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Rei Carnation Female
N/A lbs
?? years old Human (formerly)


Rei Carnation, the Phantom Presence
FULL NAME Rei Carnation
POWERS Spirit Tools

Spirit Pass
Stretching/Distorting Limbs

BIRTHDAY February 23rd
OCCUPATION(S) Houseowner
CURRENT LOCATION Tacoma, Washington

Parties, cute girls/guys, cocaine, jaywalking


The Doomuli, CHELPRO, paying rent


Rei Carnation is a ghostly girl that resides in Pinku Rozen's house and was the former resident prior to her living there. She is a flirty and teasing ghost who is tethered to the house but can explore the Spirit Universe to her own whim. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a friend for Pinku Rozen as well as to explore the Spirit Universe, a aspect of the New Fantendoverse that had been mostly reserved to the Ghost Smile series.

Rei Carnation is a ghost girl that lives in Pinku Rozen's house, with her soul literally tethered to the house to haunt. She often likes to tease her fellow housemates, as well as flirt with whatever guests come by.


Rei Carnation is a pink colored ghost with black eyes with pink, glowing pupils. She wears blue tinted glasses. She has black hair with a pink colored segment of hair that goes over her left side of her face. She has floating black pigtails. She usually wears a white dress that has long sleeves and is too big for her, as you can usually see her collarbone. She often is seen without legs as she is mostly floating, but she will occasionally form some that end up looking like ghostly spurs since she forgot what feet look like. She is usually seen with one to three ghostly flames that float next to her.


Rei Carnation is a flirty and teasing ghost that is often seen as bouncy and fun-loving. She seems to be okay with the fact she's dead, although she often laments some of the disadvantages that come with this. She claims to own the house as much Pinku does, although she was not willing to pay rent due to her being dead and unable to get a job. During an ultimatum with her, it was agreed that Xerra and her would work together doing bounty hunting to pay the rent.

Rei Carnation is usually involved with less-than-legal activities or doing drugs since they can't actually effect her and her fingerprints would not appear at a crime scene. ("What are they going to do, send a ghost to jail?" tends to be a common argument she has) She is very eager to exploit the loopholes in the system in the mortal realm, since ghosts are not common place. She has had to stop doing some of these things with the introduction of her two new housemates, but it's not uncommon to see her snorting coke off a male or female stripper.

Rei Carnation also seems to have a interesting past; she has hinted at being a dancer in the past, as well as being part of stage productions (such as Romeo and Juliet). She is also unsure exactly how she died, as nobody was able to ever find her body but her spirit landed in her house anyway.


Pink Lemonade

Rei Carnation appears in Episode 0: Pink Pilot in the series and is a main character. Rei Carnation is introduced as the previous owner of the house, and fills Pinku in with details about her, including rather, stupidly, that she is tethered to the tea cup. Pinku threatens to smash it unless Rei chips in with the rent, which Rei agrees to, although she seems eager to get out of this deal in any way she can.

In Episode 1: Pink Promise, Xerra and Rei go looking for a job, stealing a man's phone to find a job listing. After finding a rather lucrative baby sitting job, Rei and Xerra go the apartment, which turns out to be Rachel Harel's apartment and the person they are actually babysitting is NULL. Rei Carnation is fooled by NULL's transformation into Xerra, and accidentally lets her outside, needing to chase her down with Xerra. The chase leads them into Dr. Lucille Graves' hospital, who helps them put NULL into a unconscious state. Rei and Xerra nearly drag NULL home before Rei remembers she can possess bodies, and they bring NULL back to the apartment. Due to a prolonged game of truth or dare, they end up having to spend the whole night there, leaving Pinku at home. After returning back home, Rei Carnation reunites with Pinku and openly invites Pinku and Xerra to the ghoul party happening that Saturday, leading into the next episode.

Summer Dayz

Powers and Abilities

Rei Carnation is a ghost and comes with the typical powers of one. She can phase through walls and float, as well produce Spirit Tools to use for herself and her allies. She can also visit the Spirit Universe and take people that she wants with her. She can also stretch and distort her limbs, not unlike a certain ghost. She however, is limited in the mortal realm by a teacup, which tethers her to the mortal realm and needs to be carried if her allies plan her to join them in battle. If this teacup were to be destroyed or considered impossible to drink from, she would be forced to stay in the Spirit Universe.

Specific Abilities

  • Soul Tether - Rei Carnation's spirit is specifically tied to what she claims as "unfinished business", which is a unsmashed teacup. So long as the teacup stays in drinkable condition, Rei Carnation is allowed to visit the mortal realm, although she cannot move far away from the tea cup. If the teacup travels outside of the house, she would have to come along; hence she can visit places outside the house.
  • Spirit Pass - Rei Carnation can visit the Spirit Universe and by extension all afterlife universes connected to it. She can also bring along people from the mortal realm with her, allowing them to visit the after life.
  • Spirit Tool Production - Rei Carnation is capable of producing powers for herself and her allies to use that are based off her own experiences to some extent. These are all named after types of carnations.
    • Red Rocket - Summons a giant red rocket that fires forward and explodes. Additionally, Rei and her allies can ride it.
    • Laced Romeo - Adds a state to the user or ally that makes them appear dead for 15 minutes. Basically, playing possum.
    • Ballerina - Increases the evasiveness and speed of the user, allowing them to elegantly run across the battlefield.
  • Spirit Tool Summon - Rei Carnation can summon Spirits she's come across herself. She has yet to actually find anyone that will willingly give her spirit abilities, so she came up with her own. That being said, the capability is there.
  • Stretchy/Moldable Limbs - Reincarnation can stretch her limbs as well as morph them into various shapes and states.
  • Possession - Rei Carnation can possess people and control their actions, although only for a short time of around 1-5 minute(s). If the subject willingly subjects themselves to possession, it can go for longer.
  • Spiritual Fusion - Rei Carnation can let her energy be used in a process known as Spiritual Fusion. This is a type of possession that merely adds power to her allies.
  • Matter Phasing - Rei Carnation can pass through objects and walls willingly. She can also maker herself solid and tangible.
  • Floating - Rei Carnation can float off the ground almost 50 feet if she wishes.



Rei and Xerra generally get along okay. Rei often joins Xerra on bounty hunting missions and usually plays as the support to her offense. The two usually play as foils to each other, although this hasn't stopped Rei from granting Xerra to visit the Spirit Universe using Spirit Pass.

Pinku Rozen

Pinku and Rei generally along well. Rei likes to tease her but the two remain good friends and Rei has even gifted Pinku the ability to go into the Spirit Universe to attend various parties in that realm.


  • Rei Carnation's favorite illegal activity is to jaywalk, which gives her a very big thrilling sensation. Her second favorite illegal activity is snorting cocaine.
  • Rei Carnation's concept of being a ghost girl was the only concept that remained really the same from the original concept of "Pink Lemonade" during development. The actual line-up of characters may have consisted of more monstrous girls, such as a vampire, zombie, or naga. However, vampires had been well explored at this point with Rubelline and the other two just never really went anywhere.