Reign Chomp
King Chomp NSMBVR
Reign Chomp as he appears in Super Mario HD/3D.
Full Name Reign Chomp
Location Desert
Class Boss
Family and Relations
Chain Chomps
Main Weapon(s) Teeth

Reign Chomp (Chomp King in Japan and previously known as King Chomp in Super Mario MHL) is the leader of the Chain Chomp species. He is a huge golden Chain Chomp with a crown on his head that looks exactly like King Boo's in Super Mario MHL, but is more like Peach's in New Super Mario Bros. VR. He also has a bad case of rabies.


Super Mario MHL

Reign Chomp (known as King Chomp) first appeared in Super Mario MHL as a boss. He uses his minions, Chain Chomps in battle.

Super Smash Bros. Collide

Reign Chomp will appear as a boss in Super Smash Bros. Collide.

Super Mario MHL: Series 3

Reign Chomp returned for Omegaverse Corp's MHL game.

New Super Mario Bros. VR

Reign Chomp appears way different in New Super Mario Bros. VR. He is a brighter gold color and wears a crown similar to Peach's. In World 4, Reign Chomp is battled on a giant rolling Chomp Head. This Chomp Head has three bandages on itself. In this battle, Reign Chomp hangs from the ceiling and tries to chomp Mario. The plumber must lead Reign Chomp to the bandages so he will chomp them. This angers the Chomp Head, causing him to bite Reign Chomp. If Mario succeeds on doing this three times, he will defeat the Chain Chomp King.