrade of a variant of a form. Reten's pretty fast in this form, even faster than his regular form and has all the other benefits EX Energy  provides a person, presuming he'd actually use this hyper-specific form...

100% Armour


The maximized pinnacle of the Armoured form, 100% Armoured Reten not only gets full armour including cyrium nanites woven into his coat and a dragon-shaped helm but he also gains the Harm Boosters, a set of hovering cyrium jets. The boosters connect to Reten telephatically and allow him to increase his speed to 25% Armour levels or even fly. The boosters use up Cyrium meaning this form cannot be sustained unless Reten wants to move at a snails pace.


Pre-Phase 2

Reten was born in a rich family on Zeon, his father being an arms manufacturer. Despite this Reten spent most of his time in the slums below his neighbourhood, scavenging for scrap and picking fights. At 13 his Father inducted him into a Black Ops Child Soldier Program, done by the Zeonian Government to try and combat the Catonean Emperor Sudanima who was locked in war with them. He was prophecized to defeat Sudanima, although the actions of another Beorn meant he was merely an assistant to this prophetic battle, which was lost by The Ox and caused the eventual destruction of his planet. Sometime between the loss and Zeon's destruction Reten had formed a gang called The Lamenters and gone off-planet. The gang became a mercenary clique and a successful one at that. After The Bohemian, a member of the group, sold out the Lamenters to Sudanima causing them to scatter and Reten to re-build the Lamenters with new and old members.

Phase 2 - Lamenter Til I Die

With this 2nd formation of the group Reten began taking jobs again, his final one being the infamous Huxxabu siege that destroyed the Neotendoverse on a multiversal scale this became known among some groups as "The day the UPF lost" due to them having to destroy the universe instead of capturing it. Reten's actions in this event  boosted him up to the No. 1 most wanted spot on the UPF's list. After its destruction Reten, a Huxxabu native named Ruby and the UPF drone Meta-Form Prime were all sent hurtling into the New Fantendoverse, specifically into their Earth's Nevada Desert. A U-Hive pod soon landed in the area, the intense Keterwave radiation causing the artificial Beorn inside to gain Reten 's memories, becoming Spree. The 3 soon defeated Meta-Form and began hopping around Nevada.

Phase 3 - Dead World, TBC

Reten's allies, Spree and Ruby, end up captured by the private military group the Lanch Kraken Coalition and Reten breaks in rather loudly to break them out. After a jailbreak, a fight and plenty of property damage Reten ends up catured as well until the PMC's leader Latt Ai hires them for a job. They, along with a large amount of expendable LKC soldiers, are sent to the hovering Godfortress currently floating above Nevada to fight The Tragedy's forces.


Primeval Thorn

Thorn and Reten are a textbook example of blood siblings. The two have fought innumerable battles together and have become fast friends.

Mad Dog

The two have a bitter rivalry and while they dont hate eachoother enough to kill, they certaintly hate eachother enough to compete recklessly and argue constantly. Primeval Thorn thinks that the pair need to "either fight or fuck" which Reten finds to be a fucking stupid analysis of their bitter hatred for eachother.


Reten sees Spree as a brother of sorts and the two often reminisce over Reten's past. He's kinda protective of Spree aswell.


Reten doesn't think much of Plum, not being as hung-up on his species' extinction as she is. However, he respects her fighting ability and enjoys working with eachother.


Reten has a respect for Domino as a fellow bounty hunter/thrillseeker but thinks he's overly cocky and doesn't use his ability to its full potential.


Reten respects Kaiden's fighting ability but finds his social awareness and lack of knowledge of the outside world amusing at best and annoying at worse.


Reten gets on extremely well with Fera, bonding with her over military service and their similar outlooks on friendship and life. That being said the Terran doesn't approve of his more morally ambiguous dealings and methods.


Reten finds Meta-Form to be a bit of a dork and is annoyed by him while Meta-Form finds Reten's methods reprehensible. Despite these differences the two will work together if necessary and in fact work well together.


Reten enjoys Gregor's company due to his laidback demeanour, though their first meeting ended with Gregor nearly getting shot after popping out of the beorn's shadow.


Reten and Mynis are brothers-in-arms, bonding over their shared prodigy status and their flair for the dramatic. Reten often uses Mynis's ineptitude to his advantage, unbeknownst to the brown beorn.

Silver Zin

During his tenure on Satellite 15 Reten grew to consider Silver a close friend, as the Zaxinian had been both a tour guide and ally while he was there. The two make a pretty formidable combo in combat thanks to their pooled versatility.

Zonas B. Trayd (Satellite 15)

Reten and Zonas had a rough start due to their first interaction being him trying to arrest Silver but upon their second meeting this was patched over, with Reten growing to like the demon. He thinks he's kinda cute.

Mania Metallurgy

Mania was in fact the first person Reten met on the Satellite and despite working on opposite sides they had a pretty courteous relationship, with Reten commisioning the cyborg to build him a new pistol, which became Lulu. As they continued to cross paths they grew a fast friendship, with Reten having...confusing feelings for Mania, to say the least.

If you want to know how Reten would relate to your character then put them here I guess idk

Game Info

Shards of Reality

Reten Ozzy Prime


HP 5
AP 3
St 7
Vt 4
Mg 2
Rs 2
Ag 8
Lu 6
Starting Weapon
Starting Armor
Reten's Jacket
Starting Sidearm
Skill AP Effect Lvl
Gun Mastery Auto Lets the user equip Gun weaponry. 1
Gun Sidearm Auto Lets the user equip a Gun weapon in their Charm slot, allowing them to hit twice when using their basic attack. 1
S & H 7 Deals weak Stab damage to one enemy. Hits four times. (Physical/Ranged) 1
H & E 11 Deals weak Stab damage to one enemy. Hits four times and has a high critical hit rate. (Physical/Ranged) 1
Bullet Hell Auto The more the user attacks during a turn, the higher their critical hit rate gets. Their base critical hit rate is lower than usual. ?
Left For Dead Auto When the user lands a critical hit on an enemy, they are inflicted with Bleed. ?
Sucker Punch 10 Deals Bash damage to one enemy. Interrupts the target's Focus. ?
Hyper Reten Form Causes the user to perform all attacks twice, with the second use being weaker than the first. ?

Trophy Information

Image Info

Plum: Dead World

An alternate universe Unten coming from the doomed Neotendoverse. Reten is a reckless and impulsive soldier of fortune who wields the dual handguns Sol and Heartbreaker. Fun Fact: Reten can turn his head around 180° like an owl!



  • His themes, according to his creator, are DottiR's Born To Kill and Biting Elbow's Bad Motherfucker.
  • As an alternate universe version of Unten, he serves as one of the original thematic antithesises. This is shown in several ways:
    • His color scheme is an inversion of Untens with his eyes being the reversed colors and his fur being orange, a complimentary color of blue.
    • While Unten traditionally relies on his moderate power and diplomatic skills in conflict Reten seems to go in the reverse direction, forgoeing diplomacy for a strong and varied powerset and a ruthless demeanor.
    • Reten discarded his last name while Unten gave himself one.
    • Reten's core team compliments that of Untens. He frequently allies with a deranged doctor, another Beorn whom he shares both a rivallry and a past with and a metal-bender.
    • Reten's life in his old universe had him killing Gods as a duty while Unten spent his original existence and much of his current one serving under Gods.
  • Reten's pistols are references to SCUD: The Disposable Assassin. The pistols share similarities with SCUD's own pistols and are named after 2 SCUD models in the comic series.
  • Reten is not Lanky Kong.
  • He isn't Jar Jar Binks either dickface!
  • Reten's motorbike is called the Maid-01 and is a heavily modified Harly-Davidson WLA. The bike was a piece of smuggler history in the Neotendoverse, being owned and added to by many high profile pilots and mercenaries. Reten's addition to the vehicle is a boombox on the side.
  • Reten is among the richer characters in the New Fantendoverse thanks to a combination of him selling objects that existed only in his universe, (such as an extra 5 seasons of Firefly, a collection of Batman comics were Jason Todd wasn't killed and triangular kit-kats.) mercenary dealings and working for the Launch Kraken Coalition.
  • Reten is hearing impaired and often wears special-made hearing aids. They are shaped to fit his beorn ears as well as reinforced to make them less likely to be destroyed during battle.
  • Despite his vulnerability to Aura Reten can still theoretically challenge it, at great harm to himself. His aura color can be described as being the same as that of puddles of gasoline.
  • Reten's new pistols, Lulu and The Gun With No Name were obtained during his visit to Satellite 15 and are named after a Metallica album and Clint Eastwood's character 'The Man with No Name' from the Dollars trilogy respectively.
  • Every appearance of Reten is canon to his character unless it would be impossible to fit it in. This is because it's funny and silly.
  • Reten possesses some of the greatest artifacts of Sigma Prime including Snaily Joe's shell, the GS Pokeball, the Flat Eric puppet and a token of unknown importance, signified by a mysterious symbol etched into it.
  • How Reten's aura vulnerability would play into a hypothetical standing ripple of his is unknown, but it probably wouldn't be good.
  • Reten's given full name, Reten Ozymandias Blumenkanye, comes from both the DC Watchmen character Ozymandias (who's name comes from the greek name for Ramses II) and a mashup of Kanye West and Kill La KIll music named Blumenkanye. Yeah.
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