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RenarioExtreme series is a game series that can be only used by User:RenarioExtreme. The main character is Renario "Renan" Extreme, a blue haired mutated Pikachu, who lives in the PokéMutant World. His friends include Hiroshi, a friendly and kind Cyndaquil who is Renan's best friend, Rexar, an honest Totodile who enjoys fighting, Lenan, his laid-back twin brother, Terrell, the Jungle Junkers gang leader, Shel, a beginner leveled samurai Oshawott, and Sunshine, a beautiful French Espeon who comes from the Paris section of the PokéMutant World. He also has a golden Chinese dragon named the Gold Master, who serves as their guildmaster. They must stop the main antagonist, Dr. Mewtwo, an evil genius Mewtwo, and his servants before they could succeed taking over the PokéMutant World. On April 2013, it was cancelled for the original series A Dragon's Pure Heart, because the creator thought that he would get copyrights.


Renan: Dawn of a New Era

Five years after Dr. Mewtwo and the Shadow Lord's defeat, Renan prays for the Gold Master, who had been killed by the Shadow Lord after he tried to protect them from his Ultimate Death attack on his servants. Meanwhile, Dr. Mewtwo's minions took out his dead body and robot-zied him in order to revive him. Dr. Mewtwo could work very well, and orders his minions to destroy Renan and his friends.


Renan the Mutant Pikachu

Renan the Mutant Pikachu 2


RenarioExtreme series/characters


The timeline of the RenarioExtreme series. The current time is 2015 A.SE (B.SE means Before Shine Emperor, and A.SE is after Shine Emperor.)

  • 1,000,000 B.SE - Deathscar founds the PokéMutant World and starts terrorizing it.
  • 9000,000 B.SE - The first Pokémon was born in the world.
  • 8000,000 B.SE - Many Pokémon were born, but do not get along very well due to Deathscar's curse.
  • 7000,000-5000,000 B.SE - After many years of fighting and quarreling, the Pokémon started a terrible war, with Deathscar enjoying watching it.
  • 5000,000 B.SE - A peaceful Pokémon can't take the war anymore, so she starts praying to stop the war.
  • 4900,000-2000,000 B.SE - After many years of praying, the Shine Emperor was born.
  • 1000,000 B.SE - The Shine Emperor fights Deathscar.
  • 900,000-500,000 B.SE - After many years of battling, the Shine Emperor successfully seals Deathscar into prison.
  • 500,000-200,000 B.SE - The Pokémon in the world starts cleaning up the mess, after many years later, the world is in total peace.
  • 200,000-0 B.SE - The Shine Emperor creates the Gold Master and Lucifer.
  • 100 A.SE - Lucifer's personality dramatically changed; becoming very tormentive and forceful.
  • 200 A.SE - Lucifer was punished by the Shine Emperor for his disobidience. As a result, Lucifer sees anger and hatred in his heart, and turns into the Shadow Lord by gaining powers from Deathscar.
  • 200-500 A.SE - The Shadow Lord starts rampaging in the whole world, attempting to destroy it. The Gold Master tried to stop him but never succeeds.
  • 550 A.SE - The Spirits of Importance were created, and both the Shine Emperor and the Gold Master successfully defeats the Shadow Lord.
  • 600 A.SE - A foolish man tried to conquer the world by using a Mewtwo to conquer it, but was killed off by the Shine Emperor, thus putting a curse on him.
  • 750-1550 A.SE - Many of the Shine Emperor's servants were banished because of their disobidience. After that, the Destructive Seven was formed.
  • 1550-1890 A.SE - The Shine Emperor fights the Destructive Seven, and reseals them to prison.
  • 1950 A. SE - Jacques was born.
  • 1990-2000 A.SE - Rexar, Sunshine, Terrell and many other characters were born.
  • 2000 A.SE - Renan and Lenan were born.



Renan! is a Japanese anime which featues all of the RenarioExtreme characters. This anime also features other video game characters, such as Mario, Sonic, Link, Kirby, Samus, Fox, and Snake.

There are some differences in the anime from the video game characters:

1. Blaze the Cat now wears a pink baby tee with a flame on it, a red skirt with yellow stripes around it, and indigo blue sneakers.

2. Bowser Jr's mask has fierce red eyes added to it.

3. Kirby's feet are rosy red.

4. Mario has a Chinese accent.

5. Link now wears a black belt around his waist.