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Renan! (Renan: Adventures through Light and Darkness) is a Japanese/South Korean anime adapted from the RenarioExtreme series games. This anime also features show crossover characters, such as Mario, Sonic, Rabbids and Kirby.


Renario "Renan" Extreme is a mutant Pikachu which was created with spirits of destiny, speed, harmony and friendship by a golden Chinese dragon called the Gold Master. The Gold Master then uses Renan to protect the PokeMutant World. The peace was short lived because one day, a terrible evil genius named Dr. Mewtwo escaped from his meteor prison and starts terrorizing the PokeMutant World again. Renan tries to stop him but Dr. Mewtwo blasts him away with his lazer cannon and takes over the PokeMutant World. The Gold Master then quickly takes Renan to Earth and heals him. On Earth, in Kyoto, Renan meets a teenage girl named Ruka Yamaguchi. The two then become friends and Ruka lets Renan live with her. Renan then have his friends to work together to stop Dr. Mewtwo's plans to take over the PokeMutant World forever.



Renario "Renan" Extreme

Hiroshi the Quilava

Sunshine the Espeon

Dr. Mewtwo

Lenalio "Lenan" Extreme

Rexar the Croconaw

Shel the Oshawott

Gold Master

Axellon "Axel" E-Ville

Shadow Lord


Shine Emperor


Terrell the Grotle

Rudy the Monferno

Pipple the Piplup

Munchy the Munchlax

Leafia the Leafeon


Seven Destructive Rulers

Porky the Tepig

Unity the Lucario


Snive the Snivy

Sleepy the Snorlax

Buibui the Buizel

Kage the Absol

Eeveegirl Dolls Shiny the Pikachu

Blade the Bayleef

Raider Extreme


Differences from the game series

  • Renan lives on Earth, in Kyoto instead of the PokeMutant World.
  • Lenan is Renan's cousin in the anime instead of his brother.
  • Sunshine wears a pink peacock feather on her head, a pink dancing costume that resembles a skirted bikini with purple jewels as decorations of the top and pegasus wings on the top at the back, long pink gloves, a large pink ribbon on her tail and pink pumps with pegasus wings. She also wears a white jacket.
  • Terrell's gang name is Jungle Junkers instead of Jungle Troopers.
  • Rexar was born in a forbidden island instead of Guardian Diamond Island.
  • Renan first met Hiroshi when he was hungry and starving after running away from the orphanage seven years ago. Because of this, Renan offered him food, and invited him to join him.


Number Title Description

"Renan! The Mutant Pikachu from another dimension! Dr. Mewtwo strikes!"

The story starts with a golden Chinese dragon named the Gold Master protecting the PokeMutant World. Just then, a baby Pichu drops by, and the Gold Master decides to create a servant for him after his former servant has been banished because of his rebellion. He then used some spirits and gave them to the Pichu and named him "Renan". Fourteen years later, Renan is now a full-grown Pikachu, and is able to protect the PokeMutant World nicely. The peace was short lived, however, because Dr. Mewtwo, an evil genius Mewtwo who has terrorized the PokeMutant World fifty years ago before the show has escaped from his meteor prison and starts terrorizing the PokeMutant World again. When Dr. Mewtwo tries to take over the PokeMutant World, Renan grabs the gun, preventing him to shoot everything, but Dr. Mewtwo blasts him away into Earth. The Gold Master then quickly flies up to catch Renan, and then puts him on Earth, in Kyoto. When Renan woke up, he saw himself on Earth, and starts to freak out when he saw he wasn't in the PokeMutant World, but the Gold Master calms him down, telling him that Earth is a peaceful place. Renan then starts to wonder around the Earth, finding a new friend.
02 "Renan makes a new friend! Ruka!" After Renan falls to Earth, he faints, but is woken up by a pre-teen girl called Ruka Yamaguchi, and the two became best friends. Suddenly, Dr. Mewtwo attacks again, but gets defeated by Renan this time for good. So, he retreats.
03 "The kind mechanic Cyndaquil, Hiroshi!" While Renan is following Dr. Mewtwo, he notices something is following him. It is a Cyndaquil wearing a red cap and brown goggles. The Cyndaquil introduces himself as Hiroshi, and the two became best friends very quickly and continue chasing Dr. Mewtwo to foil his plan.
04 "The Adventure Begins! Renan and Hiroshi!" After Hiroshi built a large plane, they set off for a big adventure.
05 "The Mysteries - the Mystic Diamonds has been revealed!" While on their way to foil Dr. Mewtwo's latest plan, the Gold Master informs them that seven mysterious objects called the Mystic Diamonds, were hidden somewhere around the PokeMutant World. Renan must retrieve them before Dr. Mewtwo does.
06 "Rexar the rough Totodile! Friend or foe?!" After returning to the PokeMutant World, Renan and Hiroshi are attacked by a rough Totodile called Rexar, who then steals their diamonds and runs off. It is revealed that he is working for Dr. Mewtwo, who had told him that they are thieves.
07 "

Rexar teams with Renan and Hiroshi! Stop Dr. Mewtwo!"

After finding out Dr. Mewtwo's true plan to steal the Guardian Diamond, Rexar teams up with his former enemies and defeat Dr. Mewtwo. Dr. Mewtwo then retreats to his home planet.
08 "The Strongest Enemy - Renan's arch-rival Axel" Furious for losing to Renan, Dr. Mewtwo thinks about his plans until Axel, a one-eyed Meowth and his most faithful servant comes in his lab. Dr. Mewtwo then orders Axel to defeat Renan but fails again.
09 "The most beautiful and gorgeous Espeon - Sunshine!" While Renan was taking a nap on an old oak tree, the Gold Master informs him that a showgirl Espeon called Sunshine has been kidnapped by Dr. Mewtwo. She was supposed to have her show today, but was delayed for tomorrow because of Dr. Mewtwo. Renan then sets his journey to rescue Sunshine from Dr. Mewtwo.
10 "Renan gets a new power?!"
11 "Shell slashing Oshawott Shel" Rexar tells Renan that his adopted brother Shel has been captured by Dr. Mewtwo's goons. Renan and Rexar succeed rescuing Shel from Dr. Mewtwo after Dr. Mewtwo accidently triggers his ship.
20 "Secret of the Tombstone! An Ancient Evil will return!" While Renan and his friends were walking near a temple, they saw a tombstone with an angel statue on it. The Gold Master then explains that it was Lucifer, a former servant who had worked for him before he was corrupted by his power that the Gold Master gave him. Lucifer was an angel told to keep the peace, but after getting obessed by his own power, he started to force all the Pokemon to obey him. As a result, he was banished for his cruelty and disobedience. He then swore revenge, trying to kill his former lord. The Gold Master then used some spirits created by his lord to stop him, and reimprisoned him back to hell. Suddenly, the tombstone starts to shake, revealing the Shadow Lord, who was Lucifer, and dashed out of the PokeMutant World to Dr. Mewtwo's hideout planet, and starts scolding him for his previous failures.

Voice Actors

Character Voice actor
Renario "Renan" Extreme

Miyu Irino (Season 1 and 2; old body)

Kouki Uchiyama (Season 3-current; new body)

Hiroshi the Quilava Junko Takeuchi
Dr. Mewtwo Masachika Ichimura (Season 1-2 only)
Estella the Espeon Arisa Ogasarawa
Voltrell Thunder

Kenichi Suzumura

Rexar the Croconaw

Kenyuu Horiuchi

Terrell the Grotle

Yuji Ueda (Turtwig)

Kenta Miyake (Grotle)

Shel the Oshawott Akeno Watanabe
Axellon "Axel" E-Ville

Hiroki Takahashi

Unity the Lucario

Kazuya Nakai

Hirofumi Arai (Unity the Lucario side-series)

Gold Master Kazuhiko Inoue
Shadow Lord Takanobu Hozumi
Rudy the Monferno

Tamaki Yukiko (Chimchar)

Hiroshi Yanaka (Monferno)

Choji the Munchlax

Chika Sakamoto (Munchlax)

Unsho Ishizuka (Snorlax)

Pipple the Piplup Etsuko Kozakura
Leafia the Leafeon Naoko Takeuchi
Eeveegirls Dolls
Shiny the Pikachu Yumiko Kobayashi
Blade the Bayleef Mikako Takahashi
Naner Miyu Irino
Robo-Mewtwo Masachika Ichimura
Emperor the Nidoking Chikao Otsuka
Ruka Yamaguchi
Shine Emperor
Deathscar None
BanchoArcanine Hisao Egawa
Raider Extreme Koichi Yamadera
Lady Harmoine Masako Katsuki

Theme Songs

Character Theme
Opening Theme Song 1 "The Blue Hair"
Opening Theme Song 2 "Destinies Above"
Ending 1 "Renan's Memories"
Ending 2 "Shine Emperor, my dear Lord"
Renario "Renan" Extreme "No Fear!"
Hiroshi the Quilava "Mechanic of Kindness"
Sunshine the Espeon "Gorgeous Showgirl"
Dr. Mewtwo "Ultimate Evil Genius"
Lenalio "Lenan" Extreme "In the Red"
Rexar the Croconaw "Alone with Guardian Diamond"
Shel the Oshawott "Dream to become a Samurai"
Terrell the Grotle "Rocking Daijoubu"
Gold Master "Reliable Sensei"
Shadow Lord "Heart full of Darkness"
Shine Emperor "Ruling of PokeMutant World"
Unity the Lucario "Fighting for Destiny"
Renan, Hiroshi, Sunshine, Lenan, Shel, Rexar, Terrell and Gold Master "We are the Warlord Dragon! (Never Give Up!)"
Dr. Mewtwo, Axel, Seven Destructive Rulers and Shadow Lord "Darkness is Big Revenge"

Dub edits

  • The scene of every violence or anything inappropriate were cut out.
  • The scenes of Emperor drinking alcohol were cut out.
  • The scenes of blood were cut out as well.
  • Every explosion scene were cut out too.