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The Kona Titan
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Fighters of Lapis

Reptflux is a Titan created by an unknown god (previously suspected to be White Goddess, however was revealed to be false in Shattered) in case of severe emergencies. He hasn't been awakened for millenniums.

A replica by the same name appears in both the Fighters of Lapis games and Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. Although his Finishers often showcase him with the same power as the original, it is only a copy.


Fighters of Lapis

Reptflux appears in the game, although he is much smaller and less powerful. He doesn't vaporize people on touch, although he has powerful energy blasts from his core. He has terrible recovery, but great power, stronger than anyone else in the game.

In the post-credits stinger, it is revealed to be a Tabuu spy. It is unknown how Tabuu managed to duplicate Reptflux, or even if it was him.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Appears in the game and story but with not a huge role. He plays identically to how he did in the Fighters of Lapis series. It's unknown how Reptflux exists within this universe, although it's possible that this one was from the original Lapisverse.


He is created out pure energy, causing anything to touch him to vaporize. However, the giant green core which acts as his eye is his main weakness. If the polarity of the eye is reversed, Titan will turn completely solid and turn him into pure Kona alloy.

While in Kona form, he can still fight, albeit slower and is no longer made of energy. His core is still active, although the reversed polarity causes him to be less powerful.


  • Reptflux is the first original character to be created for the Fighters of Lapis series.
  • Reptflux has never really been seen in his true form outside of a What-If involving the old Fantendoverse.
  • Reptflux has yet to appear in the New Fantendoverse but one of the Threat's former Top 10 members named Prometheus looks similar to him.