Remains of Krexxak is a RPG taking place in the Ghostrealmverse, developed by Toroko for The V². It is under the Infinite Content branding and was created for Series Swap Day IV. Helena Harper (tbc) set out to create more of a original story with the world, as well as subverting many of the story elements typically present in the Ghostrealmverse.

Following a Krexxon member named Emid, living on Ascerth. Emid isn't really a warrior and spends his time on hikes as opposed to being part of the utilitarian Krexxon army. Meeting a blind human woman Kaudra, the two begin a relationship that is frowned upon his father, Nemeene. Emid soon uncovers a conspiracy to use a deathly weapon from Kronn Empire ruins, and setting off with a Saff named Resema to guide them and a Saldrik named Jal, the four form a RPG-worthy group to try and stop the Krexxon army from using another death weapon. However, not all is as it seems...


Remains of Krexxak takes place on Ascerth shortly after the events of In The Shadow Of An Empire, although the events of that story are mostly tangential to this one. Following the character of Emid, a peaceful Krexxon, Remains of Krexxak follows his journey of finding love and teaming up to stop his own race from using a weapon found in the Kronn temple located in Drysun Desert. This plot seems hardly complicated, does it? Little do you know...


Like FantendoQuest before it, Remains of Krexxak is stylized after old-style RPGs, featuring a party system, with Emid in the lead. You explore the world from a top-down view. Only one controllable party member, known as the leader, appears at the map screen at a time. You can swap between party members using the trigger buttons. Using the start or select button, you can also view items and assign favorite six items to access quickly.

Like FantendoQuest, characters each have a set of skills that they can use skill points that they gain from leveling up to upgrade said skills. Each skill effects the party members' attacks and other actions like healing. Due to this game's much shorter length, the max cap is 30, although each level gives 2 skill points.

Unlike FantendoQuest, encounters are not random, but rather appear on the map and will run towards characters to initiate the battle mode. The player can control how often monsters attack via switching between Sneaking/Normal/Hunting modes. Normal is default and has normal enemy encounter rates. Sneaking has less monster encounters while Hunting has more monster encounters.

Party Members


EmidRoK Emid is the main character of Remains of Krexxak and is a rather timid Krexxon who falls under the Cook class. He isn't much of a fighter, but he remains a valuable member of the party due to his healing abilities.

Emid is a peaceful Krexxon who spends his time either cooking or taking hikes to clear his mind. He has a dislike for his own violent culture, seeing it as something that has only grown hate across the galaxy they reside in.

Recommended Skills
  1. Crockpot
  2. Heal Bracer
  3. Haste Up
  4. Defense Up
Emid's Full Skill Set

Allows Emid to cook up a meal to heal party members. The higher the level, the more delectable and healing the meals become.
Tips: You will want to spend most of your points of this and Heal Bracer, as Emid isn't really an attacker.

Heal Bracer

Emid can shrug off attacks to prevent Crockpot from getting interrupted.
Tips: Emid can shrug off all attacks if this is sufficiently high enough- which is good when you need to heal your party members as much as possible.

Haste Up

This increases Emid's speed for his moves.
Tips: Keeping Haste Up will allow Emid to cook meals faster and generally avoid attacks better. Very critical and you should spend a lot of points on it.

Defense Up

This allows Emid to take more damage and block and avoid attacks.
Tips: While Emid has options to avoid attacks and to not interupt his moves, you're going to want all the tools you can get for this.


This allows Emid to attack with scalding hot water.
Tips: While this is a pretty decent attack move, you'll hardly need it really beyond the first chapter of the game and it certainly isn't really worth 11-15 points. Kaudra will take care of your attacking power from then on.

Pepper Spray

Emid can blind opponents with pepper spray.
Tips: This attack can be useful when dealing with enemies that have high attack power as it'll decrease their chances of hitting, but it's... not that great.

Emid's Innate Powers
Shifting Hand

Emid can put his hands in small holes by transforming his hand into a tentacle, allowing him to grab items and activate hidden buttons.


Emid automatically picks up mushrooms and other materials that can be used as healing or status items.


Kaudra Kaudra, a blind Human woman that is skilled in fighting with just a bo staff that can be charged with elemental magic. She can read braille scattered across walls, which are usually magic incantations that drastically change the world around them.

Kaudra is a blind woman that lives in a cave, mostly away from most societies. She and Emid fall in love relatively early in the story and she serves as his partner that protects him from harm with her powerful fighting skills. Emid doesn't feel like he deserves her, but Kaudra won't have any of it.

Recommended Skills
  1. Blind Bo
  2. Echolocate
  3. Attack Up
  4. Haste Up
Kaudra's Full Skill Set
Blind Bo

Kaudra attacks forward with her bo staff, swinging at enemies. While she has a low chance of hitting enemies without echolocating the field first, she has immensely high attack stats.
Tips: Blind Bo is Kaudra's main attack and the sheer damage it does outclasses everything else. While it does require some set up, its a small price to pay.


Kaudra can project the field in her mind basing it off the sounds around her, allowing her to focus.
Tips: This is not a helpful move at first until you use Blind Blade right after it- doing so will drastically increase the success of Kaudra's strikes. The more you invest in it, the more accurate it becomes.

Haste Up

This increases Kaudra's speed for her moves.
Tips: Haste Up is really useful for the late game more than the early game. Kaudra already has a pretty high speed stat but when the game catches up with her, you're gonna want to invest more to keep up with the competition.

Attack Up

Kaudra's attack increases.
Tips: Kaudra's attack is good for the early game but you'll want to increase it before the game can catch up with it.

Fire Bo

Kaudra inflicts fire elemental magic on her bo staff.
Tips: Really only good for taking out enemies weak to it. While it's good to spend a couple points on this, only do so around the stuff that would benefit from being attacked with a elemental bonus damage.

Ice Bo

Kaudra inflicts ice elemental magic on her bo staff.
Tips: Really only good for taking out enemies weak to it. While it's good to spend a couple points on this, only do so around the stuff that would benefit from being attacked with a elemental bonus damage.

Kaudra's Innate Powers
Braille Read

Kaudra can read braille placed on the walls to either read secret messages or say magic incantations to change the environment around her.

Wind Bo

Kaudra can use her bo staff to fly upwards and float down. Can't be used to reach most hidden platforms but can be used to get across wide gaps.

Chapter by Chapter Guide

Chapter 1: Raindrops

Story Summary

Chapter 1 follows Emid on a hiking trip, which is mostly peaceful until it begins to rain and he takes shelter in a cave. Here he finds Kaudra, of which he talks to and slowly grows attached to. The rain clears and Emid and Kaudra make a promise to meet again soon. Returning back home, Emid is berated by his father, Nemeene, for spending so much time focused on hikes and not allowing himself to be a example of the Kraxxon culture. The two fight verbally for a bit and split off in their separate ways, with Emid heading to a train station.

Emid attempts to draw Kaudra from memory on a sketchpad but is interrupted by a human woman named Kima, who drops some information on him: the Krexxon are attempting to secure a super-weapon created by a ancient race known as the Kronn. The temple they are heading to is located in the Drysun Desert. Emid, alarmed by this information, sets off to try and dissuade the Krexxon Empire from finding it, although they only seem to be energized by his statements.

Defeated, Emid heads back to his home, where the Commandax Queke and his sister Relena are waiting for him. Nemeene, disgusted with Emid's actions, asked for Queke to get him so he could properly train him to being a good member of the Krexxon race. Against his desires, Emid is gathered in a Krexxon truck and is sent off to go to a training camp. During the trip, it begins to rain once more and the truck is suddenly attacked by a mysterious figure with a bo staff. Emid breaks free of his bonds as Queke and Relena lose him in the process. Emid returns to the cave where he finds his savior: Kaudra. The chapter ends with Emid looking at her as she goes back into her cave, following after her.

NPCS Introduced
Nemeene is Emid's father and is part of Queke's family unit. He protected Emid at a young age knowing he would never be able to live through combat training, but has since grown cold to his son due to his "inactive" nature, wanting to see him do more with his life and reflect the Krexxon culture more.
Queke is the Commandax of Nemeene's family, who previously picked out Nemeene's daughter Relena to undergo combat training. Queke is gruff and aggressive and him and Nemeene seem to go along okay, but he absolutely despises Emid. He sees Emid as everything wrong with the new generation of Krexxon and will do anything to prove so.
Relena is the sister of Emid and consequently, the daughter of Nameene. She was picked to go into combat training instead of Emid so many years ago and has since emerged as one of the best warriors in the army. She has a girlfriend named Magpe, who serve the surviving colony of Krexxon on Ascerth.
Groveling Leafman
Normal: 15 HP

Hard: 30 HP
Lunatic: 45 HP

Leaf Cutter

Red Potion (1/9)

Groveling Dirtbox
Normal: 20 HP

Hard: 40 HP
Lunatic: 60 HP

Dirt Crush

Chapter 2: Umbrellas

Story Summary

Chapter 2 begins with Emid and Kaudra huddled in the cave as they stay quiet to avoid capture from Queke and Relena. After the coast is clear, Kaudra kisses Emid and the two begin to talk about the situation. Feeling unsafe, Emid asks Kaudra to go with him to try and get to the weapon to destroy it, fearing he has no other recourse. Kaudra agrees to go with him and the two leave the cave, with Emid creating a make-shift umbrella to protect them from the rain.

While traveling through the forest, Emid and Kaudra get lost trying to figure out where the Drysun Desert could be, coming across a Saff. The Saff, named Resema, explains that she does actually have a map to go there, but it's a far way from here. Emid asks Resema to help guide them, and at first Resema refuses. Emid tells her more about the situation, which gets Resema interested.

With a map and direction, Emid, Kaudra, and Resema head across the forest, taking down foes down in their path as it continues to rain. The dense rain and darkness makes it hard for them to see the roots in the ground setting up a trap just for them and Emid and Resema are caught in a trap, ensnared by the tentacle-like roots of Whisper Willow, a Grovarn that intends to break Emid and Resema's bones with it's roots. Kaudra goes to rescue them, destroying Whisper Willow's roots to free them and later defeat the being entirely, allowing them to finally exit the forest. In the distance, Relena and Queke finally get a clue as to where the two could have gone and set off in that direction.

Groveling Durianlegs
Normal: 20 HP

Hard: 35 HP
Lunatic: 50 HP

Spike Spin

Red Potion (1/7)

Groveling Beanflier
Normal: 30 HP

Hard: 45 HP
Lunatic: 80 HP

Sweep Petal

Orange Potion (1/7)

Chapter 3: Runnings

Chapter 4: Guides

Chapter 5: Idols

Chapter 6: Palaces

Chapter 7: Regrets


  • This game was created as a entry into Series Swap Day IV, and Helena Harper (tbc) felt the best route to take it in was something using the world but not necessarily the story of the Ghostrealmverse to make it more palatable for newcomers.
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