Renny Vertica is a veteran Human lawyer in the Mr. Chilli series.


Renny is a observant, caring, middle-aged man. He is fascinated with astronomy, he thinks a democratic and a methodical way. And learns easily, he is charismatic, sly and tries to find the most fair, and calmest of solutions. But when in danger can panic, if Chilli is late or a disaster occurs.


Mr. Chilli

Renny is a father figure to Chilli, one of the few of Chilli's collauges to actually respect him. He refuses to face Chilli, and has much faith in him.


Renny has a black shirt and trousers. Which as well as his personality has gained him the nickname the "Lord of Darkness".


Mr. Chilli

Renny is one of the toughest lawyers to face in the game, and is the most easy character to be friends with. Once this happens he will start to symphasize with Chilli and the cases may be slightly easier.


  • In Ella-Metals 3, there is a boss called Renny, who uses dark pulses to attack, he looks very similar to Vertica except a more manic and crazed look and more longer jacket. It is probably the heaviest Fusion Easter Egg yet.
  • Apart from Chilli, Renny was originally one of the first lawyers concepted by Stelios7 (tbc).
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