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Relena Female
150 lbs
25 years old Krexxon

Relena, the restless general
POWERS Rapier prowess

Poison spit
Transforming limbs
Super strength

BIRTHDAY April 4th

Fenrir of the Flame


Nameene (father)
Emid (brother)

CURRENT LOCATION Fenrir's Battalion

Magpe, fighting, being the top of her class


Fenrir of the Flame, Unten, Quartz, uHive


Relena is a Krexxon working under the command of Fenrir of the Flame as a commander of his Krexxon unit. She is the sister of the rebel hero Krexxon Emid and the daughter of Nameene, a warrior king of Krexxak. She was picked to go into combat training instead of Emid so many years ago and has since emerged as one of the best warriors in the army. She has a girlfriend named Magpe, who serve the surviving colony of Krexxon on Ascerth. The character was originally created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a supporting character in the series swap day game Remains of Krexxak before she made her official Fantendoverse debut in Just Like Old Friends where she has become somewhat of a minor recurring antagonist.

Relena was born on Krexxak alongside her brother Emid. Unlike Emid, who his father protected from needing to go into combat training, Relena was chosen instead to do combat training. Become a skilled but heartless warrior as a result, Relena is too proud to admit that she resents Emid for putting her down this path. She became enlisted as the general of Fenrir of the Flame's Krexxon army, of which is becoming dangerously on the line from being cut due to advancements in genetic sampling and cloning due to uHive. As such, not only is she forced to stay on Fenrir's leash but also has to excel her other peers whenever possible to avoid her position and the other Krexxon from being cut from Fenrir's spending.


Relena is a female Krexxon who has yellow eyes. She also features a distinctive mask made of metal, which has a loop on the top, which is reflective of her forced subservience towards others throughout her life. She has an armor-like dress, which features black, white, and gold coloring. She also wears black tights and a pair of gray armor-like boots.


Relena is an incredibly aggressive person on the battlefield but stays mostly silent when in the presence of her superiors, or at least as non-vocal as she can. She resents her brother Emid, who is heralded as a hero back on her home planet for brokering a peace treaty between humans and some tribes of Krexxon. This is best seen during her attack against Unten, Rachel, and Kiva in Just Like Old Friends which she compared them to Emid and visibly got pissed off.

Relena has her softer side, which she only shows to those close to her such as her girlfriend Magpe. Her agenda against others she considers rivals she doesn't keep a secret, although she will never insult those who are above her for the sake of keeping the job. In a way, she is very similar to Doomulus Thai albeit with no plan, and no way out of her current situation.


Remains of Krexxak

Relena made her debut here in Remains of Krexxak. While the game is probably indefinitely unfinished, she was meant to be a recurring antagonist, hunting Emid and his party down and attempting to check Emid into the training camp he was sheltered away from. Relena would have not been redeemed, instead going down a darker path with her tribe of Krexxon to join Fenrir of the Flame to continue what she felt was her duty: to fight.

Just Like Old Friends

Relena reappears as a minor antagonist in Just Like Old Friends as one of Fenrir's body guards, being sent alongside Doomulus Rise and Doomulus Thai to dispatch against Unten's group and Kiva's anti-Doomuli group. Relena initially fights against the group but soon infighting breaks out between the Doomuli and Relena. Relena manages to hold her own against both the group and the Doomuli, and swears to Doomulus Thai that she will end her for managing to get Fenrir to provide more funding for the Doomuli. Even as Thai explains she's only in it to take down the Doomuli, Relena continues to be pissed off at her.

Trip to uHive

Relena is one of the main protagonists of Trip to uHive, joining Doomulus Saline on a trip to uHive. Much of the story is about how much she is fearful of being replaced by Fenrir by uHive creations, a fear that is not completely unfounded. Although the Doomuli are able to secure their positions through strong arming Fenrir, the Krexxons are less safe because they lack the network resources that the Doomuli have. As they arrive onto uHive, Relena and Saline are guided on a tour through uHive by Conjoy, who Relena finds very problematic due to them being created by uHive. As tensions rise between them, Relena kills Conjoy and retrieves the body of Citrine along the way, fighting Kiva Glaive in the process.

Fantendo - Doomed

Relena will return in Fantendo - Doomed.

Powers and Abilities

Relena has the standard abilities of a Krexxon, in that she can spit poison and form her arms into hands or tentacles, of which she can use like whips. Relena is also skilled with the rapier, carrying around a rapier with a translucent blade. She can also use the rapier's ability to generate spectral swords around her that can then be launched to deal piercing damage to her foes.

In general, she seems to have a lot of combat prowess. She was able to stand her own against Unten, Kiva, and Rachel, and could cut through an arrow Mioda fired at her in half. While fighting Doomulus Thai, Relena was able to regain the upper hand but their fight never reached a proper conclusion. It is safe to say she is one of the more skilled fighters Fenrir of the Flame has at his side, making her a no-brainer choice as a permanent bodyguard.


Fenrir of the Flame

Doomulus Saline

Doomulus Thai


  • Relena was not originally planned to become part of the greater New Fantendoverse canon but was established to set up Fenrir of the Flame as a threat due to his lackeys. It also allowed Helena to introduce the Krexxon into her stories much faster.