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Regular Show: The Game
Developer(s) Phoniex Circle and Master Productions
Publisher(s) Phoniex Circle
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Genre(s) Sandbox
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) none
Age Rating(s) TBA
Media Included Wii U disk, 3DS cartridge

Regular Show: The Game is a work in progress by Phoniex Circle with conjunction from Master Productions. It will be an open-world game, and will cover most of the episodes in the TV show. Instead of being forced to play episodes, you will "run" into them. To "run" into them, you need to go to certain places for an episode to start. Any collected items from episodes can be placed in Mordecai and Rigby's room. The game will have a sequel named Regular Show: The Game 2.


Mordecai can reach things higher than Rigby and also is stronger. Rigby is faster than Mordecai and can fit through smaller spaces. Both have the same amount of authority, and they will need to earn more as the game goes on to go into certian places. While the game mostly takes place in the blue house in the park, you can go to coffee shop, the video store, and more places from the show. Vehicles are a faster way to get somewhere, although the starting vehicles aren't all that fast.

Playable Characters

The game has two characters. Both have different game-play styles, along with different roles in the episodes. In two player, both players will have to choose Mordecai and Rigby. However in third/fourth player, you can play as Margaret and Eileen. They have no gameplay differences, and thus are not included.

Photo Name Description
Reg mordecai Mordecai A 23-year-old blue jay, who is best friends with Rigby. Together, Mordecai and Rigby are employed as groundskeepers at a park, but they are both lazy and rarely get their jobs done. Mordecai is more conscious, mature and moral about his actions, but he tends to go along with Rigby's mischief as a result of rivalry. Mordecai enjoys playing punchies against Rigby, knowing Rigby always loses. Sometimes, Mordecai just simply punches Rigby when he's angry. Mordecai has a major crush on Margaret, the waitress at the local coffee shop.
Reg Rigby Rigby

A 23-year-old raccoon, who is best friends with Mordecai. Rigby is eccentric, immature, and extremely mischievous, which puts him at odds with Mordecai at times. Rigby lives solely for self-gratification, which he sometimes achieves through selfish acts of lying or cheating; but consequentially, Rigby has a bad habit of getting himself and other people in trouble. In fact, many of the problems that the park employees face appear to be (mostly) Rigby's fault. Nevertheless, he is best friends with Mordecai and often relies on him for getting himself out of trouble, though there have been times where he's saved Mordecai. He has a younger brother named Don who is often mistaken for the older brother due to Don being taller and larger.


Photo Name Description
ImagesCAWA7PBK Benson A living gumball machine. Benson is the manager of the park, employed under Mr. Maellard and is also the employer of Mordecai and Rigby. The two frequently infuriate Benson due to their constant slacking and mischief, and as such he has limited trust for them, even though it's his responsibility since their mistakes happen on his time. He is a responsible and hardworking employee, the exact opposite of Mordecai and Rigby. Benson is very hot-tempered and sarcastic, and is prone to fits of rage (turning red whenever this happens).
Skips Skips A yeti who is apparently far older than he seems. Granted the power of immortality, he is destined to perform a ceremonial dance every year on his birthday. He works out frequently, and as indicated by his name, he "skips" when he moves. Skips' personality seems rather indifferent, but he is always willing to help Mordecai and Rigby whenever they get themselves into trouble. He tends to be the solution to many of the problems Mordecai and Rigby cause, usually by means of some sort of contraption he rigs up instantaneously. Skips appears to be very experienced and knowledgeable; whenever Mordecai and Rigby cause trouble, he says "I've seen this before", and then proposes a solution to the problem (implying that Skips used to be much like Mordecai and Rigby).


Image Name Description Unlocked By?
TBA Golf Cart TBA At the start
TBA Lawn Mower TBA Beating Caffeinated Concert Tickets.


See Regular Show: The Game/Episodes.


Phoniex Circle said they were working on a sequel which will contain the newer episodes. They said there would be more playable characters and a physics engine. Additionally, Mordecai and Rigby can be dressed up.

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