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Reiji Arisu

Reiji Arisu (有栖 零児 Arisu Reiji?) is the protagonist (along with Xiaomu) from the Japan-exclusive Playstation 2 crossover game Namco x Capcom (the predecessor to the Project X Zone series). He and Xiaomu return for Project X Zone 2 as the protagonists.


When he was young, his father, Shogo, managed to protect him while fighting Saya but gained a scar on his forehead afterward. Xiaomu trained him and 10 years later, he became a proficient member of Shinra, a rival organization of Ouma.

During the events of Namco x Capcom, he and Xiaomu were sent out on a mission to the "closed city" of Shibuya, but soon the pair were thrust into a conflict that spread throughout space, time, and different worlds. It was then that he encountered Saya, and whenever she appears, his old wound starts to ache. Enemies once defeated were now resurrected, past events were repeating, and at the center of it all, Saya and her organization, Ouma, were behind it all. As they fought alongside allies from different times and worlds, they eventually find Saya and after delivering the final blow, everyone returns to their worlds and peace returned...or so they thought.

Saya reappears and the worlds suddenly merged together. Xiaomu decides to finally tell what happened to his father, but Reiji somehow knew the truth at the beginning. Just when he was about to use a forbidden dance used by his father, every one of their friends and allies reappears one by one and together they fought their way towards Ninety-nine, the deity hat Ouma was trying to resurrect and rule the worlds. When they arrive, a hard battle ensued and at the end, Reiji and company emerged victorious. Reiji would then shoot Saya in the head with his Gold magnum gun, seemingly killing her.

Three months after the battle, everyone started receiving invitations for a celebration party at Demitri's castle. Everyone was having a good time (and the wild antics were starting), but Reiji and Xiaomu were in the balcony, discussing their futures and sharing a kiss.

Crosspedia Entry

An agent of "Shinra," a special unit directly affiliated with the government and created to deal with supernatural phenomena, monsters, and such. A practitioner of "Gogyo Sword Drawing," which involves the rapid drawing and then sheathing again of his swords, he fights using the flaming Japanese sword "Karin," the lightning-calling sword "Chirai," a shotgun called "Hollywood" and a magnum called "Gold." From this latest case onward, he has also started to use the ice blade "Sorin," previously used by his father. While both serious and collected, he is also strong-willed and passionate on the inside. Despite his vigilant and no-nonsense personality, Reiji is by no means unfriendly or unapproachable. The scar on his forehead was caused by Saya during the battle in which he lost his father. Afterwards, he occasionally grows frustrated and annoyed by Xiaomu's Happy-Go-Lucky attitude and threatens to spank or pinch her if her distasteful jokes gets way out of hand sometimes.

Game Appearences

Super Smash Bros Accelerant

He appears as a newcomer alongside of Xiaomu. He appears in the chapter 4: Another Branch?... but it's smash, When Shirna are investigating about the dimenstruction army, until a dimensional branch it's opened and the fleet of the dimenstruction army are attacking. Reiji and Xiaomu decided to investigate about that attack.

Project X Zone 3: Sacred Destinies

Reiji returns as the main protagonist alongside Xiaomu and Chizuru Urashima.